WATCH: 'We miss you' - Neymar, Sane, Davies & Mbappe send message to fans

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Qatar Airways
‘Ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone’ - PSG, Roma, Bayern stars are missing the football fans as much as the fans miss them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of professional sports without fans, and no other sport has that absence been more keenly felt than football.

Empty stadiums have taken some of the joy away from the game, with players celebrating goals and wins without the fans.

From the Parcs de Princes to the Allianz Arena and the Stadio Olympico, stadiums around the world are waiting to come alive again with the electric atmosphere that can be created only by the presence of the fans in the stands.

Football will never be the same without its fans, so Qatar Airways approached Fortemus Films to create a film that pays tribute to the unique relationship between sport stars and their fans around the world.

Watch the video in full below.