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90' + 2'
S. Luštica
Yellow Card
A. Majok
Yellow Card
A. Calver
Yellow Card
J. Caletti
Yellow Card
L. Wales
Yellow Card

Match Stats

45% 54%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 420 528
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME: WESTERN UNITED 0 ADELAIDE UNITED 0 - The full time whistle sounds and the scores are the same as when we started with a 0-0 start to the new A-League season. Both teams had opportunities on goal but with limited preparation in the pre-season, both teams will be better for the hitout today.
90' + 5' Diamanti deflects it to Vujica, but he was absolutely bamboozled by the ball, but it went out for a corner kick.
90' + 4' Both teams continue to throw everything at each other, looking for the winner.
S. Luštica
Yellow Card
90' + 2' YELLOW CARD WESTERN UNITED - Luštica is awarded a yellow card after a strong rugby tackle on Toure.
90' We have five minutes of additional time to play for the remainder of the match.
J. Skotadis
C. Pain
90' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Fifth and final change for Western United as Pain is off and Skotadis is on.
I. Vujica
Víctor Sánchez
90' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Sánchez finally succumbs to fatigue and he is replaced by Vujica.
A. Durante
D. Pierias
90' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Pierias heads off after a busy game and he is replaced by Durante.
88' Diamanti takes the set piece just outside of the box. He looks for a team mate, but Delianov has it under control.
86' Both teams still have changes up their sleeves, with Western United having three changes left and Adelaide United with two.
N. Konstandopoulos
S. Mauk
84' SUBSTITUTION REDS - Mauk is done for the night and he is replaced Konstandopoulos, who graces the pitch for the first time since injuring his ACL.
M. Toure
T. Jurić
84' SUBSTITUTION REDS - The Reds make a change as Jurić heads off for the young Toure to replace him.
N. Milanovic
L. Wales
83' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Wales makes way for Milanovic who makes his A-League debut.
81' It looks like Western United will be injecting some fresh legs into the contest shortly.
79' It has been a strong tactical performance from both teams. 
77' Pain kicks it across the face of goal but nobody is home for Western United, as the Reds are able to clear.
75' We are into the business end of the game and both teams continue to get close on goal, but are yet to find the net.
73' D'Arrigo floats one in which has Kurto worried, as he pushes the ball away.
71' It seems like it has been a never ending wait for the first goal of the season.
69' The game is really opening up on both ends of the ground.
67' Calver with a goal line clearance, as Halloran had got past Kurto. Great work by Calver.
A. Majok
Yellow Card
65' YELLOW CARD WESTERN UNITED - Majok earns himself a yellow card on debut, after a late challenge on Smith.
A. Calver
Yellow Card
64' YELLOW CARD WESTERN UNITED - Calver takes one for the team with a professional foul on Juric, as he was looking dangerous on goal.
62' Western United are starting to get on top of the Reds in the contest.
A. Majok
B. Berisha
60' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Berisha heads off to hand an A-League debut to Majok.
P. Niyongabire
Y. Dukuly
59' SUBSTITUTION REDS - Dukuly's night is done as he is replaced by Niyongabire.
J. Caletti
Yellow Card
57' YELLOW CARD REDS - Caletti is awarded a yellow card for a late challenge.
L. Wales
Yellow Card
56' YELLOW CARD WESTERN UNITED - Wales is booked by the referee for a handball in the middle of the ground.
54' There looks to be no action on the benches of both teams. This is reminiscent of an arm wrestle at the moment.
52' Juric with a big shot on goal and it goes wide of the mark.
50' It has been a slower start to the second half.
48' There are no changes to either side and both teams have the ability to make five changes each.
46' SECOND HALF - The Reds kick off and we are under way for the second half.
HALF TIME: WESTERN UNITED 0 ADELAIDE UNITED 0 - We go in to the half time break with the scores all tied up at 0-0. Both teams had their opportunities to score in the first half, but neither goal keeper were able to concede. It's a push of the reset button for both teams and we are ready for the second half.
A. Diamanti
Yellow Card
45' + 2' YELLOW CARD WESTERN UNITED - Diamanti is booked by the ref after kicking the ball away well after the whistle had sounded.
45' We have two minutes of additional time to play for the first half.
45' Delianov with a scare on goal, as he crashes into the post and manages to keep the Diamanti ball out of goal.
