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90' + 1'
D. N'Lundulu
C. Adams
J. Evans
K. Iheanacho
1 - 1
J. Ward-Prowse
Penalty Goal
1 - 0
T. Minamino
Yellow Card
J. Vestergaard
Red Card

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29% 70%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 9
Total Passes 272 633
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Leicester stay in third, five points clear of Chelsea below them and next up for them is Newcastle United who they face in a weeks time. Southampton move up into 14th above Burnley, and their attention turns to Liverpool next Saturday.
Leicester are held to a 1-1 draw by 10-man Southampton. The hosts had Vestergaard sent off just 10 minutes in when he lunged in on Vardy as the last man. Ward-Prowse gave them the lead from the spot in the second half though after Iheanacho blocked a shot with his arm. He made up for that just seven minutes later as his cross that set up Evans' equaliser. Leicester kept pushing, but couldn't find a late winner.
90' + 3' Perez lays the ball off to Maddison before continuing his driving run into the box. He gets it caught under his feet when the pass is played back to him and ends up fouling Ward-Prowse in his attempt to control it.
D. N'Lundulu
C. Adams
90' + 1' Final change for Southampton now as Adams makes way for N'Lundulu.
90' + 1' CHANCE! Leicester are throwing everything at Southampton as they look for a late winner and Tielemans curls in a cross from the right this time. It's over everyone and falls for Castagne at the far post, but he volleys it wide.
89' IHEANACHO! Castagne, in space on the right again, whips another dangerous cross into the box. Iheanacho flicks it on towards goal and McCarthy rushes off his line, managing to get a touch to the ball to help it over the crossbar.
87' CLOSE! A heavy touch from Vardy gives Ward-Prowse a chance to get back for Southampton, so he squares it to Ndidi on the edge of the box. The midfielder hits it first time but ends up drilling his shot just wide of the near post.
85' Perez wins a free-kick on the right after Armstrong slides in late on him and Tielemans curls the ball into the box. Evans rises highest for it, only for the offside flag to go up against him.
83' GOOD SAVE! Maddison has space for a shot but he chooses to lay it off to Vardy on the left of the box instead. He steps away from Walker-Peters as he slides in before going for the near bottom corner, but McCarthy sticks out a leg to deny him.
82' Leicester are still keeping Southampton penned back in and around their own box as Perez pulls away from Salisu to swing a cross into the far post. He's looking for Vardy, but Bednarek is there to cut it out this time.
80' Castagne gets away from Stephens down the right and swings yet another dangerous cross into the far post. Vardy is rising for it but Walker-Peters gets there just ahead of him to make an important interception.
78' Soyuncu finds himself high upfield and nicks the ball off Diallo on the left before curling a good cross into the box. He picks out Vardy at the near post, but he can only flick his header against Bednarek.
I. Diallo
T. Minamino
76' Second change for Southampton now and it's Minamino that's coming off, with Diallo replacing him.
74' Since the start of March, only Lionel Messi and Simy (12 each) have been directly involved in more goals than Iheanacho (11) across the top five European leagues.
72' Ward-Prowse takes the free-kick, sending it long to Walker-Peters on the right. Soyuncu is tight to him and there's a bit of confusion at the near post as he squeezes a cross past Schmeichel, but Adams can't get a shot away.
71' Southampton are pushing upfield a bit quicker when they win the ball back now as they try to regain their lead, but Perez ends up catching Armstrong on the halfway line and giving away a free-kick.
M. Albrighton
L. Thomas
68' Leicester are making their second change of the game now and it's Albrighton that's on for Thomas.
K. Iheanacho
68' Iheanacho makes up for giving away the penalty at the other end by squeezing a great cross past Stephens to pick out Evans for the goal.
J. Evans
68' EVANS EQUALISES! Iheanacho swings a good cross into the middle of the box where Evans, who is still forward from a corner, and Vardy are waiting. It's the centre-back that meets it and he flicks his header across goal, past McCarthy and into the far bottom corner. 1-1! 
67' GOOD SAVE! Tielemans' corner is headed against Bednarek by Soyuncu and the ball ends up bouncing out to Perez just inside the box. He lets it drop before hitting the shot on the half volley and McCarthy tips it over the crossbar.
65' Minamino misses his clearance which allows Vardy to pull the ball back for Maddison on the edge of the box. He debates having a shot before floating a cross into the middle, but it's cleared by Salisu.
63' Iheanacho tries to knock it back for Maddison and it looks like Bednarek has dealt with it until his heavy touch takes it through to the midfielder. He hits the shot first time, but it's a wild effort that sails high and wide of the target.
