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Key Events

A. Le Fondre
J. Brillante
2 - 4
M. Ninković
C. Zuvela
2 - 3
L. Boland
2 - 2
L. Boland
1 - 2
T. Buhagiar
A. Le Fondre
0 - 2

Match Stats

42% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 8
Total Passes 479 677
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FULL TIME - The Sky Blues scored two goals in extra time to wrap this one up, defeating Avondale FC 4-2. Le Fondre was fantastic today, setting up two goals and also pitching in and scoring the final goal in the 114th minute to seal the game.
P. Retre
Yellow Card
120' + 1' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Paulo Retre goes into the book for the Sky Blues after a late challenge.
A. Calver
R. Grant
120' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues clear the bench as  Rhyan Grant is off and Aaron Calver is on.
118' The Sky Blues are icing the game, trying to use up as much time as possible.
116' The Avondale fans are rushing out of the ground, conceding their game is done.
A. Le Fondre
114' GOAL SKY BLUES - Brillante crosses it over to Le Fondre who is one on one with Markogiannakis and he kicks it around him, finding the back of the net to make it 4-2 in favour of the Sky Blues.
112' Avondale are throwing everything they have at the Sky Blues. They know it is do or die at this stage.
A. Le Fondre
Yellow Card
111' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Adam Le Fondre goes into the ref's book after mouthing off.
108' Avondale need to find an equaliser and find it in a hurry.
K. Sheppard
L. Boland
106' SUBSTITUTION AVONDALE - Avondale make their fourth and final change with two goal hero Liam Boland's night done and he is replaced by Kaine Sheppard.
106' EXTRA TIME SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half of extra time.
EXTRA TIME HALF TIME - The Sky Blues go into the extra time break holding a 3-2 lead over Avondale, courtesy of an 105 minute goal to Ninkovic.
105' We have one minute of additional time to play for the first half of extra time.
M. Ninković
105' GOAL SKY BLUES - Zuvela slides it over to Ninkovic, who slips through for the Sky Blues as he takes on Markogiannakis and hits the middle of the net. The Sky Blues restore their lead to 3-2 over Avondale. 
102' Boland with a golden opportunity, but he concedes possession of the ball, taking something that looked promising, into something that looks threatening.
A. Strano
J. Riccobene
100' SUBSTITUTION AVONDALE - Avondale make their third change of the night as James Riccobene makes way for Anthony Strano.
C. Zuvela
Yellow Card
98' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Chris Zuvela has been awarded a yellow card for the Sky Blues, after a late challenge.
Yellow Card
97' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Ufuk Talay has gone into the ref's book after getting up to his feet in the technical area.
96' A corner by van der Linden is a low ball, which doesn't really go anywhere, hitting the corner netting.
C. Zuvela
M. Zullo
94' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their third change of the match with Michael Zullo being replaced by Chris Zuvela.
93' Avondale need to hold their nerve, early on, as they have 30 extra minutes to play for the match.
91' EXTRA TIME FIRST HALF - The Sky Blues kick off to get us back under way for extra time.
FULL TIME REGULATION TIME - The whistle sounds for full time of regulation time with the scores at 2-2. We will have extra time to play.
90' + 2' It looks almost certain that we will be heading to extra time.
90' We have three minutes of additional time to play.
89' Towns pulls the trigger on goal, as Redmayne denies Avondale, punching the ball out of play. The home team were so close to an upset win.
88' Sydney are starting to get back into the game, in the dying minutes of regulation time.
86' Katebian is inside the box, he attempts to get around the defender, but he loses his footing and the ball.
84' Grant in a great position on the edge of the box. He lets loose with a shot on goal, but he doesn't put enough into it.
82' We are into the final ten minutes of regulation time. Can a goal separate these two teams, denying us from extra time?
80' Avondale are pretty much dictating the play to the Sky Blues, in this second half.
78' With every minute that ticks down, extra time is becoming more and more of a reality.
C. Ngoy
Yellow Card
76' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Charles Lokoli Ngoy doesn't take long to have his name inked into the ref's notebook, after a late challenge.
75' Amazingly, Avondale have not yet used their 20 goal hero Kaine Sheppard, who has recently signed for the Newcastle Jets.
C. Ngoy
T. Buhagiar
73' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues take off two goal hero Trent Buhagiar as he is replaced by Charles Lokoli Ngoy.
Y. Towns
P. Riccobene
73' SUBSTITUTION AVONDALE - A like for like replacedment for Avondale, as Phillip Riccobene makes way for Yitay Towns.
71' Retre heads it for goal, but smart play by Markogiannakis, as he punches the ball away and out to safety.
69' Avondale are right in control of this one. They are going for the jugular, to put away the heavyweight A-League side.
P. Retre
S. de Jong
67' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their first change of the night as Siem de Jong heads off for an early shower and he is replaced by Paulo Retre.
65' Germano takes the set piece just outside of the box. He heads for the top corner, forcing Redmayne to dive away and push the ball out of play.
