EXTRA TIME: Football fans react to vuvuzela's in Russia World Cup

South Africa is at least represented in the 2018 Fifa World Cup in some way. Not how you would've hoped though

This representation is the vuvuzela, an instrument that South Africa introduced to the World Cup when they hosted the event in 2010.

While the origin of the instrument is disputed, at least in it's current modern form the vuvuzela is a South African product. 

Fans were surprised to hear it on television when Spain beat Iran 1-0, and that was perhaps due to the nostalgic Spaniards who are still riding on the wave of South Africa 2010.

Spain won the tournament in South Africa, though you have to also notice that Iranian fans had the instrument in the game.

Some fans have pointed out that the vuvuzela has finally arrived, or picked up in sales around stadiums in Russia this week.

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Whether you love the sound or not, let's hear how much of a role the vuvuzela plays ahead.