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Key Events

A. Papadopoulos
Yellow Card
J. Young
Yellow Card
D. Petratos
2 - 0
45' + 1'
K. Sheppard
D. Georgievski
1 - 0
D. Bowles
Yellow Card

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 400 416
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - One goal in each half has seen Newcastle defeat the Brisbane Roar 2-0. The win takes the Jets to sixth position and puts their season back on track. For Brisbane they fall to consecutive losses for the first time this season but one win from seven matches just isn't good enough at this stage. 
90' + 6' The corner is taken short and it comes to Petratos who shoots over.
90' + 5' Austin squares it up for Petratos but Papadopoulos slides in to knock it out for a corner. 
90' + 5' Petratos draws his opponent before squaring it up to Ridenton who trips over the ball!
90' + 3' It looks like Brisbane's run of outs will continue here. 
90' There will be five minutes of stoppage time. 
89' Referee Kurt Ams has some firm words with Petratos after he took out the corner flag before his corner drifted out for a goal kick. 
88' Newcastle have the corner and they're in no hurry to take it. 
87' Today's attendance is just under 10,000. 
84' Newcastle need to tighten up in defence because this game is not sealed just yet. 
82' Brisbane simply need to attack and attack and attack here if they are to get back into this game. Time is beginning to run out. 
81' The Jets have the free kick with Petratos sending it in, but Young has it covered. 
J. Pepper
D. Bowles
79' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Daniel Bowles can't continue and he is replaced by Jacob Pepper.
N. Cowburn
78' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Jair comes off and is replaced by Nicholas Cowburn as the Jets clear their bench. 
77' Play is stopped whilst Bowles receives treatment after he landed awkwardly. It has been an eventful day for him. 
76' Petratos tries one from distance but he is narrowly off target. 
M. Austin
R. Vargas
74' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Ronald Vargas comes off and he is replaced by Mitch Austin.
A. Papadopoulos
Yellow Card
72' YELLOW CARD - Avraam Papadopoulos is shown the yellow card for his foul on Jair. 
A. Taggart
M. McKay
70' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Matt McKay makes way for the not so popular Adam Taggart who used to be a fan favourite here.
69' Adam Taggart is warming up and he will see some action today. 
M. Ridenton
K. Sheppard
66' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Kaine Sheppard is replaced by Matt Ridenton.
63' Jair looks for a second goal but his shot is just over. He is beginning to think this goal scoring thing is fun. 
D. Wenzel-Halls
T. Mikkelsen
59' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Tobias Mikkelsen is replaced by Dylan Wenzel-Halls.
J. Young
Yellow Card
59' YELLOW CARD - Jamie Young has been shown the yellow card for dissent. 
58' GOAL JETS - Petratos slides it to Jair who unleashes a stunning finish to score his first goal since September 2017 and boy is he celebrating big time! Newcastle leads 2-0. 
57' Roar have the corner and it's taken by Bautheac but the Jets defence clears and launches the counter attack. 
54' Vargas finds Georgievski who shoots but it's straight at Young. 
50' The game has settled after a quick opening to the second half. 
48' Petratos sends it deep and the Jets continue to work it around. 
47' Jets have the corner.
47' Georgievski and Jair fire shots at Young with the first hitting the post and the second well saved by the keeper. Jets should be two up. 
45' The second half is underway. 
HALF TIME - A stoppage time goal by Sheppard sees Newcastle 1-0 ahead at half-time. 
K. Sheppard
45' + 1' GOAL JETS - Petratos finds Georgievski who passes to Sheppard and he flicks it past Young to score his first A-League goal. More importantly he puts the Jets in front 1-0.
45' + 1' There will be two minutes of stoppage time. 
45' Mikkelsen shoots around the corner with Moss making the save. 
43' Taggart is on the bench for the Roar. One wonders whether he will actually take any part in the match given his injury last week. 
41' Moss urges his defenders to get it out and that's exactly what the Jets defence does as the corner comes in. 
40' McKay shoots from inside the box but it's deflected off Boogaard and is out for another corner on the other side. 
39' It's end to end action with Brisbane now having the corner. 
38' Again the short corner is taken and it doesn't come off. 
38' Petratos shoots from the edge of the box but it deflects off Bowles and goes out for a corner. 
36' Petratos curls the free kick around the wall but it's too high. 
34' Sheppard is dragged down by Bowles who is already in the book and he is very lucky not to have received a second yellow card. 
33' Ugarkovic tries one from distance but this time he misses by a long way. 
31' Ugarkovic with a good chance in the box but his shot is just wide. 
30' Petratos sends it in towards Kantarovski who doesn't get enough purchase on it and it rolls away for a goal kick. 
29' Newcastle have another corner. 
26' Lopez with a beautiful turn and pass to Henrique who is ruled to be offside. 
D. Bowles
Yellow Card
22' YELLOW CARD - Bowles has been booked for one foul too many. 
21' The corner is taken by Petratos and once again the Roar defence are equal to the task. 
19' Henrique with an error that gives Newcastle the corner. 
17' Bautheac works it across to Kristensen who rattles the net, but only the side netting. 
17' The corner is worked short and the Roar work it around to half way. 
16' McKay with a great ball to Bautheac who forces a brilliant reflex save from Moss. That was the save of the season so far! Corner to Roar. 
15' The home fans are enjoying the atmosphere here in Newcastle bathed in sunshine. 
12' The corner by Vargas is cleared by Kristensen. 
12' Newcastle have another corner. 
11' Vujica calls for it then sends it in the box to nobody. 
10' Petratos delivers it flat and it's immediately cleared by the Brisbane defence. 
10' A foul on Vargas gives Newcastle the set piece in a very good position to the left of the box. 
8' Georgievski looks to cross it into the box but it's too heavy and out of play.
6' Jair is caught in an offside position just as he was about to pounce on the ball. 
5' Brisbane have the corner but as the ball comes in, it floats to the roof of the net for a goal kick. 
3' Lopez with an attemped ball to Henrique but it just misses him. He would have been onside and a great chance if it came off. 
1' Brisbane Roar kick off to get us off and underway. 
Brisbane (4-3-3): Young (GK); O'Toole, Bowles, Papadopoulos, Hingert; Lopez, McKay, Kristensen; Bautheac, Henrique, Mikkelsen. Subs: White (GK), Taggart, Pepper, Ingham, Wenzel-Halls.  
Newcastle (4-2-3-1): Moss (GK); Vujica, Topor-Stanley, Boogaard, Georgievski; Kantarovski, Ugarkovic; Jair, Vargas, Petratos; Sheppard. Subs: Italiano (GK), Koutroumbis, Ridenton, Austin, Cowburn. 
Time to check the line ups. 
These teams have met 40 times with Newcastle winning 17, Brisbane 14 and nine draws. 
Brisbane have won just once in the last four visits here. 
Newcastle have won their last three games against the Roar. They haven't won four matches in a row against any opponent. To do so they will have to overcome their slow start to the season. 
Both sides have just one win from their six matches. A win to either side gets them to sixth position. 
Good afternoon and welcome to McDonald Jones Stadium for today's clash between Newcastle and Brisbane. 
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