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90' + 4'
R. Vargas
D. Petratos
0 - 2
I. Vujica
D. Georgievski
M. Tokich
J. O'Doherty
J. Hoffman
Yellow Card
J. Hoffman
N. Topor-Stanley
0 - 1

Match Stats

53% 47%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 440 404
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Both teams with a lot of improvement to come one would suggest, in saying that the Newcastle Jets will be wrapped with claiming the points on the road.  The Wanderers with about as much work to do as the groundsman here tonight after that clash.  Final scores Western Sydney Wanderers 0 Newcastle Jets 2.
What an amazing win for the Newcastle Jets, their first win of the season and it came in style with a goal in the final minute to take a 2-0 victory over the Wanderers.  The Wanderers dominated passages of play tonight and squandered multiple opportunities.  Much to the Jets credit they twice made the Wanderers pay the price through well worked goals.
FULL TIME - Western Sydney Wanderers 0 Newcastle Jets 2.
90' + 5' The Jets finish in style, Vargas the clinical finish at the end as the Jets got a three on one break away and Petratos sets it up perfectly for Ronnie Vargas.
D. Petratos
90' + 4' Assist Dimitri Petratos
R. Vargas
90' + 4' Goal Ronald Alejandro Vargas Aranguren
90' + 2' Cowburn takes the ball to the corner for the Jets and more time comes off the clock, probably 2 minutes remaining. Do we see a late goal at Spotless?
90' + 1' 4 Minutes of stoppage time to be added, still time for another goal here.
90' Jets continue to hold the ball and frustrate the Wanderers.
89' The Jets with a late corner and shall we add a chance to waste a little bit more time off the clock.
88' Space opening up for the Jets to counter attack as the Wanderers press for the equaliser.
87' Wanderers with another opportunity this time Riera can't add the finishing touch.  How many more opportunities do they need?
85' Georgievski replaced, seemed to be struggling for the last few minutes with a groin injury.
84' Time starts to become a factor now for the Wanderers if they are to pull a point out of the fire here.
I. Vujica
D. Georgievski
83' Substitution Daniel Georgievski Ivan Vujica
M. Tokich
J. O'Doherty
81' Substitution Jordan O'Doherty Marc Tokich
81' Wanderers with their first change now the nineteen year old Tokich making his second A-League appearance.
80' Hoffman the goal scorer replaced by Cowburn with about ten minutes remaining.  The Jets retaining their 1-0 lead.
N. Cowburn
J. Hoffman
79' Substitution Jason Hoffman Nicholas Chad Cowburn
78' Majok onside and that speed sees his past a diving Glen Moss but he is then left with the impossible shot on goal as the touch past the keep carried too far.  Wanderers squander another chance.
75' Hoffman the goal scorer the first man into the referees book tonight, has been riding his luck Hoffman, one too many sloppy attempts to tackle and a yellow card results.
J. Hoffman
Yellow Card
74' Yellow card Jason Hoffman
A. Thurgate
73' Substitution Jair Eduardo Britto da Silva Angus Thurgate
73' Merrick injecting Thurgate into the play for the Brazillian Jair, Jets looking to keep the attack up to the Wanderers.
71' This time it's the Jets almost gifting the Wanderers a goal with a sloppy piece of defensive work from Jackson.
69' Still no sign of movement on the sideline for a sub for either team as yet.
67' Again the Wanderers find a way to make a mess of a two on one situation on a fast break, surely soon they have to finish one of these chances off.
65' Heading into the last 25 minutes of the game, I would expect substitutions shortly from both teams, both looking a little tired.
63' The Wanderers go close again, Baccus a great lead up assist he lays off to Majok and his low to the left shot is brilliantly saved by Moss, headed off the goal line by a defender. 
62' Just over an hour gone at Spotless Stadium and its the Jets 1 Wanderers 0.
61' Moss an easy save this time from a flicked on header from a set piece free kick from long range.
60' Wanderers playing a little bit of tempo football now, trying to compose their attack.
57' Janjetovic with back to back saves again, once again its Vargas and Hoffman the men involved, the Jets would love another!
56' Newcastle still serving it up to Western Sydney, continuing to attack and they must, surely the Wanderers won't keep wasting opportunities.
53' Action packed start to this half but still its the Jets with their one goal to nil advantage over the Wanderers.
