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Yellow Card
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D. Georgievski
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FULL TIME; WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 0, MELBOURNE VICTORY 0 - It's all over at ANZ Stadium and it's yet another draw for the Western Sydney Wanderers who chalk up their 11th 'point' for the season. Reduced to 10 men in the second half after the dismissal of Georgievski, the Victory defended stoutly and bravely and can at least hold their heads high. For the Wanderers though, they'll rue this as a chance squandered to shore up a Finals spot as a host of second half chances were left spurned by the hosts. It ends 0-0 at ANZ.
90' + 1' Desperation amongst Victory defenders as Martinez and Clisby play in a neat ball to Dimas. With an early look at an open header, Dimas prods the ball on but again, there's a Melbourne shirt back there to defuse the danger as Austin lends his support to clear.
90' Three minutes of added time is confirmed at ANZ Stadium.
88' CHANCE - THE MOMENT. That WAS it. There was the opportunity that Western Sydney have been working for as a cross is sent to the right where Martinez finds it. Working it back across the top of goal, Martinez flashes off a left-footed volley which Thomas tips clear. Fortunately for Melbourne, Lustica can't tap home the deflection either.
Yellow Card
85' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Not to be outdone by his team-mate, Antonis now picks up Western Sydney's second card for the night after tangling with Austin. With the ex-Mariners wingman breaking into space, Antonis can't go with him and hauls him to ground.Not really necessary to be honest.
Yellow Card
83' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Nigro has Dimas absolutely done for pace as he jets off down the right for the visitors. Knowing he can't keep up, Dimas does the next best thing for his side and clearly brings Nigro to ground to break up the counter. Deserved yellow.
80' Surely the Victory defence can't continue to hold on as Clisby works with Antonis to put Martinez into a promising position. With a panicked shot from 12 yards out and from the left side of the box, it's another skewed shot which amounts to nought. Wouldn't surprise if the Victory bobbed up for a winner here.
73' Frustrating for the hosts still as they're now driving forward almost every time they touch the ball. With Martinez working with Santalab, the final pass this time finds Antonis who's off-balance when he volleys. Accordingly, it's sprayed to the near side from 12 yards out.
71' Western Sydney are working overtime to make their numerical advantage count as Kusukami is fouled by Broxham. On the edge of the area it's Antonis who demands the free kick duties and receives them. His shot however deflects off the Victory wall and allows Valeri to clear.
66' CHANCE - This is the closest that Western Sydney have gone to opening the scoring and to be honest, they should have done better. With Nichols wriggling free down the left, he scorches a cross low and hard across the area. Arriving for Kusukami, he scuffs his shot badly from nine yards.
Yellow Card
64' YELLOW CARD VICTORY - It's all happening out there at the moment as amidst a short delay in play, Troisi picks up a yellow. Possibly for delaying a free kick being taken by the Wanderers.. or dissent. Not sure; card applies either way.
63' CHANCE - Frantic times inside the Wanderers penalty box as clean build-up sees Martinez and Kusukami disputing shots on goal. Eventually a pass comes out to Kusukami who takes too long to tee up his shot and is dispossessed by Ansell. Scrappy.
61' CHANCE - It's become more and more heated in the middle as Troisi's now bundled over in possession. With the free kick floated in fancily from the left wing, it drops for Berisha who can only glance his header wide from six yards out. Berisha's aggrieved as he pleads he was held back in the contest; he wasn't.
56' Western Sydney with a neat opportunity with their numerical advantage as Antonis despatches a corner from the left. Up to meet it early is Cornthwaite who is remarkably beaten to it by arguably the smallest man on the pitch in Broxham. Wanderers have lifted a notch since Georgievski's dismissal.
Yellow 2nd/RC
53' RED CARD VICTORY - It's reckless as Georgievski leaves his feet to take down Neville in a two-footed challenge. Making hard contact though, Referee Green is over in a heartbeat to issue a second yellow, much to Georgievski's disgust. Nothing to complain about for mine though.
