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90' + 5'
T. Cleverley
Yellow Card
90' + 4'
E. Buendía
Yellow Card
D. Welbeck
2 - 1
C. Dawson
E. Capoue
1 - 1
E. Buendía
O. Hernández
0 - 1

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43% 56%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 375 504
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Watford now prepare to welcome Newcastle at Vicarage Road this weekend as they continue their quest for Premier League safety. Norwich, meanwhile, will host West Ham knowing a loss will confirm their relegation. They may as well embrace the inevitable. That's all for now. Goodbye!
The win brings a vital three points for Watford. They stay 17th but now have a four point cushion ahead of Aston Villa and Bournemouth, who have a game in hand. Norwich stay rock bottom of the table and are now 10 points adrift from safety with four games to play. They're on their worst losing run in the Premier League since 1995. Relegation beckons for them.
Danny Welbeck's first league goal for Watford, his first Premier League goal since August 2018, gives Watford the win! Watford fought hard to turn the game around against a Norwich side who took the lead and showed more craft than other recent games but were ultimately still not good enough. 
T. Cleverley
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Cleverley is booked for a foul on Aarons. It's academic at this point.
E. Buendía
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Buendia has put a shift in in this game but his teammates haven't been at the same level. The Argentine reacts to a misplaced pass by fouling Doucoure. He's booked for it.
90' + 2' Norwich are pushing players forward, perhaps too late. Their attack breaks down and Sarr powers down the right, shrugging off Idah. Idah recovers and Norwich get a goal-kick.
90' Watford have four minutes of added time to negotiate. There's no hint that they won't.
89' Norwich work the ball down the left but it's down a blind alley. The visitors try again. Aarons tries to beat Masina who muscles him off the ball. Watford win a free-kick shortly after. Norwich's lack of physical strength is one of the reasons why they've struggled this season.
B. Godfrey
Yellow Card
88' Buendia spreads the ball wide to Aarons whose cross is lazy. Watford clear and Godfrey steams in on Doucoure to earn himself a booking.
N. Chalobah
E. Capoue
87' Watford substitution. Capoue is replaced by Chalobah.
85' Norwich miss a golden chance to equalise! Buendia passes wide to Lewis who clips the cross to the near post. Drmic flicks it on to Idah who mistimes his slide and the ball goes wide! They won't get many better chances than that.
J. Martin
O. Hernández
83' Hernandez's game is also over. The 18-year-old academy product Martin comes on in his place.
J. Drmic
T. Pukki
83' Two more changes from Norwich. First, the subdued Pukki goes off. He's replaced by Drmic.
81' The clock is slowly ticking down and, with it, Norwich's chance of getting anything from this game. Krul sends a quick pass forward for Idah who catches Femenia as he tries to take it down. The Spanish right-back goes down clutching his face and will need a little treatment.
79' McLean carries the ball forward and finds Aarons. There's not much room for Norwich to maneuvre in though with Watford now sitting deep. Watford end up getting a throw-in.
78' Buendia swings in a curler and Vrancic has a free header. It's not an easy chance though and the Bosnian's effort loops wide of the near post.
77' Idah bursts down the left and holds up the ball for Lewis, who wins a tussle with Doucoure to get a free-kick. Buendia is standing over it.
A. Idah
M. Stiepermann
76' Norwich substitution. The Irish U21 striker Idah replaces the quiet Stiepermann.
74' Watford make a hash of the free-kick and Masina decides to have a go from distance. It's not the best idea, given how it ends up.
72' Watford earn a free-kick to the left of the box as Vrancic steams in and catches Sarr on the shin. It's accidental and Vrancic escapes a booking.
70' Play is back underway. Vrancic clips an ambitious ball over the top for Pukki who is unfortunately offside. The midfielder's been influential for Norwich, even if that isn't reflected in the scoreline so far.
68' Vrancic is almost robbed by Sarr as the Bosnian dawdles in midfield. Norwich get away with it though. Vrancic tries to make amends with a pass for Pukki but Watford's defenders soon sort it out. It's time for another drinks break.
66' Cleverley swings the free-kick in, again in Dawson's direction. Norwich stand firm. Another cross comes in and Cleverley fires straight at Krul from Deeney's header down.
64' Aarons looks forward for Pukki's run and Kabasele is out to head it clear. Deeney gets away with what looks like a foul on Godfrey and Watford keep the ball for a while. Lewis barges Sarr over to give away a free-kick.
62' Lewis knocks the ball out for a throw-in with Sarr breathing down his neck. Femenia takes it. Sarr's crowded out by two Norwich players and it ends in a Norwich goal-kick.
60' Norwich continue to huff and puff. Aarons takes on Masina down the right and finds Hernandez's sharp run into the box. Hernandez can't do much at his angle though. Seconds later, Pukki looks to have a chance to get a shot away but Kabasele nabs the ball from the Finn's feet.
