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O. McBurnie
Yellow Card
J. Kucka
Yellow Card
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
L. Dykes
S. O'Donnell
1 - 0
L. Haraslín
Yellow Card

Match Stats

45% 55%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 2
Total Passes 387 491
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Czech Republic CZE Czech Republic 6 4 0 2 9 5 +4 12 W W L W L
2 Scotland SCO Scotland 6 3 1 2 5 4 +1 10 L L W W W
3 Israel ISR Israel 6 2 2 2 7 7 0 8 W L W L D
4 Slovakia SVK Slovakia 6 1 1 4 5 10 -5 4 L W L L D




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Scotland are now unbeaten in their last seven games in all competitions and remain top of their group with that win and are one point above Czech Republic who they play on Wednesday. As for Slovakia, they are still looking for their first win in the Nations League this season and Hapal will be hoping they can get it against Israel next time out.
Dykes' goal secures a 1-0 win for Scotland over Slovakia. Neither side created many chances in the first half and it took Scotland until the 54th minute when they scored with their only shot on target. O'Donnell chipped a great cross into the box where Dykes ran off the back of his defender to find the bottom corner. Marshall made a couple of good saves to keep his clean sheet while McBurnie hit the crossbar with a header late on. 
90' + 3' Slovakia had the chance to push upfield with a counter-attack but were stopped on the edge of the box by Scotland. Now, the home side are trying to keep the ball near the corner again as they try to see out the last couple of minutes.
90' + 1' Into four minutes of added time and Scotland are trying to run the clock down by keeping the ball in the corner. They have a couple of corners which are played short to McBurnie and he's shielding it from the Slovakia defenders.
R. Jack
J. McGinn
89' Final change for Scotland now and Jack is coming on to replace McGinn.
87' Mak has stayed down after he was caught in the back of the head by Considine. The referee lets play carry on until Scotland put it out as he doesn't think there was much in it and Mak slowly makes his way back to his feet.
C. Paterson
R. Fraser
85' Clarke makes another change as he brings on Paterson in place of Fraser.
J. Kucka
Yellow Card
83' Kucka doesn't get anywhere near the ball as he slides in late on McGinn and picks up a yellow card.
O. McBurnie
Yellow Card
83' McBurnie is booked after catching Holubek in the face with his elbow.
81' Slovakia are struggling to get out of their own half again at the moment as Scotland continue to push forward as they look for a second goal. O'Donnell is in space on the right again, but his cross is blocked by Holubek.
79' OFF THE BAR! It's a great cross into the box from Fraser and McBurnie meets it in the middle after Valjent fails to clear it. He heads the ball towards goal and beats Kuciak but can only watch as it bounces back off the crossbar.
78' Robertson switches play out to O'Donnell on the right and he swings a good cross into the box. McBurnie is waiting for it in the middle, but it's just too high for him and Valjent clear his lines.
P. Šafranko
R. Boženík
76' Safranko is also coming on as he replaces Bozenik.
A. Rusnák
L. Haraslín
76' There's another double change for Slovakia now and Rusnak is coming on for Haraslin.
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
74' Robertson kicks the ball away in frustration when the referee awards Slovakia a free-kick and picks up a cheap yellow card. Since it's his second booking in the competition, he misses the next game against Czech Republic.
O. McBurnie
L. Dykes
72' The goal scorer, Dykes, is also coming off with McBurnie on in his place.
C. McGregor
J. Fleck
72' Fleck landed heavily on his back after a challenge and he's struggling to get back to his feet before the medical team come on. He goes straight off with them and is replaced by McGregor.
70' GOOD CHANCE! It's a good move by Scotland and O'Donnell finds himself in a lot of room on the right. He squares a low cross into the middle and Dykes takes it first time, but his shot loops just wide of the far post.
68' Dykes has now scored four goals in his last seven appearances for both QPR (two in four) and Scotland (two in three).
66' Mak pulls away from Robertson on the right after wrongfooting him and whips a good cross into the box. Bozenik misses it and Marshall comes off his line to hold onto it.
64' McTominay has stayed down after landing heavily on his knee after an aerial challenge with Duda. He slowly gets back to his feet and it looks like it was just an impact injury and he won't need any treatment.
R. Mak
I. Schranz
62' Schranz is also making way, with Mak on in his place.
J. Kucka
M. Hamšík
62' There's a double change for Slovakia now and Hamsik is the first to make way, with Kucka replacing him.
