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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United Live Commentary, 19/08/2019

1 - 1
Rúben Neves (55)
A. Martial (27)
Molineux Stadium


For Manchester United, they'll head back home to host Crystal Palace next weekend, but Wolves are straight back into continental action as they travel to Torino on Thursday in their Europa League play-off. Until then, thank you for joining us - and have a good week!
Should Marcus Rashford have taken that penalty over Pogba? The Frenchman looks utterly frustrated with himself at the final whistle, though his manager, oddly impassive, doesn't seem to be too mad with him as he shakes hands with everyone. At the very least, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has finally taken a point off Wolves in his managerial career.
It finishes all square at Molineux, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that Wolves took the win in the end. Ruben Neves' superb strike in the second half cancelled out Anthony Martial's earlier effort to get the home side on track and they stayed on point when Paul Pogba saw a penalty saved by Rui Patricio. The hosts battled hard for their point after the break, while the visitors will feel they could have - and perhaps should have - taken three. At full-time, it finishes Wolves 1-1 Manchester United.
90' + 4' Shaw! It'll be the final strike of the game as a Pogba square ball comes off the defence and falls to the defender. He sticks it along the ground and Patricio gobbles it up.
90' + 2' Whatever Nuno said at half-time, it certainly made his team sit up and get with the programme. That being said, they arguably haven't done enough to win this one, while United will be left to mull over their missed chances.
P. Cutrone
R. Jiménez
Wolverhampton Wanderers
90' + 1' Wolves make their last swap as Patrick Cutrone replaces Jimenez.
90' There's going to be four minutes of stoppage time. Can either side snaffle a winner?
Andreas Pereira
M. Rashford
Manchester United
89' The visitors make their third change with Andreas Pereira on in place of Rashford.
M. Greenwood
D. James
Manchester United
89' United make their second swap, with Mason Greenwood replacing James.
88' James picks up a free-kick as he is sent sprawling in a big tackle. United look poised to make their last gamble of the game with a double change.
Pedro Neto
Diogo Jota
Wolverhampton Wanderers
86' Wolves make their second change of the game, bringing on Neto for Jota.
85' End-to-end stuff! A United corner results in a free-flowing Wolves counter after James fails to win a foul, but the hosts botch their last touch as Dendoncker puts his shot somewhere into the stands.
A. Wan-Bissaka
Yellow Card
Manchester United
84' Wan-Bissaka picks up a yellow card now for what the referee deems to be an intentional handball. It came off the right-back's shoulder, but he did lunge intentionally towards it.
J. Lingard
Manchester United
81' United make their first change of the game, with Juan Mata on for Lingard.
79' Wolves make a searching move down the right flank that comes to nothing but it serves as a timely reminder that there isn't long left for either to snaffle a winner. United look set to make a swap.
77' A corner for United now, as the Red Devils once again encroach upon the Wolves box. Played short, it's a pedestrian effort, though the visitors do get a throw-in from it in the end.
75' If there's going to be a winner, you'd possibly just back the visitors right now. Wolves haven't been down the opposition end much since they tied up the scores and United look clearly the more forward of the pair.
74' Solskjaer has lost all three of his games against Wolves in all competitions, interestingly. As well as two defeats with United last season, he lost with Cardiff City in August 2014.
72' Traore concedes a corner now as United muscle forward again. Since that penalty, they've looked a much more brazen force in attack - though as Wan-Bissaka skies a shot from outside the box, it's clear they still need to find that killer finishing touch.
70' James wins a corner and United pile forward. Pogba can't rise enough to get more than a glance on it however and it skitters away and out of play for a goal-kick.
Rui Patrício
Penalty Save
Wolverhampton Wanderers
68' Patricio comes ever so slightly off his line and just leaves that trailing foot behind the line. He's arguably one of the most underrated keepers in the Premier League.
P. Pogba
Penalty Miss
Manchester United
68' Pogba doesn't stutter in his run, sticks it with power to the left - and Patricio saves! It's a great stop and Molineux erupts. Wolves get it clear and United will rue another missed chance.
68' Penalty to United! Pogba executes a lovely one-two with Martial to slip into the box and Coady brings him down with a trailing leg. The Frenchman will take himself.
R. Bennett
Yellow Card
Wolverhampton Wanderers
67' United look to break and, with few options elsewhere, Rashford opens up his pace. Bennett can't keep up and fouls him, picking up a yellow as a result.
65' Wolves take off down the left wing and Maguire is forced to sprint out to execute a slide tackle. He does so well, but leaves a gap for the hosts to burst through with Jota, and Wan-Bissaka only just scrambles back in time to prevent a dangerous cross.
63' United have a free-kick 35 yards out on the left flank and Rashford simply whips it to the left of the assembled throng of players in the box. He's looking to squeak it in at the bottom corner  but he's miles off.
