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90' + 3'
A. Ponce
S. Rondón
90' + 1'
G. Zusi
D. Yedlin
J. Vargas
J. Murillo
C. Pulisic
F. Johnson
1 - 1
J. Velázquez
J. Moreno
0 - 1

Match Stats

63% 36%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 4
Total Passes 514 296
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So once again, the USA finishes in a 1-1 draw with Venezuela at Rio Tinto Stadium. World Cup qualifiers against Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico await over the next week. I'm Ben Valentine - thanks for joining us for this contest and have a good night. 
The USA will likely face a Trinidad and Togabo side that aims to do the same thing on Thursday, so Bruce Arena should have plenty to coach up his side on over the next few days. 
Not exactly a stirring performance in this friendly for the USA as Pulisic's second-half equalizer cancels out Velazquez's opener. The USA struggled on set pieces and didn't make the most of a massive possession edge, struggling to break down a Venezuela side that was willing to concede possession and space down the flanks. 
FT: USA 1-1 Venezuela
90' + 4' As the USA has done throughout the evening, it dominates possession as we tick towards the end. But nothing threatening comes of it. 
A. Ponce
S. Rondón
90' + 3' Substitution José Salomón Rondón Giménez Andrés Fabián Ponce Núñez
90' + 1' Late chance for the USA as Gonzalez comes flying in on a corner, but is unable to get his header on target. 
G. Zusi
D. Yedlin
90' + 1' Substitution DeAndre Yedlin Graham Zusi
J. Vargas
J. Murillo
89' Substitution Jhon Eduard Murillo Romaña Jefre José Vargas Belisario
85' CHANCE! After a good bit of possession, Yedlin whips a good cross into the area. Morris gets his head to it, but his shot is right at Contreras, who collects with ease. 
83' Pulisic goes down at the edge of the area. The referee, however, plays advantage when there does not appear to be one. Instead of being a dangerous free kick, it just ends up a corner, which is collected by Contreras. 
F. La Mantia
J. Moreno
83' Substitution Junior Leonardo Moreno Borrero Francisco Andrés La Mantia Pipaón
80' Chance for the USA! A flick on leads Morris on a chase into the area. The pacy attacker falls just short, however, as on Contreras is off his line to get the ball cleared at the last moment!
77' Acosta hits a dangerous free kick into the area. Wood has a shot at it and misses, and it falls to Ream at the far post, who does no better. Chance goes begging there for the USA. 
74' The new RSL man Jefferson Savarino delivers a teasing ball into the area for Venezuela but the shot on the volley is hit right at Howard. 
J. Savarino
C. Santos
72' Substitution Christian Robert Santos Kwasniewski Jefferson David Savarino Quintero
71' Stoppage of play as Contreras is shaken up. 
J. Morris
D. Nagbe
70' Substitution Darlington Nagbe Jordan Morris
68' The USA has switched to a 3-5-2 - as Jordan Morris checks in for Nagbe. 
A. Romero
D. Machís
67' Substitution Darwin Daniel Machís Marcano Hermes Aristóteles Romero
65' Deciding to have a go at goal, the shot is blasted well over. Goal kick for the USA. 
64' Free kick from a dangerous area as Kellyn Acosta, fresh on, commits a foul 30 yards from goal. Venezuela will have another chance to test the USA's set-piece defending.
K. Acosta
C. Dempsey
63' Substitution Clint Dempsey Kellyn Acosta
T. Ream
F. Johnson
63' Substitution Fabian Johnson Tim Ream
62' It didn't look like much as Johnson laid it back to Pulisic at the top of the area. Pulisic fakes a defender out to create space and then pulls his shot back across to the far post and past Contreras! 
F. Johnson
61' Assist Fabian Johnson
C. Pulisic
61' Goal Christian Pulisic
58' A free kick for Venezuela is overhit, allowing Howard to collect. Missed opportunity there, given how the USA struggled to handle set pieces that Howard hasn't been able to collect this evening. 
58' Space on the flank again for the USA, but the low cross to Johnson comes to nothing when the midfielder's shot is mishit.
Y. Osorio
J. Velázquez
56' Substitution José Manuel Velázquez Rodríguez Yordan Hernando Osorio Paredes
M. Hedges
J. Brooks
56' Substitution John Anthony Brooks Matt Hedges
56' And now Brooks is going to be removed with Matt Hedges checking in. 
52' Not sure Wolfsburg, who just splashed around $22 million for Brooks, will be too pleased to see him remaining in a meaningless friendly. Not will USA fans, leery of the two upcoming World Cup qualifiers. 
51' Scary moment for the USA (and Wolfsburg) as Brooks goes down, grabbing his leg. However after treatment the big defender is back up and ready to return to action. 
50' Missed call? Bobby Wood takes a speculative shot in the area that hits Velazquez's hand, though it was pulled close to his body. Wood wanted the penalty, but nothing was given. 
48' Chance goes wide! Villafana hits a high cross into the area and Dempsey gets his head to it, but just can't direct it on goal.
46' And we're back for the second half. One change - Omar Gonazlez checks in for Cameron.
O. González
G. Cameron
46' Substitution Geoff Cameron Omar Alejandro González
That's certainly not what Bruce Arena will have wanted to see from his side, as the USA will likely see another counterattacking side against Trinidad and Tobago on Thursday that will probably sit deep and hope to capitalize on errors and set pieces to steal a result on the road. 
