FAM Suprimau Charter launched for grassroots football

FAM Grassroot Charter
The charter with its accreditation and evaluation programme is designed to raise standards in grassroots football.

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) is continuing to drive forward in their F:30 plan with the latest introduction specifically targeting the smallest level - the grassroots football. The FAM Suprimau Charter introduced on Saturday is designed to raise the standards of grassroots football, support development and competitions as well as to recognise and reward commitment.

Three levels of accreditation is available - bronze member, silver member and gold member. 

  • Bronze - emphasis on strong foundation for future growth
  • Silver - emphasis on sustainability and development
  • Gold - emphasis on range and retention

The levels are designed to ensure the charter reflects the diverse environment in grassroots academies, community and recreational clubs. Academies and community clubs are encouraged to register with FAM through an online application with approval and certificate given after site visits done by the technical staff.

"We have dedicated time with kids coming in from all walks of life and it is safe to say that there is no dearth of talent. Our goal here in FAM is to develop that talent and hone their skills through teamwork and skills training for a future career in football under the recognizable academies. 

"The charter is a quality mark; setting standards in areas such as participation (for girls and boys) and I do hope more young talents can be produced in the near future," said Subahan. 

With the multitude of academies available in the country, this charter is seen as the right move to ensure that all parties are synchronised in their efforts to produce budding talents for the most played sports in Malaysia. The guidance and supervision of qualified technical staff will mean no academies can be run without following proper guidelines.


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