Serie A 2018-19 Matchday 1 - Cristiano Ronaldo's goalless debut & more

Although Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score in his debut with Juventus, Serie A's opening weekend still had ample for the cause of entertainment

Chievo 2-3 Juventus

GFX Juventus Chievo

Cristiano Ronaldo marked his Serie A debut without scoring a goal, though that did not preclude Juventus' dramatic victory over Chievo.

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Lazio 1-2 Napoli

It was a positive start to Napoli's era under new coach Carlo Ancelotti, coming from behind and stealing victory at Lazio's headquarters. Ciro Immobile and Lorenzo Insigne scored good goals in this match.

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Torino 0-1 AS Roma

Roma celebrating Serie A

The crossbar and VAR almost meant this fixture would end into a goalless affair, but that was before Edin Dzeko's beautiful goal towards the end of the match that made all the difference.

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Sassuolo 1-0 Inter Milan

Asamoah Sassuolo Inter Serie A

Promising moves in the transfer market is not directly how Inter would be expected to perform on the field as they went down against Sassuolo in their opening Serie A fixture.

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