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Manchester United v Aston Villa Live Commentary, 11/1/22

1 - 0
S. McTominay (8)
Old Trafford


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That win means that United set up a home tie with Middlesbrough in the next round, which will take place in just under a month. It's another third-round defeat for Villa and they've now lost their last seven FA Cup games. These sides meet again in the Premier League on Saturday, with United travelling to Villa Park this time.
United hold on to beat Villa 1-0 and reach the FA Cup fourth round. They took the lead in the eighth minute when McTominay nodded in, but after that, the best chances fell to Villa, with Watkins smashing an effort off the bar in the first half. In the second, they hit the back of the net twice, with both being ruled out. Ings headed in from very close range, but VAR ruled it out for a foul on Cavani and the second was tapped in by Watkins, only for a belated flag to go up against Ings in the build-up.
90' + 5' Elanga plays a one-two with McTominay and makes another good run down the left. He can't find a way past Cash, but he does manage to win a corner to keep United upfield.
90' + 3' Lingard is backed into a corner but he does wonderfully to spin away from the two Villa defenders to get himself out of trouble. He lays it off to Greenwood, but his low shot is straight at Martinez.
90' + 1' Into the first of six added minutes and Elanga has a chance to break down the left. Cash can't get close to him and the substitute fizzes a dangerous low cross into the box. He's the only one forward though and Villa clear their lines.
90' United are struggling to get out of their own half again as we head towards stoppage time here. McGinn goes long for El Ghazi, but that's cut out comfortably by Lindelof. His clearance then hits Greenwood and bounces out of play.
88' Konsa has gone down during a corner for Villa and it looks like he was accidentally caught in the face by Shaw. His nose is bleeding so the medical team are on to patch him up, but he'll be able to carry on after treatment.
J. Lingard
Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United
86' There's a double change here for United and Fernandes is taking his time going off as he goes across to give De Gea the armband. He's replaced by Lingard.
J. Philogene-Bidace
J. Ramsey
Aston Villa
86' And the second change for Villa sees Ramsey taken off, with Philogene-Bidace on for him.
A. Elanga
M. Rashford
Manchester United
86' Rashford is the other player making way, with Elanga on in his place.
83' It's better from United now as they're just keeping possession high upfield in Villa's half. McTominay has space to run into and he's urged to shoot by the fans, but he spreads it out wide to Fernandes, who can't pick out a cross.
81' It looks like Fernandes is trying to run down the clock a little as he delays the corner by tying his shoelace and he's told to hurry up by the referee. It's a poor cross into the middle when he eventually takes it, with Mings heading it away under no pressure.
A. El Ghazi
E. Buendía
Aston Villa
79' First change for Villa now as they continue to push for an equaliser. It's Buendia that's going off, with El Ghazi on to replace him.
78' Cash loses out to Rashford and his touch sets Fernandes off through the middle. He tries to get Rashford in behind Villa with an early throughball, but there's too much on it and it's an easy one for Mings to deal with.
76' It's another great move by Villa as they play out from the back and Luiz picks out Ings on the right. A heavy first touch lets him down though and it bounces straight to Varane, who clears the danger.
74' GREAT CHANCE! Greenwood breaks quickly down the right and Targett just can't get anywhere near him. It's a tight angle for him on the right but he gets it on target and Martinez shovels it away. Rashford is in the middle and the ball is there to be won, but the forward doesn't react, leaving it for Martinez to collect.
D. van de Beek
E. Cavani
Manchester United
72' United are making the first change of the game, and it's well-received by the fans. Van de Beek comes onto a warm reception as he replaces Cavani.
71' CLOSE! United don't clear their lines properly from the free-kick and Cash fizzes a dangerous low cross in from the right. McTominay blocks it, but it only goes as far as Watkins. He whips a shot towards the far post, but it's just wide of the far post.
Diogo Dalot
Yellow Card
Manchester United
70' Yellow Card José Diogo Dalot Teixeira
L. Shaw
Yellow Card
Manchester United
68' Yellow Card Luke Shaw
L. Shaw
Yellow Card
Manchester United
68' Shaw blocks off Watkins' run just in front of the referee and he's booked for the challenge.
