Wikki Tourists won’t struggle in second round, says Chuwudi

The Giant Elephant’s striker has asserted that the club is out to correct some of the lapses they noticed in the first round of the league

Wikki Tourists' Samuel Chukwudi has stated that the Giant Elephant are out to correct for some of the errors noticed in the first round of the league season this term after they started the second round with the 3-0 demolition of Abia Warriors in Bauchi.

The Bauchi side could not build up on the feat achieved in the last two seasons as they hover around the relegation zone in the first round and this has led to the sack of ex-coach, Mohammed Babaganaru while the club management has also been dissolved with a rescue team named in its place.

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“It was a good performance by all and sundry at the club in the last weekend match with Abia Warriors,'' Chukwudi told Goal.

''We came all out to play our hearts out and assert to the new leadership of the club that we are ready to correct the ills of the first round and ensure that we do not go on relegation at the end of the season.

“We were all ashamed and unhappy with our first round output and with all that have taken place at the club recently we are aware we have to do something to ensure that we keep our job safe and also ensure that we return Wikki to the same team of the last two seasons.”