A ton of possession for the USA, but when half chances presented themselves they were not taken. Then a poor giveaway and lousy set-piece defending resulted in a Venezuela goal - textbook for a team that is willing to concede possession and try to hit on the counter. 
HALFTIME- USA 0-1 Venezuela
44' Not much happening for the USA as the first half ticks down. Yedlin again has some room down the right, but no player shows for the ball and he's forced back by the Venezuela defense, with nothing coming of it.
39' Pulisic decides to have a go at his defenders and charges into the area. But the defender is just able to marshal the teen out for a goal kick. 
37' Space on the right flank again for Yedlin. His cross does find Johnson, but the midfielder is unable to do anything but hit an awkward volley that misses everything. 
35' OFF THE POST! The USA left scrambling on another corner kick as the ball is flicked on for a header for Quijada, which Howard just barely is able to tip onto the woodwork. Not looking good here for the USA.  
34' Nearly disaster for the USA! After another Venezuela chance, Yedlin delivers a poor clearance, possibly thinking the ball was going to be blown dead for a foul. But Moreno picks up the poor clearance and hits a blast from distance that Howard just tips wide!
31' Not a good sequence by Johnson, whose giveaway led to the corner and then losing his man on the corner itself. 
30' The corner is hit long, beyond the far post and then headed back across goal. The clearance attempt is a bad one by the USA, allowing Moreno to send a ball back in, which Velazquez redirects home, leaving Howard with no chance!
J. Velázquez
29' Goal José Manuel Velázquez Rodríguez
J. Moreno
29' Assist Junior Leonardo Moreno Borrero
29' A bad giveaway by Johnson springs a Venezuela counterattack with Murillo trying to attack Brooks in space. But the center back does well and merely concedes a corner.
27' Now Wood gets to the end line and tries to pull a hard hit cross back into the area, but Contreras is able to collect without spilling to a waiting Dempsey. 
26' There has been space for the USA down the flanks tonight. This time it's Yedlin at the edge of the area, but he's forced to wait for support to come. His eventual delivery is cleared away. 
25' Moreno stands over a free kick from about 30 yards away at an angle for Venezuela. He hits a high curler, but Howard is able to come out and safely collect. 
21' USA attack sees Pulisic get some space and deliver an audacious chip - not sure if he was going for goal or Bobby Wood. He gets neither, though the ball is played out for a USA corner. The delivery is a good one, but Cameron just can't get there and Venezuela eventually gets it clear. 
19' Venezuela has had a few attacks that have buzzed around the USA area, but haven't been able to connect on that final ball... yet. 
18' Pulisic fires high! Villafana drives forward toward the end line and pulls it back to teenager in the area. At a tough angle, Pulisic lets it fly, but the shot goes over the bar. 
17' Another chance just misses! Cameron ventures well into the Venezuela half and hits a long ball to Dempsey making a run into the area, who just can't bring it under control to get a shot off. 
14' WASTED OPPORTUNITY! A ball out wide is quickly headed on by Yedlin into Johnson's path with plenty of space and seemingly, a clear path to goal. But instead of shooting from the edge of the area, Johnson attempts to manuever around a defender and then play in Dempsey, who just can't get to the ball. The chance goes without a shot by the USA!
11' After sitting back in the first 10 minutes, Venezuela presses the USA higher. Nagbe is able to get around two defenders and get into space for an attack, but his one-two with Clint Dempsey doesn't quite come off right and the attack breaks down. 
10' Machis goes at Yedlin again and gets the better of the right back, getting a good cross across the face of goal. But no Venezuela player can get to the end of it, and the USA survive. 
9' First bit of sustained pressure for Venezuela comes to nothing, though a bit of a nervy moment as Yedlin went down and looked for a free kick near his own end line. No call was made but the ball just cross the line for a USA goal kick. 
7' Wood has been active early and beat Quijada 1v1 to get space down the flank. Unfortunately his final ball isn't great and is easily dealt with for a USA corner, which is cleared away. 
4' There was some question coming into this set of games where Geoff Cameron would line up. While he's been locked in at center back for the national team, he primarily lined up as a holding midfielder for Stoke this past Premier League season. For tonight at least, Cameron is alongside Brooks on the USA back four. 
1' And just under a minute in and Nagbe earns a free kick about 35 yards from goal. Dempsey hits a shot toward goal, but it flies harmlessly over the bar.
1' And we're underway!
The USA is throwing out a lineup that is similiar to the ones used in its Copa America Centenario success last year - Howard, Yedlin, Cameron, Brooks, Bradley, Wood and Dempsey all featured prominently, as did Fabian Johnson, though he did so at left back, rather than the midfield. 
For the USA: Howard; Yedlin, Cameron, Brooks, Villafana; Bradley, Pulisic, Nagbe, Johnson; Wood, Dempsey
For Venezuela: Contreras; Velázquez, Flores, Quijada, Villanueva; Camacho, Moreno, Machis, Murillo; Rondon, Santos
These two teams under-20 squads will meet in just over four hours time in South Korea in the quarterfinals of the U-20 World Cup, but this matchup is just a tuneup for the USA as it prepares for a pair of crucial World Cup qualifiers against Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico on June 8 and June 11, respectively. 
Hello and welcome to the friendly between the United States and Venezuela at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah. I'm Ben Valentine and I'll be taking you through tonight's action for Goal.