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90' + 1'
H. Kane
Yellow Card
P. Højbjerg
Yellow Card
R. Jiménez
Yellow Card
O. Skipp
Yellow Card
D. Alli
Penalty Goal
0 - 1

Match Stats

57% 42%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 6
Total Passes 470 356
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That's all for today, goodbye! 
That makes it two wins from two in the Premier League for Spurs, with them sitting in third place. Their attention now turns back to the Europa Conference League, and the second leg of their qualifier against Pacos de Ferreira. After consecutive 1-0 defeats, Wolves are still yet to get points on the board. Lage will be hoping he can get his first win against Nottingham Forest in the EFL Cup.
Spurs hold on to see out a 1-0 win over Wolves. Alli scored the winning goal just nine minutes into the game from the spot after he was brought down by Sa. Wolves had some great chances, with Saiss, Jimenez, Neves and Dendoncker all coming close, but they couldn't find the target. Spurs had a couple of late opportunities to add to their tally, with Sa making two double saves and also denying Dier from close range.
90' + 3' One last chance for Wolves to get an equaliser as Neves breaks forward on the counter. He drives through the middle, but his run is cut out by Winks before he can lay off the ball to Jimenez.
H. Kane
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Kane is shown a yellow card for time-wasting.
H. Winks
S. Bergwijn
90' + 1' Final change for Spurs now as we head into three minutes of added time. Bergwijn is heading off, with Winks on to replace him.
89' Neves swings in a deep corner this time, and Silva pulls away from Sanchez so he has a free header on the penalty spot. He gets the power behind his effort, but it's straight at Lloris, who holds onto it.
87' The Wolves fans are still urging their team on as Traore pushes down the right this time. He pulls his cross back from the byline and picks out Jimenez in space in the middle, but he hits his shot straight against Dier.
P. Højbjerg
Yellow Card
85' Sa set Silva away on the counter following the Spurs corner and Hojbjerg is sprinting back to catch him. He pulls him down and is lucky Tanganga is back with him as that means he only gets shown a yellow card.
85' SAVE! Lo Celso fizzes a cross in from the corner and Dier gets in front of everyone at the near post to flick it towards goal. Sa sees it late and he fumbles the catch, but manages to keep it in play and hold onto it on his second attempt.
R. Aït Nouri
84' And Trincao is also making way, with Ait-Nouri on in his place.
Fábio Silva
R. Saïss
84' Wolves are making a double change now, and Saiss is the first to make way, with Silva on to replace him.
82' DOUBLE SAVE! Bergwijn makes another driving run down the left into the box before teeing up Kane. Sa rushes out to close him down and smothers the shot, but Bergwijn is following in. He's at an even tighter angle but goes for goal anyway and Sa stretches to push it away.
80' Semedo squares the ball to Marcal, who is waiting in space on the edge of the box. None of his team-mates are making supporting runs, so he has to go it alone. He slices at the shot and it flies well wide of the far post.
78' Alli initially loses the ball to Neves, but he does well to win it back and feed in Bergwijn down the left. He drives forward before curling an early cross into the box, looking for Kane, but Sa catches it on the stretch.
76' Trincao cuts back inside, wrongfooting Bergwijn, to open up a pocket of space. He floats a good cross into the middle for Dendoncker, who flicks it on towards the far post. Jimenez can't reach it though and it bounces just wide.
74' Wolves are still pushing and Neves switches play out to Marcal on the left when he can't get past Skipp. The Brazilian keeps it in play before fizzing a cross into the six-yard box. It's too close to Lloris though, and the keeper holds onto it.
L. Dendoncker
João Moutinho
72' Wolves are making a change now as well, with Moutinho going off to be replaced by Dendoncker.
H. Kane
Son Heung-Min
72' Second change for Spurs now and Kane is coming on for his first appearance of the season. Son is the player making way.
70' Spurs are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they're struggling to make their way up the pitch. Reguilon plays a one-two with Lo Celso down the left, but can't find a way past Kilman, and is forced to go back.
68' Traore skips away from Tanganga before lifting a cross just over Jimenez's head on the penalty spot. Wolves keep hold of it though, with Semedo squaring it to Moutinho just outside the box, but he fires his shot just over.
G. Lo Celso
Lucas Moura
67' Spurs are making the first change of the game and it's Lucas that's making way for Lo Celso.
65' DOUBLE SAVE! Spurs have a rare chance to counter now as Bergwijn gets in behind Wolves' defence. He holds the ball up before curling a shot on goal from just outside the area which Sa stretches to push away. Son follows it in and has a go himself, and Sa stands up to make a block.
63' SAISS! Moutinho goes over to take the corner for Wolves this time and he curls a great cross into the far post. Saiss rises highest to meet it and thumps his header just over the crossbar. Wolves are getting closer.
