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A. Lallana
S. Mané
Yellow Card
André Gomes
M. Schneiderlin
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
T. Walcott
Yellow Card

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Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 343 474
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Liverpool's attention must now turn to Burnley at Anfield next week - not the easiest task given their recent revival. Everton will travel to Newcastle and hope they can climb up the table further. Will this be a crucial day in this season's title race? We'll see. That's all for now. Goodbye!
That result means that Liverpool stay second with nine games of the Premier League season left to play. Their title challenge is still alive but they need help from elsewhere now. Everton stay 10th - they'll be very happy with their point and recent upturn in form.
The advantage in the Premier League title race returns to Manchester City as Liverpool's blank away to Everton leaves them a point behind the champions in the table. Liverpool were superior in the first half but couldn't make it count thanks to some fantastic defending by Everton, and the home side could even have stolen the game late on. Liverpool have dropped 11 points in their last nine games now - they can't afford to let slip any more.
90' + 2' A diagonal pass aimed towards Alexander-Arnold runs harmlessly out of play. Klopp and Henderson are egging their team on but it's calmness and clinicality Liverpool need right now.
90' + 1' Firmino looks forward for Salah but Digne clears the ball down the line. Time is running out for Liverpool.
90' There will be three added minutes to the end of this game. Liverpool need another late slice of luck.
88' Everton look the far better side right now. Gomes' silky footwork helps him shrug off Fabinho and feed Tosun in the area - Matip is bundled over by the Turk and wins the foul.
87' Digne wins a free-kick in a great position for Everton after Alexander-Arnold's challenge. Everton's fans bay for a penalty but it's right on the edge of the box. Digne's delivery is poor and curls over everybody.
86' Damningly for Liverpool, Everton have had more shots - six - than Liverpool's four in this half. The win the Reds need is gradually slipping away from them.
85' Tempers are starting to flare here as Coleman fouls Lallana. Liverpool can't create anything from the free-kick.
84' Liverpool win a corner down their right after Keane steps in. The delivery finds Matip who can't quite find the target.
A. Lallana
S. Mané
84' Klopp makes his final throw of the dice. Mane off. Lallana on.
82' Everton really want to win this as another cross from Coleman causes Liverpool problems.Liverpool can't capitalise on the counter as Mane holds the ball too long.
81' Everton are awarded a free-kick in their defensive third. Lallana is getting ready down on the touchline.
80' Some untidy Liverpool play hands Everton a throw-in deep in their own half. The away side need to create another chance fast before two points slip away from them.
Yellow Card
79' Fabinho is next to see a yellow card as Gomes' first act in the game is to be fouled by Liverpool's metronome.
78' Everton's fans look like they would be delighted by the draw here but their team want the win. Sigurdsson slides a ball for Gueye who's busting a gut down the flank but Robertson shepherds the ball out of play.
André Gomes
M. Schneiderlin
77' Everton make their final change. Schneiderlin off. Gomes on.
76' Sigurdsson's free-kick somehow lands to Tosun in space at the near post but the Turkish striker isn't ready for it and his shot doesn't test Alisson.
A. Robertson
Yellow Card
75' Gueye finds Richarlison wide right - the Brazilian cleverly waits for Robertson to come clattering in and the Scot is booked.
C. Tosun
D. Calvert-Lewin
74' Everton make another change. Calvert-Lewin, who's been quieter this half, is replaced up front by Tosun.
73' Richarlison races away down the right hand side for Everton and fizzes in a low cross for Bernard that he somehow doesn't slide in! A goal for either side now will surely be crucial.
72' Now it's Everton's turn to have an attack as Richarlison's shot takes a deflection off Milner. This game is getting nervier and more frantic by the second.
71' Salah should have done much better there. Liverpool's front three race forward and Milner is all alone to Pickford's right - the Egyptian looks to find him but his cross is caught by Pickford far too easily.
70' The signs are starting to look ominous for Everton as Liverpool ramp up the pressure. Zouma and Henderson clash heads as they challenge for a header - they're both fine, and no foul.