44' Wales delivers it into the box, looking for Pierias, but he is unable to get to it and it is cleared away by the Reds defence.
42' Berisha is in the headlines again as Strain accuses Berisha of stepping on his heel. The VAR has a look and there is nothing in it.
40' Sanchez with a great pick out, as he sends it into the path of Diamanti, who shoots a bullet at goal and Delianov is able to swat it away.
39' Diamanti is on for Western United, but the Reds defenders also knew this and were able to cover him.
Víctor Sánchez
Yellow Card
37' YELLOW CARD WESTERN UNITED - Sánchez goes into the ref's book after bringing down Mauk, in his attempt to head the ball away.
36' Juric whips it in for goal, as he beats Kurto, but Imai is on the line and he is able to clear it away.
34' The Reds have spent the last few minutes inside their attacking half, but haven't really caused Western United any concerns.
32' Dukuly strolls into the area, as he starts to make things happen. He looks for support and send it over to Mauk, who is unable to get his shot away.
30' Strain has been very good today, as he continues to rack up the possessions.
28' Juric is starting to throw his weight around in the contest.
26' It has been a very exciting start to the new season, with both teams having some good moments in the match.
J. Elsey
Yellow Card
24' YELLOW CARD REDS - Elsey with a crude sliding tackle on Diamanti and the ref instantly raises a shade of yellow in the air. That one had the potential to be a lot worse.
22' Calvert with a huge header onto goal, but it is snatched out of the air from Delianov.
N. Smith
Yellow Card
20' YELLOW CARD REDS - Smith is the first man to go into the ref's notebook for season 2020/2021, after a late sliding tackle on Lustica.
20' Dukuly is on the left boot, but it only goes as far as Imai, who clears the ball to safety.
18' Western United are on the burst as Berisha sends it over to Pierias, who takes a shot from the side of the goal, but it is saved by Delianov.
16' Caletti gives it over to Strain, who takes a shot from just outside of the box, but it is over the crossbar.
14' Long and straight from Elsey into the box, but Calver has it under control for Western United as he is happy to concede a throw in.
12' The game has evened up in the last few minutes. This has become a very entertaining contest.
10' Western United have finally been stung into action, as Pain takes a quick shot on goal and it is pushed away by Delianov.
8' Strain has a rare opportunity in goal forcing Kurto to come out and defend it away to make the save.
6' The Reds have been the better of the two sides early on.
4' Dukuly explodes onto the ball, as he has a shot on goal, but Kurto is able to take it.
2' It's good to see a crowd in Victoria at GMHBA Stadium, after a lot of last season was played interstate.
1' FIRST HALF - Western United kick off and we are under way.
ADELAIDE UNITED  SUBS: Dakota Ochsenham, Michael Marrone, Nathan Konstandopoulos, Mohamed Toure, Pacifique Niyongabire, Kusini Yengi.
ADELAIDE UNITED (4-2-3-1)  STARTING XI - James Delianov (GK); Ryan Strain, Jordan Elsey, Michael Jakobsen, Noah Smith; Louis D'Arrigo, Joe Caletti; Ben Halloran, Stefan Mauk, Yaya Dukuly; Tomi Juric. 
WESTERN UNITED  SUBS: Ryan Scott (GK), Andrew Durante, Stefan Zinni, Ivan Vujica, Nicholas Milanovic, Jerry Skotadis, Ayon Majok.
WESTERN UNITED (3-4-3)  STARTING XI - Filip Kurto (GK); Aaron Calver, Tomoki Imai, Tomislav Uskok; Dylan Pierias, Victor Sanchez, Steven Lustica, Connor Pain; Lachlan Wales, Besart Berisha, Alessandro Diamanti. 
Adelaide United will be looking to start an A-League season with a victory for the first time since the 2014/15 campaign, having gone winless (D4, L1) in their season-opening fixtures since then. The Reds took more shots than any other team in the 2019/20 A-League season; Western United FC (332) made the fewest of any side in the campaign.
Western United FC have won their last three A-League games at GMHBA Stadium, by an aggregate score of 12-3. Western United FC will be aiming to put together back-to-back A-League wins in Victoria for just the second time in club history.
Welcome to GMHBA Stadium for the return of the A-League! The first match of the season is between Western United and Adelaide United.
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