61' 10 of Neves' 13 goals in all competitions for Wolves have come from outside the box. Only Harry Wilson (12) and Christian Eriksen (11) have scored more from distance in English football since his debut for the club.
59' That Martial miss on the stroke of half-time. That flubbed volley from Lingard. United have had their chances to find a second and they'll be kicking themselves now. Wolves have got the momentum too, since the break arguably. This is deliciously poised.
57' There's a VAR check - isn't there always? - to see if Moutinho was offside in the build-up with that short pass. It is close - but the goal stands!
João Moutinho
Wolverhampton Wanderers
55' Molineux is absolutely bouncing after that goal and so they should. Moutinho played the corner short, then recieved the ball back in order to ship it out to Neves, who simply let fly. What an equaliser.
Rúben Neves
Wolverhampton Wanderers
55' GOAL! WOLVES 1-1 MANCHESTER UNITED! Ruben Neves, what a strike! The midfielder gets the ball 20 yards out as the corner is played short and back to him, and he whistles it into the top right corner with a stunning finish.
54' Off the post! United have been handed a huge slice of luck as Jimenez plants a header on the free-kick and hits the woodwork. It continues to ricochet around the box and Maguire ultimately sticks it out for a corner.
53' Maguire concedes a free-kick just outside the United box now after Traore tumbles over him and Wolves have a brilliant chance with a set-piece now.
52' Wan-Bissaka plants another lovely throughball into the box for Lingard, though a slight intervention from Coady's boot sticks it beyond the United man. The referee doesn't see the slight touch and the hosts get a goal-kick rather than concede a corner.
Rúben Neves
Yellow Card
Wolverhampton Wanderers
51' Neves and James have a tussle chasing the ball, with the latter going down, and it's a yellow card for the former's challenge.
50' Lingard! A great chance for the midfielder to volley an effort home from inside the box after Wan-Bissaka delivers a lovely cut-back pass on the break, but he flubs his effort and Wolves get the ball out of danger.
48' United clear the set-piece with precision and move the game back to midfield, to relieve the early pressure laid at their door.
47' It's been one-way traffic so far for the hosts and Maguire perilously deflects a cross in his own box over the goal by a few feet. Wolves will have a corner.
46' We're back underway for the second half at Molineux. Can Wolves claw their way back into this one or will United tame them over the next 45 minutes?
Adama Traoré
M. Doherty
Wolverhampton Wanderers
46' Wolves have made their first change of the game at the break with Doherty replaced by Adama Traore due to an injury.
It's not exactly been a game bursting with quality, it must be said, and the Norwegian will likely feel that his side should be making those chances stick in the final third. His opposite number however will be looking for his side to show more assurance too, having not exactly been a model of superb performance themselves either.
Anthony Martial's fine finish to a sweeping team move down the left wing is all that separates Wolves and United at the interval at Molineux, but the visitors will be arguably frustrated to have not picked up a second given their dominance. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side then hold a tenacious lead - and they'll have to double down after the break if they want to make it an easy win. At half-time, it's Wolves 0-1 Manchester United.
45' + 1' Martial! Oh, it's a golden chance to finish the half for the striker and that should have really doubled the lead for United. He latches onto a misplaced pass near the back only to stumble over the ball as he dodges a Boly challenge and Patricio snags it from under his feet.
45' There will be just a minute of added time in this first half.
44' McTominay gets dropped by a stubby challenge from Neves and United get a free-kick 40 yards out on the left wing again. It's speared wide and right for Maguire, but the defender only gets a glance on it and Wolves clear.
41' United win a corner after Shaw makes another sprightly run down the left flank, forcing Bennett to put a Rashford throughball behind as the left-back roars in. Wolves clear the tame effort easily enough however, and though James tips the ball back in a moment later, nobody can find a shot from it.
39' There's a pause in play now after Moutinho goes down with shouts that Pogba kicked him in the tackle. There's nothing in it and after a brief halt, the game resumes.
37' United have lost their last two evening kickoffs in the Premier League, and last lost three such games in a row between April and August 2012.
35' If Wolves have an issue at the moment, it's that they are struggling to pick out the passes they really want in attack. They're breaking down most offensives from the visitors, but aren't forging a clean path as often as they'd like to themselves.
33' Both sides have settled for a moment, with Wolves holding a steadfast, high defensive line as United look to unlock them again. Pogba is moving with a touch more authority in the middle as McTominay drops back.
31' The hosts do pick a corner up off the right-back the second time round however and Jota almost squeezes a shot off from 12 yards out or so. He can't get it past a very busy box however, and United clear their lines.
29' Wolves are already on the prowl, heading straight into United territory from the restart and they almost catch Wan-Bissaka out at the back. The former Crystal Palace man recovers in time however and sees off the immediate threat.
