New FAS complex used by ex-players to make profit, claims Subahan

Selangor FA
The President's Cup and Youth Cup teams of Selangor have been barred from using their current training ground, says club president Subahan Kamal.

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Selangor have fallen further from the Selangor state government's grace, according to the latest update provided by the club president Dato' Sri Subahan Kamal.

When met by the press on Monday during the Red Giants' first training session following a two-week break, Subahan said that its President's Cup and Youth Cup teams have been barred from training at the state secretariat complex (SUK) pitch.

Following the club's revelation in late April that the state has refused to hand over a new headquarters and training complex, initially built for the club's use, on Monday Subahan revealed that its youth teams have been evicted from the SUK pitch, with the senior team likely to face the same fate soon.

"We have sent a lawyer's letter requesting that we be given back the training ground (the new training complex), because it is by right ours.

"Last week we received a letter by the SUK pitch operator, stating that our President Cup and Youth Cup teams cannot train on the pitch anymore beginning June 1.

"Now we are working on it as the (youth) players are still on a break, but when they come back we will find them another pitch to train.

"This should not be happening, as the teams are the future of Selangor. For me, I want to see the President's Cup boys getting promoted to the senior team next season.

"But when they evict us, where will we go? And I hope the same fate will not happen to the senior team soon.

"They (state government) are acting very immaturely and victimising us. It's bad enough that they have stopped funding us, now they are booting us from the training pitch. I'm very disappointed," revealed Subahan.

Selangor SUK training pitch

The SUK pitch

He also claimed that the new complex, situated in the Puncak Alam area, has instead been used by a private group to hold for-profit football lessons for children.

"I've seen that the pitch at the new complex has been used by a private party, I was made to understand it is supposedly formed by a group of ex-players, to hold paid football lessons to children. It has been turned into a business, which is not right.

"Whereas for us, our plan is to work together with the National Football Development Programme (NFDP), who will be our coaching partner in terms of junior development, and we won't charge any fees.

"We intend to use the complex to develop young players, but they've taken it away from us rather heartlessly, taken away our current training pitch, barred us from returning to the stadium (Shah Alam), and turned the new complex into a money-making scheme," he explained.