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Brentford v Manchester United Live Commentary, 14/8/22

4 - 0
J. Dasilva (10)
M. Jensen (18)
B. Mee (30)
B. Mbeumo (35)
Gtech Community Stadium


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That loss sees United drop to the bottom of the table, still without a point. Next up for them is their rivals, Liverpool, at home a week on Monday. Brentford have their first win of the campaign, and they travel to Fulham for their next game.
Brentford's brilliant first-half display sees them beat Manchester United 4-0. The Bees were ruthless in the first half, with Dasilva opening the scoring just 10 minutes in when his shot slipped through De Gea's hands. Jensen also punished a mistake at the back, latching onto a loose touch to slot it home. Mee headed in from a corner for his first Brentford goal before Mbuemo finished off a lightning-quick counter. Their work was done and although Eriksen had a great chance for a consolation for the visitors, Brentford kept their clean sheet.
Bruno Fernandes
Yellow Card
Manchester United
90' + 3' Fernandes picks up a late booking for dissent after complaining to the referee when a decision didn't go United's way.
90' + 3' Every Brentford pass is being greeted by a cheer by the home fans as the end of the game ticks ever closer. Toney tries to slide it through to Wissa, but Maguire steps in with an important interception.
90' + 1' United are still looking for a late consolation, but it's crowded in midfield. McTominay tries to spread it out to the left but plays it behind Malacia which allows Brentford to get possession back.
M. Rashford
Yellow Card
Manchester United
89' Dalot's crossfield pass is loose and Baptiste is surging forward on the counter. Rashford tracks back and takes one for the team by bringing him down, resulting in a yellow card.
D. van de Beek
C. Eriksen
Manchester United
87' United's final change of the game sees Van de Beek coming on in place of Eriksen.
85' GOOD SAVE! The corner catches United out as it's played to Wissa on the edge of the box. He drills a first-time shot into the box, through the crowd, and De Gea gets down quickly to push it away.
84' Onyeka stayed down after the tackle from McTominay and he's having treatment now. He's moving gingerly when he gets to his feet, but he'll be able to carry on.
S. McTominay
Yellow Card
Manchester United
82' McTominay's first touch gets away from him, and he kicks Onyeka in his attempt to make up for the mistake. He's shown a yellow card.
81' CLOSE! Malacia's cross takes a deflection off Sorensen and Eriksen does well to control it with his first touch before volleying an effort across goal. Raya is beaten, but it flashes wide of the far post.
F. Onyeka
C. Nørgaard
80' And Norgaard is the other player making way, with Onyeka on for him.
M. Sørensen
A. Hickey
80' Final changes for Brentford now and the players are going off to a warm reception from the home fans. Hickey is replaced by Sorensen.
78' Brentford win a free-kick on the right which is easily dealt with by United and Elanga threatens to break on the counter. He's pulled back by Roerslev and United are back to patiently working it upfield.
76' Hickey has stayed down holding his ankle after he tracked back to his own goal and play has been stopped so he can receive treatment. He's quickly back to his feet to carry on.
S. Baptiste
M. Jensen
74' And Jensen, who also had a hand in the goals, is replaced by Baptiste.
Y. Wissa
B. Mbeumo
73' Brentford are making a double change here, and Mbuemo, who scored the fourth goal, goes off for Wissa.
72' McTominay squeezes a throughball into Ronaldo, who turns away from Janelt before having a go from the edge of the D. His shot is always rising though, and it sails over the bar.
70' Brentford are happy to just drop back into their shape as United push forward again, this time down their left. Rashford swings the cross in, but nobody is in the middle and Mee heads it away.
68' SAVE! United are starting to move it a little quicker now and the attack comes down their right again. Dalot curls another good cross into the middle and Eriksen heads it on goal, but it's a comfortable save for Raya.
66' Including caretakers, none of the last seven managers to take charge of United have lost their first away league game at the helm (W4 D3). The last manager to lose his first such match was Alex Ferguson in 1986 (2-0 defeat at Oxford United).
64' United are enjoying another good spell of possession, but Brentford are comfortable. They've dropped deep into their shape, and are making it difficult for the visitors to get through.
V. Janelt
J. Dasilva
62' Brentford are making their first change now. Dasilva, who got the scoring started early in the first half, goes off for Janelt.
A. Elanga
J. Sancho
Manchester United
60' Fourth change for United now, and it's Sancho that's replaced by Elanga.
58' Jensen goes deep with another corner and Toney initially loses his marker to make a late run to the far post again. Eriksen makes up for his mistake this time though, sprinting back to take it off his head.
56' United are looking to their right side in every attack now and Dalot finds himself in space again. He hits a deep cross into the box this time, but it's out of everybody's reach and it bounces harmlessly out.
