Is Sevilla defender Adil Rami dating Pamela Anderson?

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The pair were spotted having dinner together, though both have also recently been listed in relationships with other people

Did Adil Rami just pull off the dream of every young man from the 1990s?

The Sevilla defender was spotted having dinner with Pam Anderson, the Baywatch star who has been involved in a slew of celebrity relationships in the past. 

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According to the French newspaper Voici, the pair met a few weeks ago about a mutual friend, but it may have sparked something between them. 

This could, of course, be an innocent dinner. Rami has two children Sidonie Biemont and Anderson has recently been linked with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, so there's plenty of reason to think there's not much going on here.

On the other hand, the thought that Rami, who is 31, may be living the dream of most young men his age is much more entertaining.