67' GREAT SAVE! Fred's clearance falls kindly for Cash, who is all on his own just outside the box. He has time to take a touch before swerving a shot towards the near post. It takes the slightest of nicks off Varane before De Gea pushes it wide for a corner.
Yellow Card
Manchester United
65' Yellow Card Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos
Yellow Card
Manchester United
65' Fred is overstretching as he tries to get across to Luiz. The ball is long gone by the time he trips Luiz though and his name goes into the book.
64' Konsa finds himself high upfield and he makes a brilliant driving run into the box, breezing past the United defenders. He slips just as he goes to take the shot and it ends up being a comfortable one for De Gea at his near post.
63' United are really up against it at the moment with Villa continuing to pile the pressure on. The hosts just can't get out of their own half at the minute, but Shaw buys them a bit of respite when he wins a free-kick when Cash nudges him in the back.
61' Lindelof crashed into the post as him and Watkins both chased down Ings' shot and he's receiving treatment just off the pitch. It was a heavy collision, but he's quickly back to his feet and it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
59' OFFSIDE! It's a lovely move from Villa with McGinn sliding a great throughball forward for Ings. He drives into the box before chipping an effort over De Gea, who was rushing off his line. It's heading wide but Watkins is following it in and beats Lindelof there to poke it over the line. Ings was offside in the build-up though and this one won't count either!
58' There are some sloppy passes creeping in from both sides here, and it's United creating their own problems at the moment. Luiz threads it into the box and McTominay loses it. McGinn latches onto it but then hits his shot straight against his international team-mate.
56' The frustration starts to boil over for Villa. McGinn was caught by Fernandes and thought the Portuguese should be shown a yellow card which never came. He then steps across Fred with a very late challenge, and the United fans think he should go into the book, but the referee keeps his cards in his pocket.
54' NO GOAL! It's been cleared up that Watkins didn't take a touch before Ings reached it's not going to be ruled out for offside. Michael Oliver has now been asked to go over and have a look at the monitor though as Ramsey blocked off Cavani's run when the original cross was coming into the box. That's judged to be a foul and the goal won't stand after a very lengthy VAR check. Still 1-0 United!
52' VAR is having a very long look at the replays of the goal to see if Watkins made contact with the ball before Ings nodded it over the line. It's taking a long time to come to a conclusion here.
50' INGS EQUALISES! McGinn wins a free-kick down the right, and he steps up to take it. He whips a deep cross into the box, and it loops over the top to Konsa who nods it back across goal. Watkins is just in front of De Gea and the keeper misses it, with Ings behind him to nod it over the line from very close range. VAR is having a look at this one though...
48' Cavani looks surprised when the ball bounces straight to him after a loose touch from McGinn, but he threads it through for Fernandes down the left. He squares it to Rashford just inside the box and his flick-on deflects out for a corner off Konsa.
46' Villa get us back underway for the second half!
Despite going into half-time ahead, United arguably should be behind considering the attempts they've conceded. Rangnick will be pleased with their attacking play, but they need to tighten up at the back if they want to see this out. Villa have done everything bar score so far, and Gerrard will be hoping for more of the same in the second half.
McTominay's early header gives United a 1-0 lead over Villa at half-time. It was a bright start by the hosts and they got their reward when McTominay nodded Fred's brilliant cross past Martinez. Villa came to life after that and had the best chances with Watkins rattling the crossbar after Lindelof's mistake and McGinn forcing De Gea into a great save. Martinez has also been busy though, making good saves to keep out Fernandes and Shaw.
45' + 3' Rashford breaks down the right and there's so much space for him to run into. He takes it to the byline and tries to square it to Greenwood, who isn't being picked up on the far side. He left it too late though and Targett gets back to block the cross.
45' + 1' Rashford has switched out to the right, and he times his run perfectly to get on the end of McTominay's long ball over the top. He squares it to Cavani, who holds off Konsa before teeing up Fernandes, but his shot is always rising as it sails over the bar.
