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G. Murray
Yellow Card
C. Wilson
A. Smith
2 - 2
G. Murray
J. Izquierdo
2 - 1
S. Cook
J. Ibe
1 - 1
A. Knockaert
J. Izquierdo
1 - 0

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49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 8
Total Passes 394 403
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Callum Wilson's strike earns Bournemouth a point against Brighton this afternoon. The Seagulls will feel that they dropped two points after allowing the lead to slip twice in the contest. Anthony Knockaert put them ahead, only for Steve Cook to equalise with a well-placed header. Glenn Murray restored the home side's advantage, converting from close range before Jose Izquierdo had the opportunity to kill off the game, but he missed his chance. Wilson punished him and Brighton by stabbing home the equaliser to secure his side a share of the spoils in the opening match of 2018.
90' + 3' The referee ends the contest.
90' + 2' The Cherries try to pressure from Steve Cook's long ball into the box, but Smith on the follow-up can only fire his cross into Wilson and the ball heads behind for a goal-kick.
90' + 1' Ibe looks for the run of Francis on the outside, but it's a bit too late in the game for the defender to make a lung-bursting surge, allowing Brighton to clear the danger.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
G. Murray
Yellow Card
90' Murray brings down Daniels and goes into the book.
89' CHANCE! Knockaert and Murray combine in the final third, but the Frenchman can only smash his effort wide from a tight angle.
I. Brown
P. Groß
88' Brown replaces Gross for the home side.
S. Francis
Yellow Card
88' Francis goes into the book.
87' BLOCK! The Cherries are piling on the pressure and Ibe tries to catch out the home side with a quickly-taken free-kick. He goes for the drive from the edge of the box, but Duffy is there to make the block.
85' SAVE! Smith closes down Dunk on the edge of the box and the ball finds Wilson in the right inside channel. He goes for the blast towards the near post, but Ryan makes a good reaction stop.
83' Bournemouth probe with menace and the home side defend desperately inside their own box. Daniels smashes a low ball across the face of goal, but Ryan does well to gather in wet conditions.
82' Brighton have let a winning position slip twice in the game now and have to regain their composure for the closing stages.
D. Pröpper
Yellow Card
81' Propper brings down Smith on the charge and goes into the book.
A. Smith
79' Smith swings his boot at the ball in the box and it travels to Wilson who stabs it home.
C. Wilson
79' GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! BOURNEMOUTH ARE LEVEL AGAIN! It's the scruffiest of goals for the Cherries as Wilson sticks out a boot and the ball trickles into the net, but Howe and his team will not care. Brighton were unable to clear the danger from a corner as both Dunk and Propper failed to smash the ball downfield. Smith's squirming shot found its way into the path of Wilson, who diverted his effort past Ryan.
Bruno Saltor
E. Schelotto
77' Bruno replaces Schelotto after a break in play.
74' OVER! Lewis Cook is invited to shoot from distance with not a lot of options around him, but the midfielder scoops his effort narrowly over the bar.
73' OFF THE POST! Ibe weaves his way past Gross before firing a low effort at goal. It's agony for the Cherries as the ball strikes the post and hits back off Ryan, only to go behind for a corner. So close to a leveller from the former Liverpool man.
D. Gosling
H. Arter
71' Arter makes way for Gosling for the visitors.
70' Brighton win a corner and the resulting delivery is knocked into the path of Izquierdo by Duffy, but the winger curls his effort over the bar from 20 yards out.
68' CHANCE! Izquierdo races the length of the field on the counter and speeds past every Bournemouth defender. He only has Begovic to beat with the strike, but the keeper makes a huge save to keep the Cherries in the game. Izquierdo had Propper in support much like his lay-off to Murray for the second, but this time he didn't make the pass.
L. Mousset
B. Afobe
66' Mousset replaces Afobe for the visitors.
66' PENALTY SHOUT! Bournemouth appeal for a penalty as Smith goes down near Murray on the slide, but the referee dismisses their claim. The replay shows that there was no contact between the two players.
65' BLOCK! Daniels goes for the strike from the set-piece, but he sees his effort diverted behind for a corner. The Cherries have threatened from corners this afternoon.
64' Stephens collides with Ibe and the referee awards a free-kick to Bournemouth in the final third.
61' PENALTY SHOUT! Wilson wants a penalty after being nudged by Schelotto in the box, but the referee dismisses his claim.
N. Aké
M. Pugh
60' Pugh makes way for Ake that will see Francis head to right-back and Smith over to the left flank, with Daniels playing further forward.
59' CHANCE! Gross' corner finds Duffy in the box and he swings a boot at a right-footed effort. It looks goalbound before Smith throws his body in the way to make the goal-saving block.
58' BLOCK! Dunk lifts a ball into the box for Murray, but Francis' clearance sends it into the path of Gross on the edge of the box. He shapes to shoot, but Steve Cook makes a vital block before Schelotto manages to win a corner for the home side.
