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90' + 1'
S. Shadap
Yellow Card
A. Dipanda
Penalty Goal
J. Lalpekhlua
S. Lalmuanpuia
J. Lalpekhlua
B. Singh
S. Singh
Yellow Card
P. Das
A. Mallick
Kick Off


That's all from me this evening. Until next time, take care.
What a game, nothing short except for some more goals. Action packed match but not the desired results for both teams. Bagan somehow lucky to get away with a point but it could have gone either way. Excellent performances by both the goalkeppers and Lajong and Bagan shares the spoils.
90' + 3' Yusa Katsumi and Sony tries to launch one last attmept for the away side but the Japanese's cross is collected easily by Vishal and that's the end of this thrill packed match.
90' + 2' Nerves jangling in the Lajong box as another Bagan player gets a shot away but Vishal does well to catch it.
S. Shadap
Yellow Card
Shillong Lajong
90' + 1' Yellow card Samuel Shadap
90' + 1' 3 minutes of additonal time at the end of normal time. Raju throws in a long ball into the box but Vishal does well to come off his line and collect the ball.
90' Jeje tires to take on Yuta down the right wing but the Japanese does well to tackle the Indian international and concedes a throw in.
88' Jeje, Duffy and Yusa launces a quick counter after winning the ball back but Sana does well to intercept the Japanese's pass. Lajong then breaks off for another counter attack but Bipin lets the frustration get to him as his shot from distacne is well over the bar,
87' Lajong has a throw in on the far right side. The pressure continues to mount on both sides,
86' This match truly is not short of any action and both teams trying their best to get the winning goal in the dying stages of this match.
85' BRILLIANT SAVE! Bagan launches a quick attack again and Yusa unleashes a fine low effort from a pull back by one of his teammates. Vishal gets down and makes an excellent save to deny the Japanese and keep the score all tied at 1-1.
83' WIDE! Lajong breaks off agian for a quick counter attack and the pacy Manipuri winger Bipin tries his luck from just outside the box. His slicing effort goes agonisingly short of hitting the net.
81' Great football by Lajong and Dicka wins a foul off a Bagan midfielder. He then raises his hands for the home fans to be louder and his gesture is met with an uproar by the home fans. Isaac delivers the free kick but Debjit comfortably collects.
80' Just four minutes seperating those two goals and this match is headed for a thrilling last 10 minutes.
79' Raju wins a corner for the Mariners. Yusa takes the corner and his delivery is not bad but Eduardo is flagged offside by the linesman. 
A. Dipanda
Penalty Goal
Shillong Lajong
78' Penalty Goal Asier Pierrick Dipanda Dicka
78' GOAL! And the Cameroonian dispatches it with great composure sending the home crowd wild.
77' PENALTY! Just one minute after the goal by Jeje Lajong are given a lifeline as they are awarded a penalty. DIcka to take.
J. Lalpekhlua
Mohun Bagan
75' Goal Jeje Lalpekhlua
S. Lalmuanpuia
Shillong Lajong
74' Substitution Samuel Lalmuanpuia Pena Fabio Henrique
74' GOAL!!!! Jeje Lalpheklua makes his mark just less than 10 minutes of coming on as he beats the off guard Vishal with a looping shot.
72' Poor one agian as the Mariners does well to clear away his delivery and tries to launch a quick counter attack but Duffy gives away a foul and the attack is cut short.
72' Lajong has another corner as Samuel Shadap's cross is cut out. Isaac to take
71' Bipin SIngh is truly doing well down the left flank causing Pritam Kotal all kinds of problems.
70' Jeje finally comes on and the section of away fans cheers as their hitman makes his way into the pitch. Will he be the matchwinner?
J. Lalpekhlua
B. Singh
Mohun Bagan
69' Substitution Balwant Singh Jeje Lalpekhlua
67' Lajong wins a free kick just past the halfway line and Isaac's delivery is flicked on by Sana but no one can direct it towards goal. Jeje waiting to come on for the away side.