44' SAVE! Rashford hits a long-range free-kick against McTominay in front of the wall, but Shaw keeps hold of it for the hosts. He lifts it into McTominay, who catches it sweetly on the volley, keeping it low. It's straight at Martinez though, and the keeper gets behind it.
42' It's a loose touch by Luiz and Cavani is behind him to pick it up for United. He turns and breaks quickly on the counter, sweeping it out to Shaw on the left. It's a poor cross from him though as he sends it straight into Martinez's gloves.
40' The visitors are taking a risk as they play it between Konsa, Mings and Martinez in their own box. Cavani and Fernandes are keeping the pressure on for United, but Villa don't panic and manage to play it out from the back without causing any of their own problems.
38' GREAT SAVE! Greenwood isn't picked up, and he floats a dangerous cross in which is blocked by Mings. It goes to Fernandes and the defender makes an important block to keep him out. It falls for Shaw, who drills a powerful shot on goal and Martinez tips it over the bar.
37' Greenwood tries to play it inside to Fred, but it's a poor pass that's instantly cut out by Targett. Luiz tries to catch the hosts out with an early throughball into the box, but Dalot is there to cut it out ahead of Watkins.
35' The medical team have finally stemmed the bleeding of Dalot's cut and he's going to be able to carry on. Luiz takes the corner for Villa, and it's glanced on by Buendia to Ings, directly behind him. He gets caught under it and his header loops over.
33' Dalot has gone down for United, and it looks like he's got a bad cut on his ankle. The medical team are on to try and patch him up, but Rangnick is getting Wan-Bissaka warmed up on the sidelines in case he's needed.
31' CLOSE! Villa are really starting to up the pressure on United now as Cash floats a dangerous cross into the box. Targett heads it back to Ramsey on the edge of the box. He hits the shot first time, but McTominay's deflection takes it just wide of the near post.
30' OFF THE BAR! Mings hooks it upfield and it looks like it's an easy one for Lindelof to deal with until it bounces off his knee and into his own box. Watkins pounces onto it before turning away from Lindelof, who was desperately trying to recover. The forward whips a shot towards goal and it thumps the underside of the bar before Shaw hooks it away.
28' GOOD SAVE! There's a mix-up between Luiz and Ramsey which Fernandes benefits from as he breaks on the counter before laying it off to Cavani on the right of the box. He goes for goal, with his low shot taking a slight nick off Konsa, and Martinez reacts quickly to push it away.
27' It's well worked from right to left by Villa and Luiz threads it through for Watkins. His back is to goal, so he touches it into Buendia and he has a go from distance. He can't get the power behind it though and it's held by De Gea.
25' Greenwood gets away from Targett with a drop of the shoulder to cut inside and tries to knock it past Konsa as well. The defender gets a touch on it that causes it to bounce awkwardly in front of Greenwood and he ends up firing his shot high into the stands.
23' Villa are enjoying a good spell of possession, but it's all in their own half. United are just sitting back for now, inviting the visitors to push forward, but they can't find a way out at the moment.
21' Fernandes is trying to put the pressure on Martinez, but the goalkeeper coolly clears his lines, picking out McGinn through the middle. He lifts a long ball over the top for Cash to chase, but there's too much on it and De Gea collects.
19' GOOD SAVE! Ramsey pulls it back for McGinn and McTominay sits back, not challenging him. The space opens up, so he has a go from range and it's a great effort. It's swerving towards goal, but De Gea is equal to it as he pushes it away with a strong hand.
17' Cash is in quickly on Rashford and he plays a one-two with McGinn to get away down the right for Villa. He lifts a deep cross into the box, but everyone had crowded onto the near post, so it bounces out for a throw-in on the opposite side.
15' United are pushing forward again and they're trying to use Rashford, who is pulling out very wide on the left. He cuts inside again and whips the ball into the box. It comes at Cavani too quickly and hits the forward on the head before looping away from goal.