61' GOOD SAVE! It's better from Wolves as Neves nicks the ball off Dier before picking out a great throughball to Traore. He gets in between the Spurs defenders and hits the shot first time. Lloris rushes off his line to get out and smother the shot to deny him.
59' CHANCE! Semedo's run down the right isn't spotted by Reguilon and the wing-back brings the ball down before drilling a cross into the middle of the box. Trincao stretches to reach it, but can't get any power on the shot, and it's straight at Lloris.
R. Jiménez
Yellow Card
57' Jimenez is trying to get back to mark Reguilon and it's a clumsy challenge from the forward. He's trying not to catch him but clips the back of his heels which earns him a yellow card.
55' BLOCK! Son is through on goal after being played in by Hojbjerg and the forward is away from Coady. He fires his shot across goal from the right of the box and Kilman slides in to make the block. There are big shouts for a handball, but the referee only points for a corner.
54' Spurs are patiently trying to work their way upfield now, with Bergwijn pushing forward down the left. Another sloppy bit of play from the visitors means that he loses possession and Wolves break on the counter.
52' CHANCE! Son is caught on the ball this time, and Moutinho's interception bounces through to Semedo. He turns before firing his shot from just outside the box, but it flies just over the crossbar.
50' Son curls a free-kick into the near post from the right and it's headed away by Coady. Semedo brings it down to stop Alli from latching onto the loose ball and there are half-hearted shouts for a handball against him, but nothing is given.
48' Hojbjerg is caught on the ball and it falls for Traore on the edge of the box. He has a crowd in front of him so tries to open up space for a shot, but there's no way through. He tees up Neves instead, but his first-time shot is blocked by Dier.
46' Wolves get us back underway for the second half!
Despite having the lead, Nuno won't be happy with his side as the only shot they managed was the one from the penalty spot. He could be thinking about bringing on Kane to give them something different up front. As for Wolves, they've looked dangerous going forward, but need to be more clinical if they want to get back into this game.
Alli's penalty gives Spurs a 1-0 lead over Wolves at half-time. Alli was brought down by Sa when he tried to take the ball around the keeper and stepped up to take the spot-kick himself, slotting it into the bottom corner. Wolves dominated the rest of the half though, with Trincao and Neves forcing a couple of saves out of Lloris. Jimenez had their best chance though when he fired a shot just over the bar.
45' + 4' Still, Spurs can't get out of their own box and Moutinho lifts a wonderful cross over the top to Jimenez, who is running onto it at the far post. He wasn't spotted by the defenders, but a heavy first touch takes it away from him and out for a goal-kick.
45' + 2' Traore holds off Sanchez before switching play out to Marcal on the left. He puts a cross in early, and none of his team-mates are there in support, but it still has Lloris scrambling back to try and tip it wide.
45' Wolves can't beat the first man with their free-kick, but they recycle it, with Marcal swinging a cross in from the right. Hojbjerg heads it away, but only to Neves on the edge of the box. He takes the shot first time but fires it straight at Lloris.
O. Skipp
Yellow Card
44' Traore pulls away from Skipp and the midfielder slides in and clips him from behind in a last attempt to win the ball. He brings him down and is shown a yellow card.
43' Wolves are still pushing for an equaliser here, but Spurs are dropping deeper into their own half to close down the space. Neves tries to go long to Jimenez, but Alli cuts it out on the edge of the box.
41' Marcal is helped back to his feet and he very gingerly steps off the pitch. He still looks to be in a bit of pain, but Wolves don't have any substitutes warming up, so it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
39' Marcal has stayed down holding his knee after Tanganga's challenge and he looks to be in a lot of pain. The medical team are on to give him some treatment, but at the moment, it's not looking good for the wing-back.
J. Tanganga
Yellow Card
38' Tanganga slides in late on Marcal, taking out his standing leg, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
37' It's a great bit of play by Spurs, with Lucas lifting the ball over the Wolves defenders to pick out Bergwijn's run. It's too tight an angle for him to have a shot from the right of the box, so he squares it to Alli, but it's just behind him and Saiss clears the danger.
35' Traore is still causing Spurs a lot of problems down the left wing and this time he floats a lovely cross into the far post. Semedo and Jimenez both go for it, with the wing-back only able to head it back across the box, where Alli clears it.
33' SAVE! Trincao spins away from Dier to get on the end of Jimenez's throughball before taking the shot early and drilling it on goal. It's straight at Lloris though, and he holds onto it.
31' Trincao whips another corner into the box and Saiss just can't get the contact on it to flick it towards goal. It comes back out to Jimenez on the edge of the box, but his chip deflects off Hojbjerg and loops up kindly for Lloris.
29' Spurs' only shot in the game so far was from the penalty spot, and they're struggling to get in behind Wolves. Son tries to pick out Alli's run through the middle, but Coady reads it well to cut it out, much to the midfielder's frustration.
27' CLOSE! Traore pulls away from Tanganga down the left again and pulls the ball back into the middle from the byline. Moutinho flicks it back to Jimenez and he curls a shot towards the far top corner, but it sails just over the bar.
