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J. Milner
Yellow Card
J. Riedewald
Yellow Card
S. Mané
Mohamed Salah
2 - 0
T. Alexander-Arnold
Yellow Card
S. Mané
Roberto Firmino
1 - 0

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69% 30%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 4
Total Passes 588 263
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Leicester and Chelsea both lost their games, which means that Liverpool finish third after a great end to their season. As for Palace, Hodgson's final game in charge ends in a loss and a 14th place finish in the Premier League.
Mane's double seals Champions League football for Liverpool next season as they beat Palace 2-0. Liverpool made a slow start but grew into the game as it went on and took the lead in the first half when Mane poked home from a corner. The hosts kept the pressure on after the break and eventually sealed the win after Mane was left unmarked and drilled his effort into the bottom corner.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
A. Robertson
90' + 2' Oxlade-Chamberlain is also brought on for Robertson.
Diogo Jota
Roberto Firmino
90' + 1' There's a late double change for Liverpool here as Jota is brought on to replace Firmino.
90' Big shouts from the home fans now for a penalty after Salah stumbles to ground under pressure from Kelly. The referee had a good view of it though and he waves play to carry on.
M. Kelly
C. Kouyaté
89' Kouyate went down holding his knee and Palace aren't taking any chances as they bring on Kelly to replace him.
P. van Aanholt
J. McCarthy
88' Second change for Palace now and it's McCarthy that's making way for Van Aanholt.
86' SAVE! Townsend steps up to take the free-kick on the right and he floats a dangerous cross into the box. Ward glances it onto Cahill, who flicks it towards the far post, but Alisson holds onto it.
J. Milner
Yellow Card
86' It's a poor challenge from Milner to take out Schlupp from behind and he has his name taken by the referee.
85' GREAT SAVE! There are big shouts from the fans for a penalty after Mane went down but Robertson followed in to square it to Salah. He scuffs his shot and it's bouncing towards the far post where Firmino is waiting, but Guaita claws it off his line.
J. Riedewald
Yellow Card
83' Riedewald slides in and gets to the ball, but he also catches Thiago on the follow-through which earns him a yellow card.
82' Liverpool are over playing it on the edge of Palace's box at the moment as Robertson slips it through to Salah. He has space to turn for a shot but touches it back to Thiago and it's intercepted by McCarthy.
80' CHANCE! Palace committed a lot of bodies forward for their attack and Firmino wins it back to set Salah on the counter. He has Mane up with him but goes for goal himself when he gets into the box and curls his shot wide of the far post.
J. Milner
G. Wijnaldum
78' Wijnaldum goes off to a standing ovation and a warm reception from the fans in what is likely his last appearance for the club. Milner is on in his place.
76' Ayew has just unnecessarily crashed into Thiago which sends the Spaniard to ground and there are some shouts from the crowd for a second yellow card. The referee has a word with him, but that's it.
Mohamed Salah
74' Salah played a one-two with Wijnaldum on the edge of the box to open up a pocket of space before picking out Mane.
S. Mané
74' MANE SCORES! The Palace defenders are drawn to Salah and the ball, leaving Mane in so much space just outside the box. It's squared across to him and he has time to take a touch before drilling it into the bottom corner. You can see the relief of Klopp and the fans as it hits the back of the net. 2-0 Liverpool! 
73' It's a rare attack for Palace in the game as Thiago fails to intercept Cahill's throughball to Zaha. He cuts inside and is trying to make space for a cross, but Robertson blocks it and a goal-kick is awarded after it bounces out off the forward.
T. Alexander-Arnold
Yellow Card
71' Alexander-Arnold is also shown a yellow card, but for the challenge on Ayew.
J. Ayew
Yellow Card
71' The frustration boils over for Ayew after he's brought down by Alexander-Arnold and he pushes into the right-back which earns him a booking.
70' Nervy moment at the back for Liverpool after Williams touches it back to Alisson and he doesn't clear his lines straight away. Ayew stopped before deciding to close the keeper down, but Alisson hooks it away in time.
68' Schlupp tries to break forward after Townsend intercepted Mane's pass and it looks like he's done enough to get away from Thiago, but the Spaniard goes to ground and wins a free-kick, much to the substitute's frustrations.
66' Salah plays a one-two with Mane on the edge of the box and he holds off Cahill to get in on goal. Three Palace defenders scramble back though and do enough to put him off and Guaita collects the loose ball.
64' Palace have everyone sitting deep in their own half and Robertson is forced to cut inside instead of pushing down the left. He can't pick out Thiago though and the attack fizzles out.
62' Firmino intercepts a pass from Cahill out from the back and the hosts break quickly on the counter. Thiago switches play out to Alexander-Arnold on the right and he drills a good cross into the box, but Kouyate makes an important block to stop it from reaching Mane.