60' GOOD SAVE! Hamsik whips a corner into the box and Scotland don't clear their lines. It bounces to Gregus near the penalty spot and he hits the shot back towards goal, but Marshall makes a good reaction save to deny him.
58' Holubek makes a driving run down the left but doesn't have anyone up with him in support. He tries to hold up the ball to wait for Bozenik to join him, but Scotland are quick to close him down. 
56' Slovakia are moving the ball around much quicker than before, but their passing is letting them down at the moment. They're getting sloppy when they get into the final third and are gifting possession back to Scotland.
S. O'Donnell
54' Fraser squares it to O'Donnell and he chips his cross over the defenders from the edge of the box to pick out Dykes' run.
L. Dykes
54' SCOTLAND LEAD! It's a great pick out from O'Donnell and Dykes isn't picked up in the middle. He makes a run around the back of Valjent and pokes the ball into the bottom-left corner from close range. 1-0 Scotland! 
53' Slovakia are patiently making their way upfield after playing out from the back, but Haraslin is struggling to get into space down the left side. He sets himself to put a cross in, but it's blocked by O'Connell.
L. Haraslín
Yellow Card
51' Fleck drifts past three Slovakia defenders before Haraslin cuts across him to stop his run and picks up a booking for the challenge.
51' Robertson takes the free-kick that followed Haraslin's foul and he whips a cross into the far post. Gallagher rises highest to meet it and his header loops onto the roof of the net, but the flag goes up for offside.
J. Fleck
Yellow Card
50' Fleck picks up a yellow card after catching Duda with a late tackle.
48' Dykes pulls away from Gregus and squares the ball to McGinn on the edge of the box. He takes the shot first time under pressure from Ninaj, but his low shot curls wide of the near post.
46' Scotland fail to clear their lines and the ball bounces to Gregus on the edge of the box. He fires his shot towards goal, but it's a comfortable save for Marshall as he stops the first shot on target of the game.
46' Slovakia get us back underway for the second half! 
Scotland made a bright start to the game but struggled to get into the final third as the half went on. They need to try and get their forwards on the ball more to try and cause Kuciak some problems. Slovakia have found it hard to get in behind their opponents as well and Hapal will be wanting to see a much improved attacking performance after the break.
It's goalless at the break between Scotland and Slovakia. Neither side managed a shot on target in the first half and struggled to create any clear cut chances. Dykes had the best opportunity for Scotland when he was one-on-one with Kuciak but Valjent recovers well to block the shot while Haraslin scuffed a chance at the other end which rolled wide of the near post.
45' + 1' There are shouts from Slovakia asking for a penalty as Duda goes down in the box, but the referee is telling him to get back to his feet. There was a slight coming together between him and Dykes, but there wasn't enough in it.
44' Scotland are being penned back in their own half at the moment but Slovakia are struggling to find a way through the home side. Duda plays a long ball over the top towards Hamsik, but it's cut out by McTominay.
42' Fraser makes a driving run down the right, but three Slovakia defenders come across to block him. He has to trackback but keeps hold of the ball and Scotland have to start from the back again.
40' McLean picks out Dykes' run with a good throughball and he sets himself to take his shot from the left of the box. Valjent makes a good recovery run and times his tackle perfectly to block the shot.
L. Dykes
Yellow Card
38' Dykes clumsily runs into the back of Haraslin as he tries to stop his run and is shown a yellow card for the challenge.
36' GOOD CHANCE! Robertson's cross is cleared by Valjent in the box, but his header falls to O'Donnell who is in a lot of space on the edge of the area. He drills his effort towards goal, but it's wide of the far post.
34' O'Donnell has a lot of space on the right and he swings a good cross into the box where a lot of his team-mates are waiting. He misses them all though and it's an easy catch for Kuciak.
32' Schranz does really well to swing a cross into the box under pressure from Robertson and Bozenik gets goalside of Fleck to get on the end of it. He's off-balance when he takes the shot and Marshall comes off his line to collect it.
30' Scotland just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment as Slovakia are starting to close them down much quicker. Robertson's header falls to McGinn, but he's dispossessed by Gregus and the away side are on the attack again.
28' McTominay makes a driving run through midfield to get to the edge of the box where he's picked out by McLean. He takes the shot first time, but he fires his effort high over the crossbar.
26' It's patient play from Slovakia as they steadily make their way into the final third. Duda plays it out wide to Schranz, but his cross on the right is blocked by Fleck and he wins a corner which comes to nothing. 