54' Sancho plays a clever one-two with Dalot before laying it off to Ronaldo. He squares it across the box and it's too heavy for Fernandes, but Malacia runs onto it. He drills a shot on goal, but Roerslev blocks it.
52' CLOSE! In a similar move to the last attack, Eriksen picks out Dalot on the right and he lifts a good cross into Ronaldo. He has space to leap and glances a header on, but this one is just over the bar onto the roof of the net.
51' CHANCE! It's better from United as Eriksen spreads play out to Dalot, who has space down the right. He curls a cross into Ronaldo, who tries to flick it towards the near post. It bounces wide, and he thumps the ground in frustration.
50' SAVE! Varane stoops to try and clear a corner but ends up helping it out to Toney on the far post instead. He lays it off to Norgaard, who made the overlapping run and De Gea sticks out a leg to keep him out at the near post.
48' Sancho's low cross is cut out and Brentford break on the counter. Mbuemo threads it through for Henry, but Varane stands his ground to block the cross.
46' Brentford get us back underway for the second half!
S. McTominay
Manchester United
46' And Fred is the other player not coming back out for the second half, with McTominay brought on for him.
R. Varane
Lisandro Martínez
Manchester United
46' Martinez is also making way, with Varane on in his place.
T. Malacia
L. Shaw
Manchester United
46' Ten Hag is making a triple change at half-time as United try to restore some pride. Shaw is the first to go off, with Malacia replacing him.
Brentford's first goal rattled United, and they really struggled to find any sort of cohesion after it went in. They were all over the place and Ten Hag has a big half-time team talk ahead of him. You can't take anything from Brentford though, who have punished United's mistakes and they'll be high on confidence going into the second half.
It was a dream of a first half for Brentford, who lead Manchester United 4-0 at the break. Dasilva broke the deadlock just 10 minutes in when his low shot flew through De Gea's hands into the back of the net, and Jensen pounced onto a loose touch by Eriksen in his own box to double their lead. Mee scored his first goal for the club with a close-range header following a corner and Mbuemo added the fourth five minutes later after a lightning-quick counter-attack.
45' + 3' Ronaldo is tripped and United have a free-kick. It's a good cross by Eriksen this time as he curls it into the crowd, but Raya confidently rushes off his line to hold it.
45' + 1' Four added minutes at the end of the first half, and United are working it forward again. After a patient passage of possession, Shaw clips it into the box, but it's over everyone.
44' CHANCE! United are passing it around just outside Brentford's box, but can't find a way into it. Fernandes takes it around two defenders before deciding to have a go from range, but this one is over the bar as well.
43' Sancho can't find a way through down the right, so he touches it back to Eriksen, who tries to slide it into Ronaldo. Brentford have bodies crowded into the box though and it's blocked.
41' Brentford are just the third team to score four goals against United in the first half of a Premier League game after Tottenham in October 2020 and Liverpool in October 2021.
39' Raya came a long way out of his box to clear Fernandes' long ball and he collided with Rashford in the process. The winger is holding his shoulder, but he's okay after treatment.
37' The United players are rattled and they just don't seem to know what they're supposed to be doing. Brentford come again, with Toney trying to set up Hickey this time, but Martinez gets a foot in.
I. Toney
35' United committed a lot of bodies forward and Toney exploited the space they left in behind. His pass into Mbuemo was perfectly weighted and he has his second assist of the game.
B. Mbeumo
35' MBUEMO SCORES! United were enjoying a good attack at the other end, but Brentford punished them as soon as they won possession back. Toney latches onto the long ball upfield and instantly plays it to the edge of the box for Mbuemo. He outmuscles Shaw to coolly slot it into the bottom corner. 4-0 Brentford!
34' Sancho squeezes the ball forward to Eriksen down the right and he sees a cross blocked from close range. He's claiming there was a handball from Jansson, but the referee waves the claims away.
32' There was a VAR check on the goal for a possible offside, but it will stand and that decision gets another big cheer from the Brentford fans. They're enjoying this one!
I. Toney
30' Toney's late run was picked up by none of the United players and he nodded it back into a dangerous area to set up the goal.
B. Mee
30' MEE SCORES! The resulting corner is swung deep into the box and Toney has acres of space as he nods it back across the goal line. Mee trips as he runs towards goal and on his way to ground, it skims off his head and hits the back of the net. 3-0 Brentford!
30' Another free-kick for Brentford, on the opposite wing this time, is curled in by Jensen and it causes some confusion in the box. Maguire holds off Jansson to be able to flick it away.
28' Brentford have another free-kick in a good position here after Norgaard is clipped by Fernandes. Norgaard whips it in and De Gea stretches to push it off his line.