26' Spurs' counter is broken up by Marcal and he instantly tries to set his side on the attack. He plays a one-two with Moutinho before picking out Traore, but the forward slips just outside the box and Skipp clears his lines.
24' Spurs have only lost one of the previous 44 Premier League games in which Alli has scored (W34 D9 L1), losing against Manchester United in December 2019.
22' Traore wins a free-kick on the left, but Trincao can't beat the first man with his cross. Wolves keep the pressure on though and it eventually falls for Neves, but his long-range shot is always rising.
20' It's another good throughball from Marcal down the right and Jimenez latches onto the end of it this time. He drives into the box and has a go from a tight angle on the left, but Dier gets tight to him and blocks the shot to send it wide.
18' Trincao gets away from Tanganga with a clever bit of footwork, but his cross is deflected and loops into the air. Dier half-clears it, but Trincao followed it in and kicks it up so he can attempt the overhead kick. It's a comfortable catch for Lloris though.
17' Wolves take a short corner and it's knocked between Trincao, Neves and Traore before Semedo runs onto it. He drills a low effort on goal from outside the box, but it's blocked in the middle by Sanchez.
15' The hosts are keeping possession well at the moment, but they're still struggling to find a way forward until a hopeful throughball is played forward for Trincao. He keeps it in play before laying it off to Neves, but his cross is cleared by Dier.
13' Traore's pullback is behind everyone but Semedo is following in with a late run and tries to take it past Skipp. He goes to ground and the Wolves fans and players are screaming for a penalty, but the referee waves the claims away.
11' Wolves are trying to look for an instant response, but their passing is getting sloppy and they're struggling to get out of their own half. Semedo tries to drive down the right, but runs straight into Hojbjerg and loses out.
D. Alli
Penalty Goal
10' ALLI SCORES! He steps up to win the spot-kick that he won and confidently slots it into the bottom-right corner. Sa dives the wrong way and Alli sidefoots the penalty in to put Spurs 1-0 up!
8' PENALTY TO SPURS! It's a great throughball from Reguilon between the Wolves defenders and Alli latches onto it, taking it around Sa with his first touch. The keeper is committed as he rushes out, brings Alli down, and the referee points straight to the spot.
7' Marcal plays a lovely throughball down the left, and Traore bursts away from Tanganga before cutting inside. He has Jimenez up with him in support, but goes for goal himself, swiping at the effort and sending it out for a throw-in on the far side.
5' Marcal is back on his feet now after his own treatment, and he'll be able to carry on as well after a couple more checks on the sideline.
4' Tanganga and Marcal are both down after clashing heads during an aerial challenge and the medical teams are quickly on to give them some treatment. Tanganga is the first back to his feet and he looks like he'll be able to carry on.
2' Wolves win the ball back on the halfway line and Trincao has his first chance to make a run down the right. Two Spurs defenders quickly get across to him, and he's crowded off it before he can swing in a cross.
1' Son gets the game underway for Spurs!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Since Wolves returned to the Premier League in 2018-19, they haven't won their first home league game of the season in any of their three campaigns in the competitions (D2 L1) - they lost 3-1 to Manchester City last year.
After making 11 changes for their Europa Conference League match on Thursday, Nuno goes back to the same team that started against City in the league last Sunday. They are boosted by the return of Kane though, as he's named on the bench after missing their last two games.
Bruno Lage makes just one change to the side that faced Leicester last weekend, with Semedo coming into the team for Hoever, who drops to the bench.
TOTTENHAM SUBS: Bryan Gil, Dane Scarlett, Giovani Lo Celso, Ryan Sessegnon, Matt Doherty, Ben Davies, Harry Winks, Pierluigi Gollini, Harry Kane.
TOTTENHAM STARTING XI (4-3-3): Hugo Lloris; Japhet Tanganga, Davinson Sanchez, Eric Dier, Sergio Reguilon; Oliver Skipp, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Dele Alli; Lucas Moura, Son Heung-Min, Steven Bergwijn.
WOLVES SUBS: Rayan Ait-Nouri, Chem Campbell, Ki-Jana Hoever, John Ruddy, Luke Cundle, Leander Dendoncker, Morgan Gibbs-White, Fabio Silva, Christian Marques.
WOLVES STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Jose Sa; Maximilian Kilman, Conor Coady, Romain Saiss; Nelson Semedo, Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho, Marcal; Trincao, Adama Traore; Raul Jimenez.
Nuno Espirito Santo is back at Molineux for the first time since leaving Wolves at the end of last season. Spurs made a good start in the Premier League, beating the champions Manchester City 1-0 before following it up with a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Pacos de Ferreira in the Europa Conference League first-leg qualifier on Thursday. Bruno Lage didn't get off to a winning start in charge of Wolves, as they lost 1-0 to Leicester City last weekend.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Wolves and Tottenham at Molineux!