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Kerala Blasters' Manjappada: CK Vineeth's comments are shocking

21:05 GMT+4 17/02/2019
Kerala Blasters Manjappada
CK Vineeth launched a scathing attack on Kerala Blasters' supporters and accused them of a cyber attack against him...

Kerala Blasters supporters' group Manjappada has been accused by Chennaiyin striker CK Vineeth of a cyber attack following incidents in the Indian Super League match in Kochi on Friday. 

Vineeth blasted members of the fan group after he came across a voice clip on Whatsapp that described an incident in the game. The voice clip condemned the player's behaviour towards a ball boy during the first half when the ball went out of play for a throw-in. In the clip, the player is said to have shouted angrily at the ball boy after which the match commissioner reprimanded the player. 

The Kerala-born forward believes this is a planned attack and plans to take action against the culprits. "The kid was watching the ball. He didn't hear me the first time due to all the noise so I called him again, with more volume on my sound. I did not say anything else and was not warned by the match commissioner. I am planning to register an official complaint because false allegations are being made against me whether is it by Manjappada or anyone else. I am fed up, I think I need to react," Vineeth told regional news channel Asianet News

"As far as I know, the message has come from the executive group of Manjappada in Ernakulam. It could be to create a bad image of me. If you look at it carefully, it (attack) is not just against me, it is against all the Malayali players. Anas Edathodika has spoken about it, Rino (Anto) and (Mohammed) Rafi have spoken about it. They are the number one fans based on numbers. When you think of them as supporters, I don't think they are number one."

Manjappada said that the voice clip is not sent by any of Manjappada's core committee members and it is not the fan group's views if a random Kerala Blasters fan expresses his views through social media. The Police, upon a complaint by Vineeth, has summoned Manjappada's district wing head Prabhu for an enquiry. 

The large fan group has a lot of Whatsapp chat groups, more than half a dozen for each district. The sheer number of members involved makes it difficult to regulate people's messages sent to each group. 

"Manjappada has around 100 Whatsapp groups. Someone from one of these groups, who sat in the VIP gallery, described an incident that he saw in the game through a voice clip. It was forwarded a lot and the voice clip started by the person addressing a person named Prabhu. Prabhu is not the one speaking, Prabhu is the one being spoken to by this person," Manjappada's Ernakulam core committee member Muhammed Sadhik told Goal

"This is not a statement of Manjappada. Our statements will be posted on our social media pages. The person who spoke in the audio is not part of our core committee.

"Vineeth specifically mentioned Manjappada. Not everyone who comes to the stadium is part of 'Manjappada'. Not everyone's opinion is our opinion. Vineeth could have said that certain Kerala Blasters fans turned on him but he named Manjappada. 

"Ernakulam wing president named Prabhu, who is travelling to Goa for the ISL match has received a phone call from the assistant commissioner of Police, asking him to come to the police station. If Vineeth chooses to go along the legal route, we will also respond likewise.

"Vineeth has not even denied it, he admitted that he shouted at the kid. The camera did not show viewers what happened afterwards but people at the VIP gallery saw. Manjappada has not done anything against any of our players. We chanted Iain Hume's name when he came to Kochi as a Pune City player. To give an interview to a news channel and accuse Manjappada due to a voice clip by a random fan is shocking," Sadhik, who is an active member of the fan group, said. 

CK Vineeth joined Chennaiyin from Kerala Blasters in January and faced his former side in Kochi on Friday in a match that ended in a 3-0 win for the hosts. Blasters will take on Goa away from home on Monday.