66' The resulting corner causes a bit of confusion in the away box but Debjit collects safely.
64' Dicka does well to keep the ball in play on the far side and then cheekily passes it to Redeem who pulls it back for Shadap. Shadap tries to whip in a cross but his cross is blocked out for a corner.
63' Bagan really struggling to cope with the tempo of the home team but have been solid at the back so far. Lajong really working their socks off to carve open this stubborn away defence.
62' A little talk with the physio and Thangboi and he seems to be okay to continue.
61' Bipin sends in a long ball into the box which Redeem tries to head. He collides with Debjit and looks to have hurt himself.
60' The resulting corner is a poor one but Lajong recycles the ball and Sana gets a shot away from the edge of the box. Looked like a shot but he seemed to be looking for Dicka there. Goes off the far post. Out for a goal kick.
59' Bipin Singh, the pacy Manipuri winger wins Lajong a corner down the left flank. Isaac delivers into the far post agian looking for Nim. Another corner.
57' Sehnaj SIngh wins the ball off Redeem Tlang and breaks away for a quick counter attack but he fumbles and the back tracing Lajong players gets the ball off his feet. Vishal then collects the ball as the danger eases away.
56' Great swift passage of play from the Lajong youngsters as they look to break the deadlock. Samuela tees up Isaac who tries to curl one in at the far post. His shot is very weak and Debjit saw it coming and collects comfortably.
S. Singh
Yellow Card
Mohun Bagan
55' Yellow card Sehnaj Singh
53' Good passing from Sony and Balwant Singh opens up Lajong and Duffy cleverly creates space for Balwant to get a shot away but it's Singh this time who ballons it over the top.
52' Prabir Das does well to work the ball down the right flank and passes it to Balwant Singh who lays it off to Sony. The Haitian is not near his best and hits it high over the roof of the goal. 
51' Quick attack again from the home side and they win themselves a free kick some 30 yards from goal. Samuela goes for goal but his shot is well over the bar. Poor one there by the youngster. 5 minutes of second half gone and still nil nil
50' Raja throws in another long ball into the box and Sana's half clearance is hit at the half volley by Sehnaj Singh. Good contact on the ball but it goes straight to Vishal. 
48' Dicka does well to release Bipin singh with plenty of space down the left flank. Bipin does well to fake a turn and get a shot away that goes through the feet of Pritam Kotal. Unluckily for the Manipuri youngster, the ball is straight at Debjit.
P. Das
A. Mallick
Mohun Bagan
46' Substitution Azharuddin Mallick Prabir Das
46' Brilliant play from Yuta as he plays one two with Isaac before trying to go up the field. Sehnaj Singh cuts his run out with a well timed interception.
46' And off we go again. Youngster Mallick is withdrawn by Sen and Prabir comes in for the Mariners.
Thangboi will be very happy with the performace of his youngsters so far. They've shown the hunger and the passion and bar a goal that has eluded them so far, they have been outstanding. 
Isaac's set piece deliveries has been really poor so far and he'll be looking to improve on that come the second half. Sony on the other hand has been the only spark of brilliance for the away front line as the young home defence has been solid enough this evening. Maybe Sanjoy Sen will contemplate bringing in Jeje in the second half to give his team the injection of pace and brilliance they've lacked so far in the first half.
Half time and the tie is still goalless. The home side were much dominant in the opening exchanges and had it not been for the sheer brilliance of Debjit, the Mariners would be trailing 2-0. Vishal also came up with an important contribution for the home team as he did well to keep a low powerful shot by Mallick. Hopefully we will see goals in the second half.
45' + 1' Addition time of 1 minute at the end of normal time in the first half. 