51' CHANCE - Not sure what Troisi was thinking with this effort as he fires into open space down the left. With no-one challenging, Troisi breaks into the area and goes as far as drawing Janjetovic off his line. From an acute angle, and somewhat inexplicably, Troisi blasts a cross across goal.
49' Solid defending from the Victory as Clisby looks down the left wing for Nichols. Sliding through a nicely timed through ball, Donachie angles across in cover defence to intercept in the nick of time. If Donachie was off with his timing, Nichols was clean through.
46' Underway in the second half at ANZ Stadium..
HALF TIME; WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 0, MELBOURNE VICTORY 0 - We're done for the first half at ANZ Stadium and whilst no-one has this as a particularly free-flowing exhibition, it's been an absorbing contest all the same. With the Victory showing glimpses of their best with a handful of opportunities, they still lack for a killer finish up front. For the Wanderers, they've applied themselves well at times too but are also suffering from finding a clinical final touch. We're 0-0 at the interval with plenty to play for in the second..
44' CHANCE - Probably the best opportunity for either side as Martinez stands up Donachie inside the left channel. Turning a ball across the face, it's Santalab who arrives promptly but Georgievski who slides through to put the ball out. Excellent challenge that.
Yellow Card
42' YELLOW CARD VICTORY - No love lost between Georgievski and Kusukami as the Victory defender cynically sticks out his leg to trip up the Wanderers playmaker. With Kusukami taking his time to recover, Georgievski delivers him an almighty spray. Not sure what that's about.
41' CHANCE - HOW HAVE WSW NOT SCORED? Quite remarkable events as Mahazi plays a crazy pass from the heart of defence which is delivered straight to Martinez. Taking possession 30 yards out, Martinez takes off towards home and duly draws out Thomas. Electing to go low, Martinez drills his shot but sees Thomas sticking out a leg to deflect it clear.
39' CHANCE - Looks as though all the Victory players are fancying their chances tonight as a deep raking cross picks out Georgievski. Not thinking twice upon receiving, Georgievski absolutely leathers the ball but puts it wide from 11 yards out to the left. Would've been a stunner if it went in.
37' SAVED - Janjetovic take a bow. It's the Wanderers custodian keeping the hosts yet again as Troisi hammers on down the left. With a teasing cross sent across the face, Janjetovic has to dive to his left to parry the ball clear at the same time Berisha made a connection. Amazing.
35' More promising build-up from the Wanderers but ultimately it's the same heartbreaking result as Nichols is sent through by Martinez. With the box to himself, Nichols tries a hard cut back to Santalab which misses the mark completely. They're closing though are the hosts.
33' They're inching closer are the hosts as Antonis produces a neat step over which sees him passing Donachie and Ansell. Stabbing a ball towards Clisby, the latter tries to cushion a shot towards the bottom left corner which floats harmlessly to Thomas. Wasted really.
31' Little bit of an anti-climax this time from WSW as Kusukami and Martinez combine promisingly. With Clisby hit up on the overlap down the left, there's signs that the Wanderers could be in on-goal. Alas the ball finds its way back to Kusukami who bends a shot past the far post from 22 yards. Disappointing.
29' SAVED - Janjetovic called into action for the first time tonight as Rojas's attempted chipped cross misses it mark from 10 yards. With Georgievski resetting the attack, it's Troisi who unfurls a curling effort from the left side of the box which the Wanderers custodian tips over. Great play all around.
27' Great defending from Cornthwaite as Berisha slots higher up the ground to set up play. With Berisha then turning a ball to Rojas, the nimble-footed playmaker skips neatly to his left to open up the angle. Prepared to unleash from 18 yards, Cornthwaite's timing is immaculate and allows him to nip it clear. Timely.
25' Hit and hope from the Wanderers but it's enough to give Thomas food for thought. With Baccus combining with Antonis, the latter sees the Victory custodian slightly across his line. With a cheeky lob, Antonis's shot lands wide from 20 yards but only by a foot or so. Closer than a fair few people thought.