69' What a challenge by Digne! Liverpool work the corner back into the centre and loft the ball in.Van Dijk heads back across goal for Fabinho unmarked at the far post, but Digne rushes in to slash the ball clear! 
68' Liverpool counter-attack again, looking more like their usual selves. Mane's pass for Salah is slightly overcooked but it's worked back to Milner whose shot from distance is deflected. Liverpool get the corner.
67' Coleman elects to cross early instead of driving directly at Van Dijk - it's blocked. Schneiderlin picks up the ball from Everton's throw and fires a wicked cross across goal - no one's there. Digne whips the ball back in for Richarlison whose header towards Alisson is tame.
65' There they are - Liverpool's front three combine on the break to create a header for Mane. The Senegal player tries to direct his header back across Pickford but Everton's centre-backs sweep up quickly.
Roberto Firmino
D. Origi
63' Secondly, Origi's chance is over - Firmino returns to the pitch after missing Liverpool's last game through injury. Liverpool's usual front three are back together again.
J. Milner
G. Wijnaldum
63' Klopp decides to make two changes for Liverpool. First, Wijnaldum goes off for Milner.
62' Digne looks for the near post from another Everton corner. This time it's a goal-kick to Liverpool.
61' Firmino is preparing to come on for Liverpool. Van Dijk comes across to check Coleman who is on another of his marauding runs forward.
T. Walcott
60' Here it is - Walcott comes off and will be replaced by Richarlison. Can Everton's Brazilian winger give them the edge?
59' Everton keep up the pressure down their left side and make incremental progress towards the corner flag. Meanwhile, they will make their first substitution of the game.
58' The game is starting to open up now - a situation which looks more favourable to Liverpool than Everton. Still, Everton win a throw down their left after Matip intercepts a ball down the line.
57' Henderson goes on a dazzling run through the centre of the pitch and pops a ball to Salah, whose first touch is just a little heavy. He looks likely to score but Pickford and Keane combine to deny him! The follow-up corner isn't worth mentioning.
56' Wijnaldum finds Origi on the left for Liverpool. Origi makes use of Robertson's run to cut inside but drags his shot wide. Liverpool are mostly in control but look in need of a little sprucing up.
54' Up the other end, Mane wins a free-kick from a tussle with Gueye. Alexander-Arnold steps up to drop a shot over the wall. Pickford drops low to collect.
52' That's a crucial stop by Alisson! Calvert-Lewin's header from the corner looks destined for the back of the net but it hits the ground and bounces at a comfortable height for Alisson in the end. Still, it's Everton's best chance of the game so far.
52' A loose pass by Fabinho is picked up by Walcott and passed to Sigurdsson. The Icelander holds the ball up just outside the box and lays off to an arriving Coleman, whose cross goes out for an Everton corner.
50' Everton work the throw to Sigurdsson whose ball into the centre is dealt with well by Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool try to break but can't create anything. They've started slowly this half.
49' Everton try to progress down the right as Walcott, Gueye and Coleman triangulate but Matip is on the scene quickly. They try again and this time Coleman wins a throw, albeit not without some choice words from the Liverpool defender.
48' Fabinho is fouled by Walcott who - remember? - is on a yellow card. It's fairly innocuous though so the referee lets him off.
46' Origi nutmegs Coleman who recovers well. Keane boots the ball forward but Calvert-Lewin and Sigurdsson are nowhere to be seen.
46' Liverpool get the second half of this Merseyside derby underway. Can they avoid losing ground on Man City by nabbing a victory here?
Each of the last three Merseyside derbies have been 0-0 at half-time now, but Liverpool know they need to win this one more than usual. Will Klopp look to make an early change to help his side gain the initiative?
Just like it was back in December, this Merseyside derby has been a scrappy affair. Neither side could really impose themselves on the game, although Liverpool had the best chance when Salah forced a save from Pickford. Everton's forwards have worked hard but haven't really posed a serious threat. An opening goal here will need a moment of quality - or luck.
45' + 1' Fabinho attempts to find Alexander-Arnold powering down the right flank but the Brazilian's pass is too powerful for the full-bac to reach. That will be that for now.