44' The two Japanese midfielders Yuta and Yusa has been silent in the first half so far with neither of them contributing aything important to their respective teams so far, 
43' APPEALS FOR PENALTY! Sony does well to get a shot away from inside the box and the ball looks to have hit the arms of a Lajong defender and they appeal for a handball but the referee only gives a corner. Looks like it did hit the arm but it would have been harsh. Good call there from  Om Prakash.
41' Sony lighting up the left flank with his nimble footwork and electric pace before he gives away possession cheaply. Isaac could have led a quick counter attack but opts to slow down and passes it sideways to Yuta. Bagan wins possession back.
39' Sony is finally coming into the fore as his corner causes confusion in the Lajong box before Yuta clears. Yusa wins a free kick which the HIatian delivers agian. Eduardo gets contact but the Brazilian couldn't direct it towards goal. 
37' CLOSE! Close one there agian from Lajong as they hit the away side on the counter attack and Bipin's clever pull back is cleared out by Eduardo for a corner. The resulting corner comes to nothing and the away team breaks away for a counter attack with Sony sending in a ball into the box. Pritam clears and concedes a corner.
36' SAVE! Vishal comes up with an outstanding save to keep out Azarhuddin's low struck shot that literally came out of nowhere. The Mariners finally getting into the game.
34' CLOSE! Duffy nearly gets a clear go at goal and with VIshal off his lines, Nim does well to punt the ball away on the left side of the pitch for a throw in. Raju sends in another one of his long throw ins but Vishal does well under pressure to catch the ball.
32' Samuel does well to disposses Sony on the halfway line and Isaac tries to wriggle his way past two Bagan players but Sony wins the ball back from the Lajong youngster. Sony is then fouled by Redeem and the resulting free kick comes to nothing as the referee penalises Balwant SIngh for a hand ball.
31' Isaac's delivery is a bad one and Bagan defence easily deals with it. Isaac's delivery this match hasn't been upto the mark he's set over the season.
30' The Mariners have their first sniff near the Lajong goal as Duffy outpaces Nim to collect a wayward pass down the left flank. He pulls back a beautiful low pass for Sony but the Haitian is unable to control the ball and the chance fizzles away. Corner now on the other end for the home team.
27' BLOCK! Lajong works the ball patiently down the left flank and Dicka cuts back the ball to Sana whose low effort is blocked by the Bagan defence. Lajong comes agian and a scramble on the left side of the post sees Debjit down with a little discomfort. He gets us, should be fine. Goal kick for the Mariners.
25' Throw in yet again for the home side as they continue to mount pressure on the Mariners. The Mariners can't do anything but sit back and defend deep.
24' The Mariners have really struggled to cope with the tempo of the home side so far and the home fans revelling at their team's performance. 
22' Its a poor one as there is no power nor any curl in his delivery and Debjit collects without any pressure from any red shirt.
21' This young Lajong side is really looking take it all from this match. Yuta Kinowaki who has been annonymous so far wins a free kick just past the halfway line. Isaac to take the free kick, Will it be something special.?
20' Lajong keeps the pressure on Bagan and Dicka wins a foul on the left flank. Isaac takes the resulting free kick but his effort or delivery is a little overhit and goes off by the far post.
19' SAVE!! MISS!! Debjit yet again saves the blushes of his team by keeping his cool and doing well to go down and save Dicka's effort from the edge of the box. Two outstanding saves in just under a minute. Lajong would be 2-0 ahead had it not been for him.
17' CLOSE! Samuel Shadap lofts the ball gently for Dicka who is well marked by Eduardo but the rebound is hit very well by Redeem Tlang and Debjit comes up with an outstanding save and tips Redeem's effort to the cross bar and to safety. 
15' Raju's long throw in into the Lajong box looks to cause the Lajong defence problem but Pritam wins a foul and the danger is cut off.
15' Corner taken well by Isaac as he sends it into the far post. Nim is there to keep the ball alive but his weak header across is well tamed by the Bagan defence and Debjit collects coolly.