57' Afobe chases a lost cause down the flank as Ryan tries to guide the ball out of play. The Aussies succeeds, but Afobe clutches his ankle after trying to hook the ball back into the fray.
56' BLOCK! Gross robs Pugh of possession on the edge of his own box and he reverses the ball into Knockaert. The Frenchman goes for the blast from the right inside channel, but Steve Cook makes the block in the box.
55' Ibe searches for space on the right flank, but Izquierdo doubles up with Suttner to deny the Bournemouth winger room to send a cross into the box. Brighton have made an impressive start to the half.
53' Knockaert is afforded space and time in the final third. The winger uses the space to fire at goal, but he can only muster a tame effort straight at Begovic.
51' Lewis Cook floats the ball into the box from a corner on the right and Steve Cook goes to attack the ball, but Francis commits a foul on Duffy and the referee blows for the foul.
49' CHANCE! Ibe breaks into space in the right inside channel, but Ryan comes off his line make the block at his feet before he can muster a strike at goal. An important save from the Aussie.
J. Izquierdo
48' Izquierdo raids into space before cutting the ball back for Murray to score.
G. Murray
48' GOALLLLLLLLLL!!! MURRAY RESTORES BRIGHTON'S LEAD! The Seagulls regain the advantage in the contest with a fine team move started by Gross. The German releases Izquierdo into acres of space down the left and the winger unselfishly cuts the ball back for Murray in the box. Begovic had committed himself to stopping Izquierdo, which allowed Murray time to pick his spot and hammer his effort past the two defenders on the line.
47' Gross sends a decent delivery into the box, but the visitors are able to clear the initial danger. The German gets a second attempt at a cross and this time Murray heads back across the face of goal, but Daniels clears ahead of Dunk.
46' Brighton push forward on the attack and win a corner in the early stages of the half.
46' We're back underway at the Amex Stadium.
It's all square after the opening 45 minutes of the Premier League clash between Brighton and Bournemouth. Anthony Knockaert put the Seagulls ahead in the early stages of the contest, but Steve Cook levelled for the visitors with a fine headed effort. Both teams have had chances to take the lead, but poor finishing and some good keeping from Mat Ryan and Asmir Begovic have kept the scores level.
45' + 1' The referee ends the first half.
45' There will be one minute of added time.
45' SAVE! Lewis Cook raids forward down the right flank with a weaving run and he cuts the ball back towards the edge of the box. Afobe leaves the cross for Pugh to strike, but the midfielder is denied by a solid stop from Ryan.
43' CHANCE! Izquierdo should put the home side ahead before the break. Gross opens up the Bournemouth defence with a brilliant throughball, but the winger cannot poke his effort past Begovic from close range, who makes a good stop with his legs. Izquierdo tries to force the rebound at goal, but smashes his strike wide from a tight angle.
42' Pugh finds space down the left and he whips a cross into the box for Wilson, but his mistimed effort is comfortably saved by Ryan.
40' Knockaert then tries to do too much after collecting a loose ball from the resulting corner, firing the ball behind for a goal-kick from a tight angle.
39' Brighton respond to the Bournemouth threat as Knockaert lifts a deep cross to the back post that forces Begovic into action to turn the ball behind.
37' SAVE! Daniels goes for the left-footed drive from the set-piece and he makes sweet contact, but Ryan gets down low to his left to make the stop.
36' Wilson wins a free-kick for the visitors as they continue to put the Seagulls under pressure at the back.
35' Schelotto raids into space down the right and he whips a first-time cross into the box, only to overhit his delivery out of play for a goal-kick.
34' Wilson makes a surge into the box and Duffy makes a desperate tackle to stop the forward. He doesn't make contact with Wilson, who loses control at the vital moment to spurn the opening.
J. Ibe
33' Ibe swings a dangerous cross into the box and Cook converts with a well-placed header.
S. Cook
33' GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! THIS TIME COOK SCORES! Steve Cook was denied by Suttner on the line on the last attempt, but on his second effort he glances Ibe's corner into the net with the aid of the crossbar. It was a perfect delivery from Ibe and all the defender had to do was glance the ball towards goal, with Ryan stranded, to notch the equaliser.
32' OFF THE LINE! Bournemouth continue to pile on the pressure as Cook rises highest to head Lewis Cook's corner at goal, but Suttner sticks out a boot and diverts the ball past the post.
30' SAVE! Ibe is afforded space and time to shoot from the edge of the box and he powers an effort towards the bottom corner. However, Ryan makes a fine reaction save, pushing the ball away from the middle of his area in the process.
29' Gross finds space down the right flank and he offloads to Schelotto. The full-back takes a touch to break into the box, but it's too far ahead of him, allowing the Cherries to clear into touch.
28' WIDE! Gross and Murray combine in the final third and the striker latches on to a throughball in the right inside channel, but can only fire his effort wide of the post.
25' Brighton build down the right and Knockaert has space to whip a cross into the box, only to send his delivery straight into the hands of Begovic.