45' Everton can't build anything at the moment - they keep getting the ball then giving it away or handing Liverpool easy fouls. There will be one added minute in this first half.
44' Robertson curls the free-kick towards Van Dijk who's rushing in towards Pickford's left-hand post. Unfortunately for Liverpool there's too much pace on the ball and the Dutchman can only head it out of play.
42' Schneiderlin is penalised for tripping Matip as the Cameroonian ventures forward with the ball. Liverpool have a free-kick around 35 yards from goal in a central position.
40' Wijnaldum nabs a loose ball before Schneiderlin can get there and Liverpool can now attack. Alexander-Arnold's high cross into the box is claimed by Pickford. No worries there.
39' Keane launches a mortar pass forward towards Walcott who's surprisingly being played onside by Matip. Walcott has a pop but it's way high and wide of Alisson's goal. At least Everton have had an attempt now.
37' Everton have yet to have a shot in this game. It's not been one-sided, exactly, but the home side have only hinted at threatening while Liverpool actually have on the break.
35' It's another corner to Liverpool after Salah powers towards the box from the right, slips past Digne and makes a short pass to Mane but Keane is tight to him. The corner is cleared and Origi gives Everton a free-kick in their box.
34' Everton have worked hard but haven't created much so far. Alexander-Arnold loses out going forward and Sigurdsson skips past two Liverpool challenges, only to pass the ball to Keane who wastes the Icelander's good work.
32' Walcott wins a free-kick deep in Everton's half after he's fouled by Origi. Everton's players ask the referee why Origi hasn't been booked - it's a similar challenge to Walcott's earlier.
31' Walcott is almost in behind Liverpool's defence from Keane's direct pass but he's just mistimed his run and is flagged offside.
30' Play stops briefly as the referee needs replacement batteries in his earpiece. Just prior to that, Mane was offside from Fabinho's through-ball.
28' What a save by Pickford! The left side of Everton's defence switches off and Salah is suddenly through on goal. Salah drifts towards Pickford's near post and fires across the keeper but Pickford's right arm is equal to it! Henderson's follow-up shot is blocked.
27' Coleman finds Walcott with a ball over the top down Everton's right. The Everton fans complain after Origi is deemed to win a throw off the Englishman.
26' Salah shrugs off Digne despite having his shirt tugged by the Frenchman. Liverpool only get a throw down the right for his efforts.
25' Everton are enjoying a spell on the ball. Van Dijk cleans up after Gueye looks down the line for Calvert-Lewin. Great defending by the Dutchman.
24' Liverpool can't completely clear Digne's throw first-time. Everton get another attempt to loft the ball into the box but the away side manage to clear their lines. Chances are at a premium so far.
23' It's a throw-in for Everton. Calvert-Lewin does well again by running down the left-hand channel, looking for Walcott at the far post. Robertson rushes in to boot the ball away.
22' The Everton crowd call for a shove by Fabinho - the referee Martin Atkinson isn't convinced.
20' The pressure is still on Everton. The fans boo as Walcott goes down briefly after challenging Origi in the air. Keane's header back to Pickford almost puts his keeper under pressure from Mane but the pair just about get away with it.
19' Liverpool pass the ball amongst themselves at the back, probably grateful for some time on the ball. Everton have dropped off a bit now. Henderson curls a ball towards Wijnaldum - it's blocked.
18' Alexander-Arnold's corner is headed away by Digne. Fabinho gets his head up and spots Van Dijk still hovering in Everton's area but he overcooks the pass and it bounces out of play.
16' There's a lot of rivalry going on off the ball with players from both sides arguing with each other. Schneiderlin tries to thread in Walcott but it's intercepted. Henderson rushes down the right and his cross is blocked by Digne. Liverpool corner.
14' Everton and Liverpool both initiate attacks only for them to break down. Henderson looks up and aims a pinpoint direct pass for Salah breaking through the back-line. Everton put it out for a throw-in. From the throw, Salah cuts inside on his left foot in the box but his shot is at a comfortable height for Pickford.
12' Henderson puts in a fantastic high ball for Origi at the far post, causing havoc between Keane and Coleman. The ball looks like it might fall for Mane but Everton scramble the ball away.