J. Ward-Prowse
Penalty Goal
61' SOUTHAMPTON LEAD! It's Ward-Prowse that steps up to take it and it's a good hit from the Southampton captain. He keeps it low and hits it into the bottom-left corner. Schmeichel dives the right way but can't stretch to keep it out. 1-0 Southampton!
59' PENALTY TO SOUTHAMPTON! Ward-Prowse pulls the free-kick back for Armstrong on the edge of the box and he hits his shot first time. Iheanacho makes the block but throws his arm up to do it and the referee is in no doubt as he points to the spot.
58' Adams' pressure pays off as he wins the ball back off Ndidi and he touches it back to Ward-Prowse, who instantly plays in Armstrong. He drives forward down the left before being caught by Castagne next to the byline.
56' Yet again, nobody is there to pick up Castagne's run down the right and he swings another deep cross into the box. This time, he picks out Thomas at the far post, but his header loops straight into McCarthy's gloves.
54' It's better from Leicester now and Maddison does well to turn past Ward-Prowse before drilling a good throughball into Tielemans. His first touch lets him down though and Bednarek is there to intercept it.
52' Tielemans takes a corner short to Maddison who then touches it on to Castagne. The visitors take too long to put the ball into the box and Stephens is quickly out of the area to win it back for the hosts.
T. Minamino
Yellow Card
50' Minamino is shown the first yellow card of the game after he steps across Thomas to intercept the ball and steps on the full-back's foot.
48' Leicester have made a bright start to the second and are still exploiting the space Castagne is getting down the right. He curls another cross into the near post towards Iheanacho, but McCarthy comes off his line to collect it.
46' Leicester get us back underway for the second half! 
Ayoze Pérez
W. Fofana
46' There's a change at the start of the second half which will mean a change in formation. They'll go to a back four as Fofana comes off, with Perez on in his place.
Southampton have coped well with Leicester's pressure despite being a man down and have still managed to create a couple of chances, but Hasenhuttl will be hoping for more of the same. Leicester have been slow to get into the final third though and they need to move the ball a lot quicker if they want to cause Southampton any real problems.
It's goalless at the break between Southampton and Leicester. Walker-Peters thought he'd given the hosts an early lead only to be denied by the offside flag. 10 minutes in, they were down to 10 men after Vestergaard lunged in on Vardy as the last man. Redmond saw a shot parried away by Schmeichel, while at the other end, McCarthy denied Tielemans with a good save, while also keeping out Maddison's and Iheanacho's efforts.
45' + 2' Ndidi sweeps it out to Castagne, who is unmarked down the right and he swings a good cross into the near post for Iheanacho. He sends a header looping towards goal, but McCarthy holds onto it.
45' Leicester are asking for a free-kick after Maddison chips the ball forward for Vardy, but the forward goes to ground after a nudge by Bednarek. There wasn't much in it though and the referee waves the claim away.
43' Tielemans swings another corner into the box and he's looking for Evans again, but Salisu rises highest to clear it. Maddison reaches the loose ball and knocks it onto Thomas, but his cross is blocked.
41' Castagne is still finding a lot of space down the right and Maddison switches it out to him when Leicester can't get through the middle. He fizzes it in for Maddison, but it's Bednarek that meets it and hooks it clear.
39' Armstrong drills a low shot from the edge of the box which Evans blocks, but Southampton keep hold of it. Walker-Peters squares it to Adams, who tries to tee up Armstrong again, but he stumbles over the ball and the chance is gone.
37' GOOD SAVE! Leicester are starting to find their rhythm now and Ndidi picks out Iheanacho, who touches it onto Tielemans. He pulls away from Salisu and drills a shot across goal which McCarthy keeps out with his feet.
36' Another shot from range from Leicester now after Ndidi wins the ball off Armstrong and tees up Maddison. He drills his shot on goal, aiming for the far post, but it's another comfortable save for McCarthy.
34' Iheanacho spins away from Armstrong and finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box. He has a go from range, curling it down the middle, but it's straight at McCarthy, who holds onto it.
33' Tielemans threads a great pass into Maddison, but Bednarek is staying tight to him in the box. He can't turn to get a shot away and when he returns it to the Belgian, he catches Armstrong and gives away a free-kick.
31' For all of Leicester's possession in the last 10 minutes or so, they haven't been able to get in behind Southampton. It's slow from the visitors and they're struggling to mount an attack.
29' Redmond wins a free-kick on the halfway line and Bednarek sweeps it out towards Walker-Peters on the right. He touches it into Minamino ahead of him, but he can't find a way past Soyuncu.
