Caf Super League divides fan opinion between the skeptical and hopeful in Africa

Patrice Motsepe, February 2021Backpagepix

After Caf President Patrice Motsepe launched the African Super League with prize money of $100 million, fans have raised questions about it and criticized the idea.

The inaugural tournament is set to kick off in August 2023 after it was launched in Arusha on Wednesday during Caf’s 44th general assembly.

While addressing the assembly, Motsepe defended the idea, saying it will help generate funds that will in turn be used to uplift the standard of African football.

Caf also intends to allocate $50 million to youth and women’s football development in order to make it more competitive.

However, some fans have raised varying concerns about the Super League idea and one fan termed it 'bogus'.

While another commended the idea, he wondered where the money to finance it would come from.

Another feels the Super League has been brought in order to distract fans from the Uefa Champions League.

One fan wondered how Caf has managed to launch the tournament while Uefa failed.

The same version of the competition had been proposed by big European clubs, but after the opposition from stakeholders, fans, and even some governments, it was later withdrawn.

Another lauded the idea, arguing that it could be the starting point to transforming African football for the better.

Although Caf is yet to release the modalities on how the Super League participants will be recruited, a fan suggested how that can be done.

Even though Caf further added that $50 million from the Super League fans will be allocated for youth and women’s football development some remained skeptical saying it would not help football at all.

One fan criticised Caf’s leadership, claiming they are greedy and just accepted the Super League idea because of the money that comes with it.

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