M. Rashford
Manchester United
27' That was a much-needed goal for United. They've not been able to impose themselves in the final third too much today and have gone down that right edge quite a bit. Instead, Rashford finds the pass on the left and it's all thanks to Shaw.
A. Martial
Manchester United
27' GOAL! WOLVES 0-1 MANCHESTER UNITED! It's Anthony Martial's 50th goal for his club, as a lovely, well-worked move down the left wing unlocks Wolves. Shaw comes down the flank, and a clutch of short passes via Lingard and Rashford releases the ball into the box, where the Frenchman lofts it home beyond Patricio. Top stuff!
26' This is the longest wait for a first shot in a Premier League match involving United since 2006-07, for those who are interested.
D. James
Yellow Card
Manchester United
24' James jostles with Moutinho for the ball on the right wing and the former goes sprawling. There's no contact though, and he picks up a booking for simulation.
22' Maguire gets a head to the set-piece wide on the right but the visitors can't make anything of the chance he presents and Wolves come away unruffled.
20' We're fast approaching the quarter-mark of this game and there's only been that one great chance so far. Dendoncker catches Pogba now 40 yards out and United have a free-kick.
18' Having seen little ball so far, the hosts are looking the more clinical of the two in attack right now. United are a little under the cosh - until Pogba drifts a long ball down the left to Rashford. He turns Bennett inside out and flicks a cross in front of goal, which Martial just misses.
16' Wolves now have a free-kick on the counter following a handsy challenge from Maguire. The defender puts Moutinho's delivery straight back out of the box however with little trouble.
14' In the Premier League, Wolves are one of only four teams Man Utd have faced away from home five or more times and lost more games than they’ve won, along with Chelsea, Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday.
12' United win a free-kick some 40 yards out downfield and Lindelof simply hoofs it beyond his team-mates to the left. They look like they need to sharpen up somewhat.
10' Bennett duly heads away and Wolves hurriedly clear for a throw-in. A cautious toe-poke sends Martial squirreling after the ball but it's well dealt with by the defence.
9' Maguire nudges the ball back into open play and Lingard and James break away to win their own corner down the other end.
8' Jimenez makes a brilliant run after James goes down at the opposite end and the Wolves forward carves a dizzying path towards the United box. It'll be a corner for the hosts.
6' Wan-Bissaka picks off a pass between Jota and Jimenez as Wolves look to create a counter with a deft back-heel and United shut down any chance of a breakaway from their hosts.
4' The Red Devils have mostly controlled possession so far, but they seem unable to crack a pass into the final third. A throughball slips beyond Rashford and Patricio clears.
2' Coady puts an industrious challenge on Martial as United make an early probe into opposition territory. Wolves come away with the ball and the Frenchman has to dust himself off.
1' We are underway in this Premier League clash between Wolves and Manchester United!
The teams are set to emerge at Molineux as kick-off approaches.
Wolves lost none of their three games against Manchester United in all competitions last season, winning both of their games at Molineux against the Red Devils.
Man Utd lost 2-3 to Brighton in their first away league match last season – they haven’t done so in consecutive seasons since 1980-81 and 1981-82, with one of those defeats coming against Wolves.
There's no room in the matchday squad for United striker Alexis Sanchez today as speculation continues to swirl that the Chile international is set to exit the club. The striker is widely tipped to follow the departed Romelu Lukaku to Inter in Serie A.
Subs: Mason Greenwood, Andreas Pereira, Ashley Young, Juan Mata, Axel Tuanzebe, Sergio Romero, Nemanja Matic.
MANCHESTER UNITED (4-2-3-1): David De Gea; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay, Paul Pogba; Daniel James, Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford; Anthony Martial.
Subs: Ruben Vinagre, Pedro Neto, John Ruddy, Adama Traore, Morgan Gibbs-White, Patrick Cutrone, Romain Saiss.
WOLVES (3-5-2): Rui Patricio; Ryan Bennett, Conor Coady, Willy Boly; Matt Doherty, Leander Dendoncker, Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho, Jonny; Raul Jimenez, Diogo Jota.
There's only one change between the two sides from the starting XI's that lined up a week ago. Wolves are the same, having made nine swaps in midweek for their trip to Pyunik in the Europa League, but Manchester United have brought in winger Daniel James to replace Andreas Pereira following the former's goalscoring debut against the Blues.
The Midlands outfit made an impression last year in their first campaign back in the top flight, finishing a place behind the Red Devils and qualifying for the Europa League alongside them. An opening draw with Leicester has left them looking for a maiden win of the season though, so can they topple the Red Devils?
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side are looking to back up their impressive win against Chelsea on the opening weekend with another positive result against an arguably more innocuous opponent. But Nuno Espirito Santo's side will prove to be no pushover on their home turf.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2019-20 Premier League as Manchester United travel south to face Wolves in Molineux for their second game of the season.