24' Slovakia are keeping the ball a lot better now but most of their possession is in their own half. Gregus plays a long ball upfield which Haraslin brings down, but a heavy touch from him then gifts it to McTominay and the chance is gone.
O. Duda
M. Bero
22' It looks like it's a serious knee injury Bero has picked up as a stretcher is being taken around the pitch to him now. With his game over, Hapal brings on Duda in his place.
20' Bero is limping off the field with the help of the medical team and is still receiving treatment on the side of the field as Hapal gets ready to make a change.
M. Hamšík
Yellow Card
20' Hamsik picks up the first yellow card of the game after he pulls back McGinn to stop his run.
18' Bero collided with McLean a couple of minutes ago and he's just gone down holding his knee. He looks to be in a lot of pain as the referee motions to the bench to get the medical team to come on and give him some treatment.
16' Slovakia are yet to win away from home in the Nations League (D1 L2) and have failed to score in two of their three games on the road (just one away goal in total).
14' Hamsik whips another cross into the box, this time from a corner and Bero flick it on at the near post. It falls to Haraslin, but he can't direct his header on target and it bounces well wide.
12' Slovakia win a free-kick on the left wing and Hamsik floats a brilliant cross towards Schranz at the far post. Gallagher catches him with his elbow, but he's quickly back to his feet after some treatment and can carry on.
10' OFF THE LINE! Kuciak rushes off his line but completely misses Robertson's cross from a corner. The ball bounces off Dykes' back and is bouncing towards the line, but Valjent makes an important clearance at the far post.
8' Slovakia are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment as Scotland continue to keep the pressure on them. This time, it's McGinn that makes a good run down the right, but he can only earn a corner for his side.
6' Fraser and Robertson are linking up well down the left side and Fraser makes another driving run down the wing after being picked out by McLean. He tries to put a cross into the middle, but it's blocked by Ninaj.
4' Koscelnik has been given an early warning by the referee after bringing down Fraser and stopping his run down the left. He swings the free-kick into the box for Scotland but McTominay can't keep it in play.
2' Scotland are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes of the game and Robertson has an early chance to run down the left. He takes it to the byline, but his cross is blocked by Koscelnik.
1' Fraser gets the game underway for Scotland!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Scotland have won four of their six Nations League games (D1 L1), finding the net in all six of those matches, although they've only kept two clean sheets.
Pavel Hapal makes nine changes to his side after their penalty shoot-out win over the Republic of Ireland as they face a first win in the Nations League this season. Hamsik and Valjent are the only two to retain their places from that game.
Steve Clarke makes four changes to the team that started against Israel on Thursday as Considine makes his international debut, with McLean, Fleck and Fraser also coming in. Jack, McGregor and McBurnie all drop to the bench.
SLOVAKIA SUBS: Robert Mak, Marek Rodak, Norbert Gyomber, Lukas Pauschek, Juraj Kucka, Dominik Greif, Denis Vavro, Ondrej Duda, Albert Rusnak, Pavol Safranko, Erik Sabo, Patrik Hrosovsky.
SLOVAKIA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Dusan Kuciak; Martin Koscelnik, Branislav Ninaj, Martin Valjent, Jakub Holubek; Matus Bero, Jan Gregus, Marek Hamsik; Ivan Schranz, Robert Bozenik, Lukas Haraslin.
SCOTLAND SUBS: Jon McLaughlin, Bobby McCrorie, Ryan Jack, Callum McGregor, Oli McBurnie, Callum Paterson, Ryan Porteous, Greg Taylor, Lawrence Shankland, Ross McCrorie, Paul McGinn.
SCOTLAND STARTING XI (4-3-3): David Marshall; Stephen O'Donnell, Andrew Considine, Declan Gallagher, Andy Robertson; John Fleck, Scott McTominay, Kenny McLean; John McGinn, Lyndon Dykes, Ryan Fraser.
Scotland beat Israel 5-3 on penalties on Thursday after playing out a 0-0 draw in their Euro 2020 qualifier semi-final. They're currently unbeaten in six games (W4 D2), which includes their first two matches in this competition which they won and drew. Slovakia also won their Euro 2020 qualifier semi-final on penalties, beating Republic of Ireland 4-2 after a 0-0 draw, but are yet to win a game in the Nations League so far this season (D1 L1).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Nations League meeting between Scotland and Slovakia at Hampden Park!