T. Cleverley
W. Hughes
59' Watford make a substitution. Hughes is replaced in midfield by Cleverley.
57' Norwich are unlucky to be behind. That's been the case for a lot of this season. Vrancic fires towards goal at anger and it's blocked. Norwich win a corner off Masina but Buendia's delivery isn't great.
D. Welbeck
56' GOAL! 2-1 WATFORD! It's a fantastic goal by Welbeck! Sarr bustles into the Norwich box and his cross for Welbeck is poor. It pops up nicely for the English striker though, who has space and time to fire a beautiful overhead kick past Krul!
K. McLean
A. Tettey
55' Norwich substitution. Tettey is the person to go off to McLean. There were reports before the game that he had a knee injury so this is probably precautionary.
54' Norwich force a few saves from Foster! Some fluid build-up play results in Lewis crossing in and Hernandez having a goalbound shot blocked. Dawson rushes out to get in the way of Aarons' follow-up and Buendia fires over. Norwich look better in this game than they have since the restart.
52' Dawson fires a great direct ball out wide to Sarr. Sarr beats Lewis initially but gives the Norwich left-back time to catch up. There's an interesting tussle going on between the pair.
50' Norwich are preparing an early change - it looks like McLean is set to come on. With the games coming thick and fast, we're seeing a lot more substitutions at this stage of games.
49' Hughes is the one to take this free-kick and it's the first not to really test the Norwich defence. Krul gathers a routine cross from Sarr shortly after.
48' Welbeck darts inside from the left flank with Buendia nipping at his heels. Eventually the England striker goes down and gets a free-kick for Watford.
47' Norwich start the half on the front foot. Lewis sends a looping ball into towards Pukki as Watford's defenders switch off briefly. The Finn's header bounces harmlessly wide.
45' Watford get the second half started. No changes at half-time.
That was an unusual first half for both teams who usually wake up in the second half. That was the first time Watford have scored in the opening 45 minutes in eight Premier League games - make that 11 games in Norwich's case. Let's hope those aren't the only goals we get to see in this one.
Watford and Norwich head in level at the break after a thoroughly watchable half of football. Buendia gave Norwich an early lead with a nicely taken goal before Dawson equalised quickly for Watford from a set-piece. It's either side's game in the second half.
45' + 1' Watford keep lobbing balls in the Norwich box. Doucoure rises high in the area to latch onto a Sarr cross but can't control it to get it on target. Norwich will need to address that if they don't want to concede again.
45' There'll be two added minutes in this first half. 
44' Vrancic earns Norwich a breather as Hughes concedes possession and is over-eager in trying to win it back. It's been a sprightly half of football overall.
42' Chance for Watford! Sarr fires in a high cross from the right. Welbeck gets above Aarons and nods a header just over the crossbar. This approach looks like it will bring joy for Watford.
41' Hughes twists and turns to edge his way past Tettey who brings him down. Watford free-kick. Hughes sends it towards Dawson again and Krul gets fouled in the box. Watford are clearly looking to bully Norwich in the air.
40' Femenia and Sarr play a nice one-two to send Femenia behind Norwich's defence. There's no one in the box for Watford when Femenia crosses though and Krul drops low to smother it.
38' Sarr finds Femenia bombing forward on the overlap. The full-back takes too long to fire in the cross though and Lewis catches up to intercept. Deeney gives Femenia a piece of his mind.
36' Norwich are full of flicks and tricks at the moment. Vrancic plays a cute little pass forward to Pukki but Pukki slashes his shot wide. It's been a while since the Finn last scored.
35' Norwich build up from the back patiently as is their wont. Aarons' deep cross is blocked by Masina. Watford win possession and look for Deeney but their captain is very isolated up front and can't do much with the ball.
33' Up the other end, Watford are threatening themselves. They get another corner down the right off Vrancic. Welbeck rises high and heads it into the arms of Krul! It's a decent stop by the Norwich keeper but Welbeck had too much time for Norwich's liking.
32' Buendia is proving a handful for Watford at the moment. The Argentina tests Hernandez's pace with a promising throughball but the Cuban can't quite reach it to keep it in play.
30' Norwich win a corner of their own off Femenia. Hernandez aims for goal from outside the box but he can't get his shot on target. Watford goal-kick.
28' Watford get a corner down their right off Lewis. Hughes fires in and Dawson heads high and wide.
27' Buendia drifts through the middle and looks wide for Hernandez but is shrugged off the ball before he can make his pass. Norwich's play is attractive as ever but they'll have to match Watford physically too.
25' Sarr dribbles to the byline and blasts the ball across goal in a cross-cum-shot. It's too close for comfort to Krul who pushes it aside. Masina tries to follow up from range but his effort is blocked.
W. Hughes
Yellow Card
23' Hughes is booked for bringing down Stiepermann. Both sides are tussling to gain control of midfield at the moment.
22' Sarr fires a cross into Norwich's box and Godfrey puts it out for a Watford corner. Norwich deal well enough with it.
