WATCH: Devoted Juventus fan gets a Priceless Surprise from barber Ryan Giggs

Mastercard have challenged fans to prove how far they would go for their clubs and this devoted supporter certainly earned his amazing gift!

How far would you go for your club?

Long-standing UEFA Champions League sponsor Mastercard have been challenging fans to prove their support for their teams this season.

And one unwitting Juventus supporter got a Priceless Surprise while quietly going about his business of pledging his amazing support for the Old Lady.

Juve diehard Marco didn’t have a ticket for Friday’s showpiece event in Cardiff that will see his side take on the mighty Real Madrid.

Amazing Juve fan gets Priceless Surprise from Ryan Giggs

Watch this fan’s reaction when he gets a Priceless Surprise from Ryan Giggs while getting his hair cut before the #UCLFinal. #MadnessOrPriceless

Posted by on Saturday, June 3, 2017

So, he chose to display his incredible devotion to the Italian champions by getting the club’s logo shaved into the back of his head. 

But just as the cut was coming to end, Marco got a remarkable surprise. 

After fumbling around to get his glasses on, he was met by UEFA Champions League-winner Ryan Giggs, who presented Marco with a very well-deserved couple of hospitali-ty tickets for the match.

Just how far would you go for your team? MasterCard want all UEFA Champions League fans to join the debate on social using the #MadnessOrPriceless hashtag!