13' Long throw into the Lajong box by Raju is cleared by the Lajong defence and Samuela launces a quick counter attack finding Dicka with a long ball, Bipin then tries his luck from the edge of the box and wins a corner.
13' Bagan has been kept at bay so far by the home side as Sony and Duffy are struggling to get the ball.
12' Pressure once more from the home team but Samuela is unable to keep the ball in play.
11' SAVE! Dicka manages to muster the first shot on target for the home team with an overhead kick. His effort is however weak and straight at the hands of Debjit.
9' Beautiful ball from Isaac releases Dicka on the counter attack for the home side however the offside flag is raised and Isaac looks at the linesman in disbelief. What a vision there from the Lajong youngster.
7' Anas struggling to cope with the long ball thrown at him. Lajong has a corner on the left side. Isaac sends it into the far post, Nim is there but couldn't get any contact as it goes out of play.
6' Shadap earns a throw in and it's quickly taken. Isaac sends in a teasing curler into the box which Dicka gets contact to but couldn't get any power on. 
4' No real spark in the match till now as both teams look to cut open each other. Possession exchanging between the two teams off and on.
3' Quick exchange of pass between Isaac and Sameul Shadap sees Samuel release Redeem down the right flank. The ball is a little overhit and Redeem tries to earn a corner but it goes out for a goal kick.
2' Early pressure form the visitors as they maintain possession and patiently work the ball up field.
1' Awkward pass there by Eduardo, Raju does well to keep it in play. Fast start of the match as both the teams look to capitalise early.
1' Duffy gets us underway as the Mariners attack the north end of the JN stadium in the first half.
The players are out on the pitch as kick off impends. Lajong in their all red home kit with the Mariners also in their white home strip. 
Thangboi has dropped Rupert Nongrum on the right wing for the last game's match winner Redeem Tlang while Sanjoy Sen has opted for the same duo- Balwant and Duffy to lead the line as Jeje is benched again, same line up that won the Kolkata derby last weekend for the Mariners.
Just over 10 minutes to go. Bagan really needs to win this one if they are to be champions come the end of the season. A win for Lajong would keep their faint hopes for the title alive. 
Mohun Bagan Subs – Kinshuk Debnath, Bikramjit Singh, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Souvik Chakrabarti, Pintu Mahata, Prabir Das, Shibinraj Kunniyil (GK).
Shillong Lajong Subs – Aiborlang Kongjee, Rupert Nongrum, Fabio Pena, Rocus Lamare, Alen Deory, Dan Ignat, Phurba Tempa Lachenpa (GK)
Mohun Bagan Starting XI – Debjit Majumder (GK), Raju Gaikwad, Darryl Duffy, Katsumi Yusa (C), Eduardo Soares, Balwant Singh, Sony Norde, Pritam Kotal, Sehnaj Singh, Azharuddin Mallick, Anas Edathodika.
Shillong Lajong starting XI – Vishal Kaith (GK), Nim Dorjee (C), Samuel Shadap, Chinglensana Singh, Samuel Lalmuanpuia, Aser Pierrick Dipanda, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Redeem Tlang, Pritam Singh, Yuta Kinowaki, Bipin Singh.
MATCH FACTS                            Mohun Bagan in good position to challenge for the title after their comprehensive derby victory over arch rivals East Bengal and Aizawl FC’s loss to Bengaluru FC last weekend. 
Lajong has enjoyed a fine form away from home with 10 points form a possible 12 form their last four away matches. They have however struggled at home losing the last two home matches with a score line of 1-2 against DSK Shivajians and East Bengal. Thangboi speaking ahead of the game said Lajong needs to get back to winning ways at home. 
Sanjoy Sen talked about the importance of concentration and hard work from his team if they are to get away with anything from the match. 
Hello and welcome to Goal's live commentary of the Hero Indian League. I am Worngachan A Shatsang and I will be bringing you all the live updates as Lajong takes on Mohun Bagan in what shoud be an exciting encounter. 
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