23' Bit of a change has come over this game in the last three minutes as both sides are opting to use their flanks. It's a little slower and more methodical and not as exciting as when play was coming through the middle early on. Cagey kind of last few minutes.
20' CHANCE - A difficult one but Western Sydney will still deem it an opening as Clisby produces a scooped pass for Santalab. With Santalab not in the ideal spot to receive, he gets crafty and attempts an overhead bicycle. From eight yards it's spectacular looking but never really a threat. Entertaining though.
18' Troisi's starting to come into his own as he now retrieves possession well in midfield. With no real options peeling off down the right, Troisi elects for a crafty chip which fails to trouble Janjetovic. Victory slowly starting to make their passes stick here with almost 20 minutes played..
16' Fair combination down the right for Melbourne as Troisi shows his wares by lifting a ball over the top. Put into the path of Khalfallah, the latter spears on down the right before deciding to have a lash from distance. Could probably have closed in on the box as his shot from 35 is well wide. Janjetovic's relieved.
14' Still the Wanderers are having issues playing out from the back as Antonis and Clisby get in a mix. With Ansell able to dispossess, he brings in Troisi whose attempted link-up to Berisha is well cut out by Cornthwaite. Developing into quite the interesting arm-wrestle this one.
12' Terrific recovery from Khalfallah as Western Sydney are starting to find holes in the Victory defence. With Kusukami utilised smartly, he breaks into the right of the area and looks ready to tee off. Khalfallah has other ideas though, slides in and puts the ball out from behind.
10' Danger signs for the Wanderers as they try and play out the back dangerously and fail somewhat spectacularly. With Broxham nipping in to win possession, he arrows towards goal before peeling off a volley which clatters into the back of Neville. Lucky.
8' So much room for both sides as Martinez bombs on through the middle of the park before finding Clisby. Turning inboard from the left, Clisby drifts towards the area before peeling off a cross which is turned straight back out by Valeri.
6' Little bit messy from the Wanderers but they again ask questions of the Victory defence as Santalab angles through midfield. Teeing up Kusukami, the latter can't bring the ball under control before a series of deflections sees Thomas able to gather in front of Nichols.
4' Melbourne now return serve as only they know how as Rojas steers play down the right. Curling in a cross towards Berisha, the Victory talisman does well to control it to ground but is soon outflanked and loses possession 10 yards out. Bright opening for both sides.
2' CHANCE - Early foray for the Wanderers as Kusukami finds ample room to move down the right. Turning a ball across the top of the area at pace, it's Santalab who tries to get onto it however it's cut out well by Donachie. Early tester for the Melbourne defence.
1' Our referee for tonight is Peter Green and with both sides primed for action and taking up their positions, we're ready for a start. It's the Wanderers who have first use and are moving from right to left in the first half..
Melbourne Victory Starting XI (4-2-3-1) Thomas, Broxham, Ansell, Donachie, Georgievski, Valeri, Mahazi, Rojas, Troisi, Khalfallah, Berisha. Substitutions - Ingham, Acton, Nigro, Hope, Austin.
Western Sydney Wanderers Starting XI (4-2-1-3) Janjetovic, Neville, Cornthwaite, Aspropotamitis, Clisby, Antonis, Kearyn Baccus, Nichols, Kusakami, Santalab, Martinez. Substitutions - Lustica, Dimas, Tyson, Scott, Hamill.
Welcome to ANZ Stadium in Sydney as the second Saturday game in the A-League provides us with the Western Sydney Wanderers playing host to the Melbourne Victory. With the Wanderers all of a sudden back in form and sitting in fifth, they'll be as keen as ever to impress as the battle for Finals spots heats up. With the Victory coming off a last start loss to the Victory, their place is all but assured however they'll be keen to address their poor form. Kick-off is in five minutes with team news to follow.