Academy View: Keenan Oliver's life as a Young Bafana player

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Keenan Oliver shares some insight into his life as a Young Bafana player

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My daily routine starts off at 6:00am, with a huge breakfast made by my mom with the occasional protein bar. 

The breakfast helps me with my concentration ability and focus in the morning period of the day. On one or two days in the week I wake up 5:00am to take a 2-3 km run to try and stay fit. 

To me the it is important to stay fit because fitness helps you with your thinking ability which helps you at school. I prepare for school at 7:00am and I stay quite far from school.

My preparations for training start at school with the fitness program at the end of the school day, this energizes me and turns my mindset from school work to football.

I have an undecided diet but I try to keep it as healthy as possible, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables throughout the week. But when we get that well deserved victory, I spoil myself with some unhealthy food and luxuries.

During the week getting to training is quite a rush, I get home from school at about 15:50pm. Then I eat and try to get to the pick up spot at 16:40pm, I have to walk about 2km to the local mall which is the pick up point.

Most times it's a great walk because I walk with Athlone boys to the pick up point. I do not complain because I see the positives in it like getting the extra exercise.

When we arrive at the Young Bafana training facility, it starts off as a massive family reunion, everyone happy to see one another and tell each other stories about their day. 

Then training begins at 17:00pm - it's down to the business side of things, everybody is 100% focused and ready for action. 

Training is intense and draining, but so beneficial because we all know where we want to get to at the end of the day. 

Why not train hard to one day get the experience of a lavish lifestyle of a pro footballer?

Then Saturday is match day, I wake up at 7:00am, have a protein shake as breakfast, I prepare for the game , get my boots cleaned and bag ready then it's off to the field. 

When I get to the field, I mentally prepare myself and reflect on what I need to do to get the victory. If we lose the game (which with young bafana is a massive let down and it rarely happens).

I feel like the angriest person in the world and reflect on my bad game and how I could have done better and help the team that one percent more to win. 

On the other hand, if we obtain the victory, I celebrate by going to a restaurant and spoiling myself.

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On Sundays I dedicate myself to the Lord and relaxation to recover from the hectic weekly schedule. I believe that without God non of this is possible and I need my blessings. 

A Sunday is a day for me to start again and prepare for the next week ahead .

That is my life day in and out and being with Young Bafana, I have a smile on my face while doing it!