How much are Women's Super League footballers paid compared to men's Premier League?

Goal looks into just how much player earnings differ from the top flight of UK football between the two genders

The Women's Super League (WSL) kicks off on September 8 with 11 teams following the revamping of the top flight.

The WSL has expanded from 10 teams to include a new applicant from the former Women's Premier League, with the new place awarded to West Ham United Ladies. 

The popularity of women's football has increased and more teams forming from grassroots up have allowed for multi-tiered divisions more similar to UK men's football.

But how much to women players get paid in the top-flights of women's football compared to the opposite sex?

How much do female footballers get paid in the WSL?

Nearly all WSL players earns less than £35,000 a year. Depending on club and player quality the average figure is often under £27,000 from club wages alone. 

It's reported that Manchester City and England Women's national team captain Steph Houghton earns £65,000 a week before tax.

While most of the WSL is now made up of full-time squad members such as those playing for Manchester City Women and Chelsea Ladies. Before the restructure, the majority of teams operated on a semi-pro level, with some players only receiving £5,000-£10,000 a year.

Do England Women players earn money for playing for the national team?

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Due to a central contract agreement with the FA, 30 players are awarded £25,000 a year for playing for England's women national team.

This is in addition to wages from their clubs or any sponsorship deals they may have. The payments can rise to £30,000 from appearances, with the amount given to each player being increased year after year to reflect experience.

How do female footballer’s wages compare to male players?

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Looking at the top flight of both the women's league and the men's in English football, the top earners in the WSL earn far less than even the very lowest in the Premier League.

Some Premier League players earning more in one day than most WSL players earn in a year.

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The Premier League's top earner is reported to be Manchester United's Alexis Sanchez, who earns £600,000-a-week after tax. This equates to an eye-watering £1 a second.

Other top earners in the Premier League include Mesut Ozil, who earns £28,571 a day - far more than the average WSL player earns in a year at just under £27,000.

While England captain Harry Kane earns £200,000 a week for Tottenham, Steph Houghton reportedly earns £1,250 a week on club wages alone.