23' PENALTY SHOUT! Arter has space to fire an effort at goal from distance and Knockaert makes the block with his arm raised. Arter wants a penalty, but the referee dismisses his appeal and replays show the block was outside the area anyway.
23' Gross swings his cross to the back post and Dunk heads at goal, but the whistle blows for a foul against Begovic by Stephens.
22' BLOCK! The Cherries put bodies on the line at the back first to stop Murray's drive from distance before Propper's strike is diverted behind for a corner.
21' Izquierdo tries to get the better of Smith to latch on to Gross' throughball, but the Bournemouth defender holds his ground to win a free-kick.
19' Suttner does well under pressure at the back in his battle with Smith, earning a goal-kick for his side.
18' Bournemouth's patience yields a corner and Ryan gets nowhere near Cook's delivery after coming off his line. It has been a decent response to going behind by the visitors.
16' After a frenetic start to the contest the tempo of the game has dropped slightly over the past couple of minutes as the Cherries have put their foot on the ball.
14' Knockaert collects on the right flank and releases the forward run of Schelotto, but the offside flag is raised against the Frenchman before he plays his team-mate into space.
12' CHANCE! Brighton clear the initial cross from the corner, but Daniels fires a low ball into the box for Wilson. He takes the shot on first time with his left foot, but can only fire his effort wide of the post.
11' Wilson sends Smith forward towards the byline with an incisive pass, but Suttner on the slide stops his cross into the box, although Bournemouth win a corner.
9' WIDE! Izquierdo collects on the left and he cuts inside before firing at goal from distance. He gets a good connection on his strike, but sends his effort inches past the post.
8' Knockaert runs the length of the pitch on the counter, but just cannot combine with Izquierdo in the final third as Arter does enough to mop up the danger.
7' Bournemouth win a free-kick on the left as Schelotto brings down Pugh. Ibe swings the resulting ball into the box and it almost falls for Francis before the home side scramble the ball away.
J. Izquierdo
5' Izquierdo makes a good run into the left inside channel before firing across the face of goal for Knockaert to convert.
A. Knockaert
5' GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!! KNOCKAERT OPENS THE SCORING! The Frenchman converts at the back post, firing into the net from a tight angle to hand Brighton the lead. Suttner and Gross combined to release Izquierdo into the box and he fired the ball across the face of goal. Knockaert fired first time to send the ball past Begovic on the line. A dream start for the Seagulls in 2018.
4' Ibe collects on the right flank and he tries to slide Smith down the inside channel, but he overhits his pass out for a goal-kick.
2' Gross and Knockaert combine down the right flank, but a good covering tackle from Daniels stops the cross from the Brighton winger.
1' We're underway at the Amex Stadium.
STAT ATTACK! The Cherries haven’t lost any of their last seven league meetings with the Seagulls, winning four and drawing three since a 2-3 away loss in January 2008.
FLASHBACK! Goals from Andrew Surman and Jermain Defoe guided Bournemouth to a 2-1 comeback win over the Seagulls in their clash earlier this season after Solly March put the visitors ahead at the Vitality Stadium.
Bournemouth are without Fraser after his match-winning brace due to injury. Howe makes four changes today as Marc Pugh, Harry Arter, Benik Afobe and Charlie Daniels are all recalled into the side in an expected 4-4-2 formation, with Afobe partnering Callum Wilson in attack.
Brighton have made three changes from their draw against Newcastle last time out. Ezequiel Schelotto, Markus Suttner and Jose Izquierdo come into the fold for the Seagulls as Glenn Murray continues to lead the line.
Bournemouth subs: Boruc, Gosling, Ake, Surman, Mousset, Butcher, Simpson.
BOURNEMOUTH (4-4-2): Begovic; Smith, Francis, Cook, Daniels; Ibe, Cook, Arter, Pugh; Afobe, Wilson.
Brighton subs: Bruno, Kayal, Hemed, Goldson, March, Krul, Brown.
BRIGHTON (4-4-1-1): Ryan; Schelotto, Duffy, Dunk, Suttner; Knockaert, Stephens, Propper, Izquierdo; Gross, Murray.
The team news has been announced and we'll start with the home side.
Bournemouth ended a run of nine matches without a win by defeating Everton at the Vitality Stadium on Saturday. Eddie Howe's men took the lead through Ryan Fraser, only to be pegged back by Idrissa Gueye's strike. However, Fraser notched his second goal of the game two minutes from time to guide the Cherries to a vital victory. The result moved Bournemouth out of the relegation zone, but they are only two points clear of 18th.
Brighton begin 2018 four points clear of the relegation zone following their goalless draw against Newcastle on Saturday. The Seagulls have claimed only one win from their last 10 Premier League matches, with a positive result a must this afternoon to edge the club closer to the 40-point mark. Chris Hughton's men have been solid this term, but have just found the net four times since drawing with Stoke at the end of November.
Happy New Year and welcome to the live commentary of the Premier League clash between Brighton & Hove Albion and Bournemouth at the Amex Stadium.