51' Risdon a great ball in from the right and now its Kamau with a bad miss, the Risdon ball was perfect but Kamau's header was a shocker in just glanced off the top of his head and out for a goal kick.
50' Moss this time a great save, he denies Riera this time, the keepers right in this game.
48' Janjetovic a huge save for the Wanderers, Vargas almost with some magic found Hoffman who got the shot away straight off the boot but a great save denies him a brace.
47' Will be interesting to see what the Jets do here, do they sit back and defend?  I hope not, think it would be a mistake against the talented Wanderers line up.
46' Wanderers 0 Jets 1.
46' The Jets get the ball rolling in the second half.
Both teams out on the pitch now warming up for the second half, the pitch that looked ok at the start has really deteriorated as the game has gone on, looking patchy and clods have been coming out of the new section of grass here, oh well both have to play on it.
Well the Jets will be very happy with their 1-0 lead at half time.  The Wanderers dominated large periods of play in the first half, but missed chances from Majok and Riera, and then a Hoffman goal from nothing sees the Wanderers go into the break trailing by one.
HALF TIME - Western Sydney Wanderers 0 Newcastle Jets 1.
45' + 2' Referee blows his whistle its half time at Spotless.
45' + 1' One minute of added time only to come in this first half.
43' Jets look to be trying to get through to half time with their current lead in tact, trying to slow it down with some possession football.
41' Riera now with a big chance, the long ball clears Moss who came out and Riera missed an opportunity he would normally eat up!  Bad miss with a clear header at the unattended goalmouth.
40' Wanderers with repeat attacks on the goal they are attacking but they can't break the Jets defense.
37' Less than 10 minutes remaining in the first half still its the Jets 1 Wanderers 0.
35' Great ball in from Bacchus almost caught the Jets defenders napping there, they seemed very slow to react to the danger, but eventually they clear the danger area.
33' Newcastle Jets certainly playing with more confidence since that opening goal from Hoffman.
31' Good defensive work from Majok this time he does well to get back and then to put off a shot on goal from Vargas.
31' Hoffman involved again but this time his giving away a free kick.
26' Hoffman with a goal for the Jets! Against the flow of play Hoffman manages to elude two defenders plus the goal keeper and see the ball roll into the back of the net in almost slow motion in the end, again a scramble for the ball from the corner, the ball falls to Hoffman who does the rest.  Western Sydney Wanderers 0 Newcastle Jets 1.
N. Topor-Stanley
25' Assist Nikolai Topor-Stanley
J. Hoffman
25' Goal Jason Hoffman
25' Petratos with a blast for outside the box and the ball deflects for a Jets corner.
20' A low flat free kick into the box now for the Jets, Jets players scramble to get a touch but the Wanderers manage to clear.  Risdon the man with the vital clearance.
18' Elrich with a dangerous ball into the box, and the Jets concede a corner, the first corner of the game to the Wanderers.
16' Jets with their fair share of possession in the last few minutes, keeping pressure on the Wanderers defense.
14' Still trying to figure out how Majok didn't score a couple of minutes ago, rather than going for the instinctive header, his let the ball come to his chest, then a great save from Moss robbed Majok of a second crack at goal.
11' Wanderers go so so close, the Risdon cross to Majok who was right on the goal line but he seemed to get a suprise the ball came through and he didn't react quick enough with the head and the keeper takes it off him.
8' Hoffman some nice lead up play and he gets it back just inside the top of the box but he can't get enough force behind the shot and the keeper is left with an easy save.
7' Riera with a shot on goal for the Wanderers but thats well wide of the mark, a real danger man Riera, already with 3 goals to his name this season.
4' Majok a debutant from the Wanderers has managed to get involved in this game early on, the Kenyan born winger looks to have an exciting burst of speed.
2' Wanderers managing to string some passes together early.
1' The last two meetings between these teams at this venue have resulted in two draws, both games the same scoreline 2-2.  What result do we get tonight?
1' Underway at Spotless Stadium, its the Wanderers up against the Jets.  The home team the Wanderers with the kick off.
Excellent weather conditions at Spotless tonight, the pitch in great condition, no excuses for either team tonight, looking forward to what should be a good game of football.
Welcome to Spotless Stadium in Sydney for the opening game of round 5 of the A-League, tonight its the Western Sydney Wanderers who currently sit in fifth place on the table up against the Newcastle Jets, who are yet to register their first win of the year and sit in second last position on the table, but very early days in the season.
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