26' The players make their way to the touchline for the first cooling break, and both managers are using the opportunity to pass on their messages for the rest of the half.
24' Sancho's persistence pays off as he nicks it off Dasilva in the centre circle and he touches it through to Rashford, who sees a shot blocked. United keep it alive with Dalot on the edge of the box, but his low effort is straight at Raya.
22' Shaw's cross is just out of everyone's reach but Sancho tries to recycle it on the far side. Brentford double up on him though and his cross is blocked at the byline.
20' CHANCE! United are still playing out from the back and Dalot carries it forward this time. He links up with Fernandes, who tees Ronaldo up for another chance from range, but this one sails over the bar.
M. Jensen
18' JENSEN SCORES! And United are falling apart here! Martinez takes the goal-kick short to De Gea and he touches it out to Eriksen who is caught on the ball by Jensen again. He quickly turns into space before slotting it into the near bottom corner. 2-0 Brentford!
17' CLOSE! Jensen steps up to take the free-kick on the edge of the D and it's a good effort. He whips it over the wall and it sails just over De Gea's crossbar.
H. Maguire
Yellow Card
Manchester United
16' Eriksen's first touch bounces straight off Jensen and Maguire slides in to stop Dasilva from running straight at goal. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
14' Ronaldo is urging his team-mates to calm down as they seem a bit shaky after conceding the opener. Brentford work it upfield well again and Mbuemo has a go from range, but it's well blocked by Maguire.
12' CHANCE! United work it upfield quickly as they try to get straight back into this game and Shaw fizzes it across the edge of the box. Sancho touches it into Fernandes, who hits the shot first time and fires it high into the stands.
M. Jensen
10' Jensen didn't win the original header against Ronaldo, but he got a foot in with a good challenge to win it back.
J. Dasilva
10' DASILVA SCORES! And it's a moment to forget for De Gea! It comes from United's throw-in and Ronaldo loses out to Jensen. He squares it to Dasilva, and the United players are slow to close him down so he has a go from range. It's low to De Gea's near post and it flies straight through his hands and into the bottom corner. 1-0 Brentford!
8' Shaw goes for the big switch out to Sancho on the right and he brings it down while holding off Henry. He squares it to Fernandes, who tries to help it out to Shaw, but his touch gets away from him.
6' Jensen's long throw-in causes United a few problems and it pinballs through the box. Mee manages to touch it towards Toney in the middle, but Eriksen forces him wide before giving away the corner.
4' United have made a bright start to this game and they're moving it upfield quickly. Ronaldo flicks it to Fernandes, who lays it straight back to the forward. He takes on the shot from range, but it's straight at Raya.
2' Martinez hooks a clearance upfield and Rashford spins away from Roerslev with a good bit of control. He slides it through to Ronaldo, who goes down under pressure from Mee, but there was nothing in it.
1' Fernandes gets the game underway for United!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Brentford are winless in six top-flight meetings with United (D1 L5), since beating them twice in the 1936-37 season.
Just the one change by Ten Hag to his team after their loss to Brighton last time out. Ronaldo is brought in to lead the line, which sees Eriksen drop into a deeper role as he faces his old club. McTominay starts on the bench.
Thomas Frank makes two changes to the side that drew with Leicester last weekend, as Roerslev and Dasilva, who came off the bench to score the equaliser in that game, come into the team. Janelt and Wissa drop to the bench, where new signing Damsgaard is also named.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Tom Heaton, James Garner, Anthony Elanga, Alejandro Garnacho, Raphael Varane, Donny van de Beek, Scott McTominay, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Tyrell Malacia.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Harry Maguire, Lisandro Martinez, Luke Shaw; Christian Eriksen, Fred, Bruno Fernandes; Jadon Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford.
BRENTFORD SUBS: Yoane Wissa, Vitaly Janelt, Thomas Strakosha, Keane Lewis-Potter, Mikkel Damsgaard, Saman Ghoddos, Shandon Baptiste, Mads Bech Sorensen, Frank Ogochukwu Onyeka.
BRENTFORD STARTING XI (4-3-3): David Raya; Aaron Hickey, Pontus Jansson, Ben Mee, Rico Henry; Mads Roerslev Rasmussen, Christian Norgaard, Mathias Jensen; Bryan Mbuemo, Ivan Toney, Josh Dasilva.
Erik ten Hag's first match in charge of Manchester United ended in defeat last weekend, with Brighton and Hove Albion earning their first ever win at Old Trafford with a 2-1 victory, and he'll be looking to get things on track here today. Like United, Brentford found themselves 2-0 down last weekend but came from behind to draw 2-2 with Leicester City in their opening match of the season.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Brentford and Manchester United at the Brentford Community Stadium!