20' Stiepermann attempts a throughball for Pukki but it's cut out by the Watford defence. It's been a few months since the German midfielder has started for Norwich so you can forgive him for being a little rusty.
18' Klose hands Watford a free-kick as he roughs up Deeney. It's been quite a feisty opening 20 minutes or so.
16' Watford have sharpened up and the game is fairly even for now. Buendia floats a ball over the top that Hernandez latches onto and holds up well. Norwich get a throw-in out of it.
14' Quickly back to that Dawson goal. Dawson has now scored two goals in five league games since the restart. Short-term form will be everything for the next few weeks.
12' This is quite a rugged game so far. Watford get another free-kick as Stiepermann trips and brings down Capoue. Watford press the issue and it ends in a Norwich goal-kick as Hughes can't beat Godfrey.
A. Tettey
Yellow Card
11' Tettey picks up another yellow card for Norwich as he snaps at the legs of Welbeck. Watford have recovered quickly from Norwich's early goal.
E. Capoue
11' Capoue claims the assist for the decent free-kick in. Maybe there will be a few goals in this game after all!
C. Dawson
10' GOAL! 1-1 WATFORD! Watford equalise almost immediately! It's a mismatch as Lewis is tasked with marking Dawson as Capoue fires the free-kick in. The full-back can't cope with Dawson's run and Watford's centre-back nods it in at the far post!
J. Lewis
Yellow Card
9' Lewis gets a yellow card for hauling back Sarr as the Senegalese winger tried to dribble past him. It'll be a Watford free-kick.
8' Pukki chases a hopeful ball forward but Dawson beats him to it and passes back to Foster. Watford have no need to panic yet.
6' Doucoure brings down Stiepermann in Norwich's half and hands possession to the visitors. Norwich will be delighted by the way they've started this match.
O. Hernández
5' The assist goes to Hernandez who shrugged off a challenge to cut inside and lay off to Buendia. That's just Norwich's seventh goal in 17 away league games this season.
E. Buendía
4' GOAL! 1-0 NORWICH! Hernandez feeds Buendía in the penalty area. Buendia switches the ball onto his left foot and curls the ball around Foster into the net! That's Buendia's first goal of the season.
3' Buendia curls an effort towards goal and forces a decent save from Foster! Vrancic whips the corner in and Watford head it away. They try to counter but can't create anything.
2' Vrancic feeds Norwich's winger Hernandez down the left. Femenia holds the Cuban off and concedes a free-kick just outside Watford's box. Buendia will take it.
1' Watford win an early free-kick as Sarr is fouled by Vrancic down by the touchline. Femenia lofts the free-kick but it sails over everyone and out for a throw on the opposite side. Norwich clear.
1' Norwich get this game underway!
The two sides are out on the Vicarage Road pitch. Watford are in their yellow and black home kit while Norwich are wearing their all-red away kit.
Watford are looking to complete their first league double over Norwich since 2005-06 after they defeated a sorry Norwich 2-0 in the reverse fixture back in November. These two teams have failed to score in more games than any other Premier League sides this season. Goals will be at a premium.
There are two changes to the Watford side that lost 3-0 to Chelsea last week. Welbeck and Masina start while Chalobah and Mariappa are on the bench. Norwich make three changes from their 1-0 loss to Brighton - in come Vrancic, Stiepermann and Pukki. Todd Cantwell misses out with a hamstring injury.
SUBS: Adam Idah, Tom Trybull, Josip Drmic, Michael McGovern, Jordan Thomas, Lukas Rupp, Ondrej Duda, Kenny McLean, Josh Martin.
NORWICH CITY (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul; Max Aarons, Ben Godfrey, Timm Klose, Jamal Lewis; Alexander Tettey (c), Mario Vrancic; Emiliano Buendia, Marco Stiepermann, Onel Hernandez; Teemu Pukki.
SUBS: Nathaniel Chalobah, Adrian Mariappa, Roberto Pereyra, Ignacio Pussetto, Andre Gray, Heurelho Gomes, Joao Pedro, Craig Cathcart, Tom Cleverley.
WATFORD (4-2-3-1): Ben Foster; Kiko Femenia, Craig Dawson, Christian Kabasele, Adam Masina; Etienne Capoue, Will Hughes; Ismaila Sarr, Abdoulaye Doucoure, Danny Welbeck; Troy Deeney (c).
Watford could have no better opponents than Norwich at the moment. Daniel Farke's team have lost their last five league games in a row and are sinking back to the Championship without so much as a fight. Will Watford claim the much-needed three points or is there still life in Norwich yet?
It's a battle of two relegation-threatened sides as Watford host Norwich. Watford start this game just outside the relegation zone with one point from their last four league games. With Brighton and West Ham improving lately, Watford really need a win to keep their heads above water. 
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Watford and Norwich City at an empty Vicarage Road, Watford.