27' Southampton just can't get on the ball at the moment and Leicester are keeping them penned deep in their own half. Castagne gets it on the right again and curls a deep cross into the box, but Thomas can't keep it in at the far post.
25' Maddison plays a great throughball into Iheanacho, but he can't control it and it ends up rolling into Castagne on the left. He squares it to the forward but Bednarek sticks out a leg ahead of him to intercept it.
23' Tielemans first two attempts to swing a cross in from the left are blocked by Minamino, but he wrongfoots him to open up space for a third. He's looking for Evans at the far post, but Stephens heads it clear ahead of him.
21' Southampton have had more red cards against Leicester (seven) than against anyone else in the Premier League.
19' Leicester are keeping the ball well at the moment and stopping Southampton from getting out of their own half. The hosts have dropped deep which is making it difficult for Leicester to move into the final third.
17' GOOD SAVE! Walker-Peters cuts inside from the right and picks out Redmond in a lot of space just outside the box. He takes a touch before drilling a powerful shot on goal and Schmeichel has to parry it away.
M. Salisu
N. Tella
15' Southampton are making a change after the sending off and it's Salisu that's coming on for Tella.
14' CLOSE! It takes a while for Southampton to sort out their wall, but eventually, Maddison is able to step up and take the free-kick on the edge of the box. He curls it around the outside of the wall, looking for the near post, but it's just wide of the target.
12' Vardy has stayed down holding his ankle and the medical team are on to give him some treatment. He's back to his feet after a couple of minutes and is moving gingerly, but it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
J. Vestergaard
Red Card
10' SOUTHAMPTON DOWN TO 10! Armstrong plays it back to Vestergaard and he takes a loose first touch which ends up playing in Vardy. He scrambles back to try and make up for his mistake but ends up catching the forward late and the referee shows him a straight red card as he was the last man. 
8' CHANCE! Soyuncu ends up overrunning the ball and gifts it to Adams just outside Leicester's box. The forward chooses to lay it off to Tella and he goes for goal first time, but scuffs it and it's a comfortable save for Schmeichel.
6' The referee plays an advantage after Thomas fouls Tella but Redmond latches onto the loose ball and drives forward down the left. He's trying to pull it back for Adams near the penalty spot, but Evans steps across to clear the danger.
4' Southampton have made a good start to the game and are keeping the ball well in the opening minutes. It's patient build-up from the hosts and they're trying to draw Leicester out of their shape.
2' OFFSIDE! Leicester are caught out with a simple long ball over the top from Vestergaard into Walker-Peters down the right and he cuts into the box before keeping his composure and lifting his shot over Schmeichel. The flag goes up as soon as it hit the net though, and Southampton don't have an early lead.
1' Ward-Prowse gets the game underway for Southampton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Leicester won the reverse fixture 2-0 in January, but haven't done the double over Southampton in the Premier League since the 1999-00 campaign.
Brendan Rodgers, meanwhile, names an unchanged side for the third game running as they look to keep building their momentum in the race for a top-four finish.
Ralph Hasenhuttl makes three changes to the side team that lost to Tottenham last time out as he brings in Stephens, Minamino and Redmond. Salisu and Walcott drop to the bench, while Danny Ings misses out with a hamstring injury he picked up in that match.
LEICESTER CITY SUBS: Nampalys Mendy, Marc Albrighton, Danny Ward, Ayoze Perez, Hamza Choudhury, Ricardo Pereira, Daniel Amartey, Cengiz Under, Dennis Praet.
LEICESTER CITY STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Kasper Schmeichel; Wesley Fofana, Jonny Evans, Caglar Soyuncu; Timothy Castagne, Wilfred Ndidi, Youri Tielemans, Luke Thomas; James Maddison; Kelechi Iheanacho, Jamie Vardy.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBS: Will Ferry, Daniel N'Lundulu, Mohammed Salisu, Ibrahima Diallo, Moussa Djenepo, Fraser Forster, Alexandre Jankewitz, Kayne Ramsey, Theo Walcott.
SOUTHAMPTON STARTING XI (4-4-2): Alex McCarthy; Kyle Walker-Peters, Jan Bednarek, Jannik Vestergaard, Jack Stephens; Nathan Tella, James Ward-Prowse, Stuart Armstrong, Takumi Minamino; Che Adams, Nathan Redmond.
The two sides meet for the second time in just under two weeks, with the last game ending in a 1-0 victory for Leicester that saw them get through to the FA Cup final. The visitors are on a three-match winning run in all competitions and are back at St Mary's for the first time since their 9-0 win here in this fixture last season. As for Southampton, they've lost their last three outings, but their last win did come at home when they beat Burnley 3-2.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Southampton and Leicester City at St Mary's Stadium!