60' Elsewhere, Leicester lead against Spurs due to another Jamie Vardy penalty, while Villa are now 2-0 up against Chelsea. Liverpool stay in third, as long as things stay the same here.
J. Schlupp
J. Tomkins
58' Tomkins slowly makes his way off the field, still holding his hamstring, and it's Schlupp that comes on to replace him.
57' There's a problem for Tomkins here and he's gone down holding his hamstring. He's receiving treatment on it now, but it's not looking good as the physio signals back to the bench.
55' Robertson has two Palace defenders crowding around him but he manages to squeeze a curling cross into the box. Salah is caught on his heels and can't get there though and Guaita comes out to collect it.
53' GOOD SAVE! Another corner causes problems for Palace at the back and Phillips rises highest in the middle to get his head on it. His effort loops up and is dipping back under the bar until Guaita tips it over.
52' Salah, Firmino and Mane have scored a combined 20 Premier League goals for Liverpool against Palace. Against no other single Premier League opponent have the trio scored more goals during their time at the club (also 20 against Arsenal).
50' It's patient play from the hosts as Palace drop deep in their own half and the fans are trying to urge their side forward. Robertson plays a good throughball down the left to try and feed in Mane, but he can't find a way past Ward.
48' Liverpool have started the second half the way they left off in the first by keeping Palace under a lot of pressure here. Alexander-Arnold dances away from Mitchell down the right, but his looping cross is straight into Guaita's gloves.
46' Liverpool get us back underway for the second half!
Liverpool are doing what they need to in order to secure Champions League football next season, and they're sitting in third due to the results around them, and Klopp will want more of the same. Palace have looked shaky at the back for most of the game though and you'd expect them to tighten up when they come back out for the second half.
Mane's goal gives Liverpool a 1-0 lead over Palace at half-time. The goal came from a corner that Palace just didn't deal with and Firmino's poor touch set up Mane to poke it home. The visitors started brightly, forcing Alisson into two early saves before Townsend fizzed one just wide of the post. Liverpool came to life after that and Williams sent a free header over the bar before Salah was denied by Guaita. 
45' + 5' Mitchell just can't get close to Salah as the forward peels off the back of him again into space at the far post. Salah brings it down with a brilliant first touch, but his curling shot on goal is blocked by Cahill.
45' + 3' Ward is scrambling back to try and stay with Robertson as he drives forward down the left again and he fizzes a low cross into the six-yard box. Guaita comes out to his near post and initially fumbles the ball, but holds it on the second attempt.
45' + 1' In the other games, Leicester are now being pinned back by Spurs after Harry Kane's goal, while Chelsea have just gone behind against Aston Villa due to Bertrand Traore's strike, which means Liverpool are now sitting in third.
44' Despite still being a man light, Liverpool don't look it as they continue to push upfield and add to their lead. Salah does brilliantly to hold off three Palace defenders in the box before teeing up Firmino, but he slices his shot wide of the far post.
42' Williams is making his way off the field holding a bandage to the cut over his eye and he goes straight down the tunnel to carry on with his treatment. Liverpool haven't got a substitute ready though, so he might be able to come back out.
40' There's a collision of heads between Williams and Ayew as they went in for an aerial challenge and the defender has stayed down. He's got a cut above his eye and he's receiving treatment on it now.
38' It's a rare attack for Palace since the start of the game, but their passing is letting them down when they get out of their own half. Townsend tries to feed it into Zaha but hits his pass straight against Williams.
Roberto Firmino
36' Firmino seemed surprised that the ball had reached him from the corner and it was a poor first touch, but it ended up setting up Mane for the goal.
S. Mané
36' LIVERPOOL LEAD! Again, Palace are all over the place as Robertson swings the corner in and it's flicked on at the near post. Firmino can't control it but Mane quickly latches onto the loose ball and pokes it past Guaita and into the bottom corner. 1-0 Liverpool! 
34' Fabinho plays another good throughball down the right for Salah to chase, but Mitchell is staying tight to the Egyptian now. He can't find any space to turn and put a cross in and eventually knocks it out for a goal-kick.
32' Palace are caught out in midfield again and Salah wastes no time pushing upfield before laying it off to Mane on the left of the box. He steps away from Tomkins before trying to curl his shot into the far top corner, but it's just over the crossbar.
31' Phillips has finished being patched up and he's just waiting to be waved back onto the field by the referee so he can come back into the game.
29' The referee has just stopped the game after spotting a cut bleeding over Phillips' eye after being caught by Fabinho when they both went for the ball. The medical team are coming on now to give him some treatment.
