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The best plasters you can buy

19:19 GMT+4 24/11/2021
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From breathable strips to waterproof bandages, these are the very best you can currently buy
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Be it on the pitch or the playground, it’s rare for someone to not pick up a scratch or a scrape in football – and while most will not require a trip to A&E, plenty may need to be patched up when you get back into your changing room.

Here are seven of the very best plasters you can buy to help patch up those minor cuts and get you back out on the field in one piece

1. Elastoplast Finger Strip Plasters

Simple yet effective, the Finger Strip Plasters manufactured by Elastoplast are there to help heal the bloody knuckles you might pick up. Strongly adhesive with enough stretch for comfort, this standard pack comes with 16 plasters. Each is extra-long to provide additional wrapping on their own.

Promising review: “This is one of those "why didn't someone think of this earlier?" products that come along once in a while. Absolute genius just making the plaster longer so it wraps around your finger properly! No more of those times when you reach for a second plaster to make sure the first one holds in place.” – Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for £2.05

2. Compeed Blister Plasters

New boots causing you misery? Whack one of these on and it’ll soon be problem solved.

There’s nothing worse than picking up a blister, and taking care of your feet is essential for football. Compeed Blister Plasters regularly come top of the list for protecting existing blisters and preventing new ones. Their special design helps to cushion your heels, no matter how much you’re running around.

Durably waterproof, these plasters will survive a post-match shower. The medium size remains a popular choice, allowing for greater coverage.

Promising review: “These are pure heaven if you happen to have a blister on your heel. I do a lot of running and walking and always carry one of these around, especially with a new pair of shoes.” – Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for £4.00

3. Hansaplast Sensitive Plasters

If you suffer from reactions to most regular dressings, these sensitive plasters should hopefully make life easier. The last thing you want after an injury is to add irritation from the plaster to make things worse.

These sensitive plasters from Hansaplast are made with hypoallergenic materials to be kinder to your skin. They contain Hansaplast’s Bacteria Shield, which aids the recovery process by keeping out grit and dirt. For those with a latex allergy, these plasters are completely latex-free. 

Promising review: “Well tolerated on the skin and nice and soft. Safe for sensitive skin too. It sticks very well and is easy to remove. It's not waterproof - but then you just treat yourself to a new one. I'm completely satisfied.” – Angi

Get it from Amazon for £5.29

4. Elastoplast Fabric Extra Flexible Breathable Plasters

Different people need different plasters, and Elastoplast has included all different shapes and sizes to cover even the most awkward graze. 

From large squares to small circles, there’s a variety of fabric styles with stretch and additional flexibility to mould around any part of the body. They’re breathable too, and can be cut down to size as appropriate.

Promising review: “These plasters are the only type I will buy. They feel nice and stay on far longer than plastic plasters.

"They are extremely adhesive, yet do not hurt the skin when being removed. The assortment of sizes is good for all types of cuts. I will continue to buy these plasters.” – Jennifer Lincoln

Get it from Amazon for £2.40

5. Elastoplast Extra Sticky Fabric Strapping

Not so much a conventional plaster, this strapping is similar to the traditional bandage material. The Extra Sticky Fabric Strapping is a tape used traditionally to help bind additional dressings but is functional and effective on its own too.

Just under an inch wide and available in a three-metre-length roll form, it can be used to assist with the protection of strain injuries. Porous construction allows for air to circulate easily underneath its adhesion.

Promising review: “Use this instead of plasters when I accidentally cut my fingers at work. A lot easier to just cut to length and it stretches, allowing you to keep working. Takes up a lot less space in your bag or kit.” – Alex Marciniak

Get it from Amazon for £3.25

6. Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages

One of the most recognisable names in the plaster business, Band-Aid have bundled together an almighty bundle of one hundred plasters in this box. These Flexible Fabric sterile plasters are intended for twenty-four-hour usage.

They come with a central quilted pad to help soothe and protect the wound underneath, and the Memory-Weave technology helps the plaster flex to the shape needed. 

Promising review: “As an ex-American, I have been able to adapt to most stuff English, but it you want a plaster to do the job you will go with tried and true US Band-Aid.” – The Paper Tiger

Get it from Amazon for £10.85

7. Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandages

If you need something a bit more subtle, these clear plasters from Nexcare should help. They blend in far better than many of the flesh-coloured versions, while still being waterproof and practical.

They protect the wound underneath, without obscuring large amounts of skin and they won’t budge in the shower or when washing hands. 

Promising review: “If you ensure that skin is clean and free from oil, these will stay on for days, even on hands that are frequently washed. Come off easily too - just stretch them. No nasty ripping.” – Esther

Get it from Amazon for £9.85