63' Avondale are up and about at the moment. The Sky Blues are feeling a little intimidated. Are we about to witness the greatest ever FFA Cup upset?
L. Boland
61' GOAL AVONDALE - Redmayne makes the fatal mistake of parrying the ball back into play, but it goes only as far as Boland, who kicks it into the back of the net for his second goal. SCORES ARE LEVEL at 2-2.
60' The game has come alive, with the Sky Blues feeling a little anxious at the moment.
58' The home crowd are getting behind the under dogs tonight. Can they pull off the impossible dream?
L. Boland
56' GOAL AVONDALE - Boland takes it on the edge of the box, as he slides it to the bottom right goal post, with the ball ricocheting back into the net for Avondale's first goal of the night. Sydney FC still lead Avondale 2-1.
54' A bit of a lull in the game at the moment, as Avondale find their way into attack.
52' A goal is all Avondale need to get back into this match.
R. Tavşancıoğlu
Yellow Card
50' YELLOW CARD AVONDALE - Ramazan Tavşancıoğlu goes into the ref's book after bringing down van der Linden. The ref sought counsel from his linesman, before raising the yellow card.
48' Le Fondre is quick to run the ball into the box, but Tavsancioglu is able to stop Le Fondre before causing any damage.
E. Markogiannakis
C. Oldfield
46' SUBSTITUTION AVONDALE - Avondale make their first change of the game, with Chris Oldfield making way for Evan Markogiannakis.
46' SECOND HALF - Avondale kick off to get us back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME - The Sky Blues go into the half time break holding a 2-0 lead over Avondale thanks to two Buhagiar goals, the first in the 17th minute and the second in the 28th minute, both set up by Le Fondre. Avondale have some strategising to do at half time.
45' We have two additional minutes to play before half time.
44' Half time can not come soon enough for Avondale, to give them some time to regroup.
42' The Sky Blues are just going for the killer blow, wanting a 3-0 lead at half time.
40' Avondale are clearly rattled around the ground, as they just can't get their natural game going.
J. Katebian
Yellow Card
38' YELLOW CARD AVONDALE - Katebian is awarded a yellow card for dissent, for Avondale.
36' Germano cops an accidental elbow inside the box from van der Linden, as Avondale appear for a penalty, but it is ignored.
34' Le Fondre rolls it in the path of de Jong on the edge of the box, calling for it back, but it doesn't eventuate for the Sky Blues.
32' Avondale need to strike whilst the rain is coming down, to just get some confidence back in their play.
30' The rain starts to pour down as it will make the conditions very slippery.
T. Buhagiar
28' GOAL SKY BLUES - Le Fondre slips it over to Buhagiar, as he takes it to the edge of the box, sliding it through the legs of Oldfield and finding the back of the net for his second goal. The Sky Blues lead Avondale 2-0.
27' Avondale with a rare foray up forward as they look to set up an attacking play.
25' The Sky Blues are pushing it into attack once again. Another goal to the Sky Blues may not be too far away.
23' Avondale have their work cut out in front of them, as they need to get one back against the Sky Blues.
21' Phil Riccobene goes in late on Le Fondre, as the referee awards the free kick to the Sky Blues on the left wing.
19' Buhagiar tries a through ball to Le Fondre, to return the favour, but he is caught offside.
T. Buhagiar
17' GOAL SKY BLUES - Le Fondre crosses it to Buhagiar inside the box, as he taps into the back of the net. Oldfield stood no chance at saving that one. The Sky Blues lead Avondale 1-0.
15' The Sky Blues are looking dangerous, as O'Neill crosses it over to de Jong, but his right foot shot is blocked inside the box.
13' Avondale need to be real careful here as the Sky Blues are doing what they do best, which is wearing teams down.
11' Buhagiar is one on one with Oldfield, he chips it past him and he clips the crossbar. A bad miss for the former Mariners striker.
10' The Sky Blues are starting to control the play around the ground.
8' Avondale are not backing down and are not in awe of what their opposition has accomplished in the last two years.
6' The Sky Blues are going slow and steady knowing that it will win the race in the end.
4' Le Fondre takes possession deep inside the Sky Blues attacking half, but the flag is up for offside.
2' Brillante knocks it down for Buhagiar to streak down the right, but he ends up running out of room.
1' FIRST HALF - The Sky Blues kick off to get us under way.
TEAMS - SYDNEY FC (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Redmayne (GK); Grant, Wilkinson, van der Linden, Zullo; Brillante, O'Neill; Ninkovic, de Jong, Buhagiar; Le Fondre. SUBS - Cisak (GK), Calver, Retre, Zuvela, Lokoli Ngoy. 
TEAMS - AVONDALE FC (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Oldfield (GK); Tavsancioglu, Archibald, Phil Riccobene, James Riccobene; Gemano, Chrisodoulou; Kamsoba, Boland, Katebian; Zinni. SUBS - Markogiannakis (GK), Fleming, Strano, Towns, Sheppard. 
For Sydney FC it is a chance to show off some of their new faces in their line up, testing the water for their upcoming A-League season.
Avondale FC have been the Cinderella story of this year's FFA Cup. Haling from the Western Suburbs of Victoria, to face arguably their biggest ever opponent.
Welcome to ABD Stadium for the match between NPL Victoria side, Avondale FC and A-League Heavyweight Sydney FC.
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