FIFA U-17 World Cup India: How to book your tickets before 'football takes over'!

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Goal tells you all you need to know about getting tickets to the FIFA U-17 World Cup scheduled to take place in October..

India is all set to host the FIFA U-17 World Cup in October this year and the tickets for the first ever FIFA tournament to be held in the country are on sale online.

The Local Organising Committee for the tournament has set up a website which takes you through the process of booking tickets for the matches of your choice. While the process is easy to follow, the sale of tickets have been divided into different phases and as expected, there is a 60% discount on offer if you book your tickets during the first phase which ends on July 7.

Tickets by venue

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The tickets are of four categories and their sales have also been divided into four phases. The standard prices for the tickets are:

Category 1 - 800 INR (can be bought during all phases)

Category 2 - 400 INR  (can be bought during all phases)

Category 3 - 200 INR (can be bought during all phases)

Category 4 - 80 INR ((can be bought during Phase 2,3 and 4)

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The earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper the tickets will be. The ticket costs will be lowest during Phase 1 and will increase until it amounts to the standard rates mentioned above during the final phase, which is Phase 4. The four phases are:

Phase 1: 16 May to 7 July 2017 (venue specific packages on a 60% discount)

Phase 2: 7 to 21 July 2017 (Since Visa is an official partner of FIFA, Visa cardholders can purchase individual match tickets on a 50% discount)

Phase 3: 21 July to 5 October (individual match tickets are available on 25% discount)

Phase 4: 6 to 28 October (individual tickets for relevant matchdays at standard rates)

To summarize, here are the ticket rates for different phases and categories:

FIFA U-17 World Cup ticket rates
  Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Category 1 320 400 600 800
Category 2 160 200 300 400
Category 3 80 100 150 200
Category 4 NA 40 60 80

The cheapest ticket costs Rs 40/- and is not available until after July 7.

The latest update from FIFA tells us that Kolkata and Guwahati have sold the most tickets so far (first phase tickets have been sold out on both these venues), with Kochi steadily making progress as well. 

Despite the cheapest ticket only costing Rs 80/- in the ongoing phase, Goa has registered poor sale of tickets. Another update is expected from FIFA by next week, Goal can confirm.

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With the World Cup draw scheduled to take place on July 7. the ticket sales are expected to go up.


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