27' Liverpool are really trying to take advantage of Palace's disorganisation, with Robertson driving forward down the left this time. He cuts inside before going for goal, but he drags his shot well wide of the far post.
25' Palace's passing has been sloppy in the last few minutes and Alexander-Arnold is in quickly to nick the ball off McCarthy. He tries sending another early throughball forward for Salah, but this one is intercepted by Cahill.
23' GOOD SAVE! It's another great ball over the top to pick out Salah, as Fabinho's pass takes the defender out of the game. He's one-on-one with the goalkeeper and he drills his shot across goal, but Guaita spreads himself to smother it.
21' Palace just can't get organised at the back and Salah makes another driving run down the right. He cuts inside, wrongfooting Mitchell to get into the box, before having a shot, but he blazes it high over the bar.
20' GREAT CHANCE! Robertson whips a great corner into the box and Palace are all over the place at the back, leaving Williams with a free header in the middle. He sends it flying over the bar just as news comes in that Leicester have taken the lead, meaning Liverpool drop out of the top four.
18' CLOSE! Liverpool win a free-kick through the middle and Alexander-Arnold is standing over it. He goes for goal, lifting his shot over the wall where it swerves towards the top corner, but it's too high and it sails just over the bar.
16' Thiago gets his head up on the halfway line and he curls a long ball over the top to try and pick out Salah's run behind Mitchell. The pass forces him wide and gives the right-back chance to get back and nick it off him.
14' MISS! Phillips is caught on the ball on the halfway line and Townsend is quickly in to nick it off him. He gets away from Williams and drives into the box. Alisson rushes off his line, so he drills his shot towards the far post, but it's millimetres wide of the target.
12' Robertson has so much space to run into down the left but he swings an early cross in the box for Salah, who gets in between the two defenders. It's overhit from the left-back though and it bounces harmlessly out of play.
10' It's a great throughball down the right for Salah from Alexander-Arnold and the Egyptian squares it to Mane before cutting inside. He gets the ball back and tries to poke it through to Firmino, but gifts the ball to Cahill instead.
8' Alexander-Arnold plays a good one-two with Salah down the right which catches out Mitchell and the right-back pulls a dangerous low cross back into the six-yard box. Firmino is running onto it, but Tomkins sticks out a leg to intercept it.
6' ALISSON AGAIN! Palace are keeping the pressure on here and they win a free-kick on the right which Townsend is standing over. He goes for goal, curling a shot towards the far top corner and Alisson has to backtrack to tip it over the crossbar.
4' SAVE! Zaha spins away from Fabinho as he drives down the left to latch onto Mitchell's throughball and he takes it to the byline in the box. It's a tight angle, but he chooses to try and squeeze it across goal, but Alisson sticks out a leg to deny him.
2' Liverpool are pushing high upfield from the start here with Robertson laying it off to Mane on the left. He takes it around Ward but doesn't have anyone in the box to aim for, so is forced to play it back to Firmino.
1' Zaha gets the game underway for Palace!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Hodgson has taken charge of more Premier League games for Palace than any other manager (148, including this one). Overall, this will be his 364th Premier League match in charge, overtaking Jose Mourinho into 8th in the all-time list.
Hodgson makes two changes to the team that lost to Arsenal on Wednesday as he brings in Riedewald and Ayew into the side. Schlupp drops to the bench while Christian Benteke misses out due to an injury picked up in that game.
Jurgen Klopp was clearly pleased with his side's performance against Burnley last time out as he names an unchanged line-up. He is boosted by the return of Henderson and Jota from injury as well, with both of them starting on the bench.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Patrick van Aanholt, Martin Kelly, Jesuran Rak-Sakyi, Nathaniel Clyne, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Jeffrey Schlupp, Jack Butland.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Vicente Guaita; Joel Ward, James Tomkins, Gary Cahill, Tyrick Mitchell; Cheikhou Kouyate, James McCarthy, Jairo Riedewald; Andros Townsend, Jordan Ayew, Wilfried Zaha.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Jordan Henderson, Neco Williams, Diogo Jota, Konstantinos Tsimikas, James Milner, Adrian, Xherdan Shaqiri, Curtis Jones, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Nathaniel Phillips, Rhys Williams, Andy Robertson; Thiago Alcantara, Fabinho, Georginio Wijnaldum; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane.
Liverpool's hopes of a top-four finish remain in their own hands after winning their last four games on the bounce. It's tight between them, Chelsea and Leicester City though and they need to win so they don't have to rely on other results if they want a Champions League place for next season. As for Palace, it's their final game with Roy Hodgson in charge and they'll want to see him out on a high, but they've won just two of their last eight matches (D1 L5) coming into today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at Anfield!