13' CHANCE! Buendia dribbles his way past three United defenders to get into the box before shrugging off Lindelof to get into a shooting position. He drills a low shot across goal and Ings is following in at the far post, but he can't get a touch to tap it into the empty net.
J. Ramsey
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
12' Ramsey is a bit late with his challenge on Dalot and the referee shows him an early yellow card.
J. Ramsey
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
11' Yellow Card Jacob Ramsey
11' WATKINS! Buendia whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, and it catches everybody out at the near post. Lindelof heads it away off the line and it hits Watkins, who can't sort his feet out quick enough, and he sends it wide on the far side.
10' Villa have a corner of their own at the other end as they try to get themselves level again. It's whipped in deep towards Konsa at the far post, but Shaw just does enough to put him off, but it goes out off the defender.
Manchester United
8' Assist Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos
S. McTominay
Manchester United
8' Goal Scott McTominay
Manchester United
8' Fred turned away from McGinn, and he had time to get his head up before putting a wonderful cross onto the edge of the six-yard box for McTominay.
S. McTominay
Manchester United
8' MCTOMINAY SCORES! Fernandes scuffs a volley towards goal after being picked out from a corner which Luiz clears, but it goes straight back to Fred just outside the box. He plays a one-two with Greenwood before curling a brilliant cross into the middle and McTominay rises highest to just nod it past Martinez and into the back of the net. 1-0 United!
6' CHANCE! Fred breaks up Villa's attack and McTominay switches it out to Rashford wide on the left. He drags it inside, trying to find an opening before he hits a shot against Mings. The rebound falls for McTominay, whose long-range shot is straight at Martinez.
4' Rashford can't latch onto Fernandes' lay off and Cash hooks the ball upfield. Varane misses the clearance and Buendia picks it up down the right, but he runs straight into Shaw when he tries to cut inside.
2' Shaw goes long to Fernandes down the left but he's not given a lot of time as Konsa is closing in on him. The defender recovers brilliantly to stick out a leg and hit the cross back against Fernandes to win a goal-kick.
1' Fernandes gets the game underway for United!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
United have won 10 of their 12 FA Cup meetings with Villa, including each of the last six in a row since losing the 1957 final.
Gerrard makes just two changes to the side that lost at Brentford last time out. It's too early for new loan signing Philippe Coutinho, but Mings and Watkins are both back and in the starting line-up. Hause has recovered from a knock to start on the bench, and Bertrand Traore is away at the Africa Cup of Nations.
Rangnick makes five changes from the defeat to Wolves last week, and the big news is that there's no Cristiano Ronaldo for them today. Dalot, Fred, Fernandes, Rashford and Lindelof, who is back after recovering from Covid-19, are all brought in. Wan-Bissaka and Matic drop to the bench, while Jadon Sancho and Phil Jones miss out through injury.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Jed Steer, Viljami Sinisalo, Kourtney Hause, Morgan Sanson, Tim Iroegbunam, Carney Chukwuemeka, Jaden Philogene-Bidace, Anwar El Ghazi, Cameron Archer.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Emiliano Martinez; Matty Cash, Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett; John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Jacob Ramsey; Emiliano Buendia, Danny Ings, Ollie Watkins.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Tom Heaton, Alex Telles, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Nemanja Matic, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard, Donny van de Beek, Amad Diallo, Anthony Elanga.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Raphael Varane, Victor Lindelof, Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay, Fred; Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford; Edinson Cavani.
It's the final match of the third round, and the winner of this tie will face Middlesbrough at home in just under a months' time. When these sides met back in September, it was Villa that came out on top with a 1-0 victory, but both teams have seen changes since then. United lost their first match under interim boss Ralf Rangnick last time out against Wolves which ended a five-game unbeaten run in all competitions under him (W3 D2). Villa had a strong start under their Steven Gerrard, but they've won just two of their last six outings (W2), suffering back-to-back defeats coming into today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the FA Cup third-round meeting between Manchester United and Aston Villa at Old Trafford!