11' Everton's corner comes to nothing. Now Liverpool win a corner as they go straight up the other end. Alexander-Arnold takes it but it doesn't beat the first man.
10' The first real chance of the game goes Everton's way! Calvert-Lewin makes a lovely turn and bursts away, crossing back into the centre. Sigurdsson arrives on the scene, stays on his feet and looks to find Walcott at the far post but it's put out by Van Dijk for an Everton corner.
9' Everton are just edging the start of this game. Alisson rushes out of his goal to claim an errant Everton cross.
8' Premier League meetings between Everton and Liverpool have seen more red cards - 21 - than any other fixture in the division's history. Don't be surprised if there's another dismissal today.
T. Walcott
Yellow Card
7' Everton take the throw short but Walcott can't reach Digne's cross. Walcott gets an early booking for hauling down Origi as the Belgian tries to get away on the break.
6' Gueye intercepts but his own pass is blocked by Alexander-Arnold. Bernard soon gets the ball, takes on the young English right-back and wins a throw for Everton. Neither side can get a foothold in the game at the moment.
5' Digne makes amends by letting a Henderson pass intended for Salah roll out for a goal-kick. This game has started at a terrifying pace.
4' Salah intercepts a sloppy pass out by Digne and Liverpool venture forward. Keane blocks Origi's cross and Liverpool win a throw down their left.
2' Both sides start aggressively with the wet pitch not helping proceedings. Liverpool win a free-kick near the half-way line after Keane unfairly blocks Mane. Van Dijk tries to find Salah from the free-kick but the Egyptian is offside. Ferocious start here at Goodison Park.
1' The 200th Merseyside derby in English league history gets underway!
It's been a rainy day in Merseyside and both sides are on the pitch now - Liverpool in their iconic red, Everton in their historic blue and white. It's on!
Today will mark the 200th time these two sides have met in the top flight, and Everton are enduring their longest ever winless run against Liverpool - they haven't beaten their cross-city rivals in their last 18 encounters (D9 L9), including their last 16 meetings in the league. Will the Toffees get that sweet, long-awaited victory today, or will their wretched run against Liverpool continue?
Everton make two changes from the side that grabbed a 3-0 victory away to Cardiff last week. Zouma returns from his suspension and takes the place of Jagielka, while Bernard is preferred to Richarlison on the flank. Liverpool, meanwhile, make only the one change from their 5-0 smashing of Watford mid-week as Reds captain Henderson comes in for Milner. Origi retains his place after scoring in that game - the first time he's started consecutive league games since May 2017. Liverpool's bench looks formidable with Shaqiri, Firmino and Sturridge to call upon should they need them. 
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Simon Mignolet, James Milner, Naby Keita,Adam Lallana, Xherdan Shaqiri, Roberto Firmino, Daniel Sturridge.
LIVERPOOL (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip, Andrew Robertson; Jordan Henderson (c), Fabinho, Georginio Wijnaldum; Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Divock Origi.
EVERTON SUBS: Maarten Stekelenburg, Richarlison, Phil Jagielka, Jonjoe Kenny, Cenk Tosun, Tom Davies, Andre Gomes.
EVERTON (4-2-3-1): Jordan Pickford; Seamus Coleman (c), Kurt Zouma, Michael Keane, Lucas Digne; Morgan Schneiderlin, Idrissa Gueye; Theo Walcott, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Bernard; Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
Everton will be even more up for this derby than usual. The Toffees were mightily unlucky to lose to Liverpool last December after Divock Origi's 96th minute header at Anfield gave Liverpool a crucial 1-0 win. What better way for Marco Silva's team to take revenge than to give their rivals' title hopes a serious blow at Goodison Park today?
This game would be huge even if the Premier League title race wasn't involved. After Man City overcame a well-drilled Bournemouth side 1-0 earlier this weekend, the pressure is back on Liverpool to secure a victory and return to the top of the table. Drop points today and the initiative will be back with Pep Guardiola's side - an outcome that Jurgen Klopp's Reds can't afford to let happen. 
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool at Goodison Park.