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90' + 3'
R. Loftus-Cheek
M. Mount
A. Mostovoy
R. Lukaku
1 - 0
Y. Rakitskiy
Yellow Card
Yellow Card

Match Stats

66% 33%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 804 412
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Juventus JUV Juventus 3 3 0 0 5 0 +5 9 W W W
2 Chelsea CHE Chelsea 3 2 0 1 5 1 +4 6 W L W
3 Zenit ZEN Zenit 3 1 0 2 4 2 +2 3 L W L
4 Malmö FF MFF Malmö FF 3 0 0 3 0 11 -11 0 L L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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It was a hard-fought win for Tuchel's side and they join Juventus on three points in Group H. It's the Italian side up next for them in the competition, but first, they face Tottenham in the Premier League on Sunday. Zenit suffer another defeat in the Champions League but will be hoping to continue their unbeaten run in their domestic league against Rubin Kazan.
Chelsea's Champions League title defence gets off to a winning start with a 1-0 victory over Zenit. They found it hard to break down the visitors for the majority of the game but Lukaku found a way through when he headed in Azpilicueta's cross at the far post. Dzyuba had a chance to equalise after coming off the bench but poked it wide and Lukaku could have doubled his tally in the final minute, but Santos made a block.
90' + 4' BLOCK! Barrios gifts the ball to Kovacic and he sets Lukaku on the counter. He tries to wrongfoot Santos but just can't lose the defender on the edge of the box as the left wing-back slides in to send it out for a corner.
R. Loftus-Cheek
M. Mount
90' + 3' Fourth change for Chelsea now as Loftus-Cheek comes on to replace Mount.
90' + 2' Kovacic bundles the ball through midfield before picking out Lukaku ahead of him. He has Havertz to his right in the box, but his low cross is cut out by Krugovoy.
90' It's a good spell of possession for Zenit here, but it's all in front of Chelsea. They're knocking it around on the halfway line, but they can't find a way through the hosts.
D. Krugovoy
Y. Rakitskiy
88' And Krugovoy is also being brought on for Rakitskiy.
A. Mostovoy
88' There's another double change for Zenit here. Mostovoy is coming on in place of Claudinho.
87' Rudiger makes another brilliant driving run down the left before poking it through to Chilwell when he's closed down by Erokhin. The substitute curls it into the box with his first touch, but it's just too high for Lukaku.
85' Jorginho switches it out to Chilwell on the left and he cuts inside before drilling a low cross towards Lukaku at the near post. It's just out of the forward's reach though and Kritsyuk comes off his line to collect it.
Thiago Silva
83' Silva is also coming on to replace Azpilicueta.
B. Chilwell
Marcos Alonso
83' There's a double change for Chelsea in defence here, with Alonso the first to go off. Chilwell comes on in his place for his first appearance of the season.
K. Kravtsov
D. Kuzyaev
82' Zenit are making another change now as Kuzyaev making way for Kravtsov.
81' Mendy has stayed down hurt after Dzyuba caught him with the follow-through on his shot and it looks like he's taken a hit to his ribs. The medical team are on to give him some treatment, but he's back on his feet and he'll be able to carry on.
80' WHAT A CHANCE! At the other end, Azmoun squares a great ball into the six-yard box and Dzyuba gets ahead of Azpilicueta to get on the end of it. He can't get the contact he needs though and ends up poking it just wide of the post.
79' CLOSE! Mount squares it into Alonso on the edge of the area and he cuts back onto his left foot, which leaves Chistyakov scrambling. He fizzes a shot across the face of goal, but it's just wide of the far post.
78' Only Robert Lewandowski (21), Erling Haaland (20) and Bruno Fernandes (17) have scored more goals than Lukaku (14) in major European competitions since the start of 2019-20. 
A. Erokhin
76' Wendel is the other player going off, with Erokhin replacing him.
A. Dzyuba
75' There's a double change for Zenit here and Malcom is the first to make way, with Dzyuba on in his place. 
73' Jorginho slides another brilliant throughball into the box, and Havertz times his run perfectly to get on the end of it. He floats a cross into the middle, but there's no one there for Chelsea and Zenit are able to clear their lines.
71' Chelsea are on the attack again here and looking for a second. Still, Zenit have everyone but Azmoun back in and around their own box and are making it difficult for Chelsea to get through.
R. Lukaku
69' LUKAKU SCORES! It's a great ball over the top from Azpilicueta and Lukaku just peels off the back of Chistyakov on the penalty spot. He glances it on with a clinical header at the far post and Kritsyuk can't get across to stop it from going in. 1-0 Chelsea!
69' Azpilicueta has been getting upfield more often in the second half and he's whipped a great cross into the box this time and put it on a plate for Lukaku.
68' CHANCE! Azmoun's sloppy touch looks to have ended Zenit's attack until Wendel nudges Christensen off the ball. He takes the shot early, trying to catch out Mendy from the edge of the box, but it's a comfortable one for the keeper.
67' It's patient play still from Chelsea as Zenit continue to crowd out their penalty area. Mount picks out Lukaku, who chooses to switch it out to Alonso on the left instead of playing in Havertz and the hosts are forced to go backwards again.
65' Wendel doesn't have chance to control the ball before Jorginho slides in to nick it off him and his touch takes it to Mount. He slides it through for Havertz, who tries to pull it back from the byline, but Rakitskiy makes another important block.
K. Havertz
H. Ziyech
63' Chelsea are making the first change of the game just before the free-kick is taken. It's Ziyech that's going off, with Havertz on to replace him.
Y. Rakitskiy
Yellow Card
62' Mount flicks the ball past Rakitskiy before turning the defender, who sticks out a leg to trip him. He gives away a free-kick in a dangerous position and earns a yellow card.
60' Zenit break on the forward and Azmoun is the only one forward for the visitors. He gets in behind Azpilicueta and into the box and Rudiger gets back just in time to poke it away from him and stop him from having a shot.
58' Kovacic switches it out to Azpilicueta and he uses James' run to pull away from Santos. He squares it into Mount and he drills a shot on goal, but it's blocked by Rakitskiy.
56' GREAT CHANCE! It's a big improvement from Chelsea compared to the first half and they're starting to open up the space in behind Zenit. Lukaku has his back to goal so squares it to James, but he can only fire his effort into the side netting.
55' It's a lovely throughball from Jorginho to pick out Alonso's run down the left, but his first-time cross is blocked by Barrios. The hosts get it straight back though and Ziyech flicks it past Chistyakov with a lovely touch but then pulls the cross back behind Lukaku.
53' Sutormin and Malcom are linking up well down the right for Zenit, but Chelsea aren't allowing them too much time on the ball. The Brazilian takes it to the byline, but he can only get a corner when Alonso and Rudiger crowd him off it.
51' Alonso is very wide out on the left and he wrongfoots Sutormin when he cuts inside. He fizzes a dangerous, low cross into Lukaku at the near post, who tries to flick it in, but he ends up sending it just wide.
49' CHANCE! Rudiger takes matters into his own hands from deep in his own half as he drives through the middle of the field on a brilliant run. He brushes Barrios aside before firing a shot from the edge of the box, but he sends it wide of the far post.
47' SAVE! Chelsea are moving the ball a lot quicker at the start of this second half, with Mount picking out Lukaku, who knocks it onto Ziyech. He gets it out of his feet with the first touch before drilling it on goal, but Kritsyuk gets down to hold it.
46' Zenit get us back underway for the second half! 
Tuchel looked a frustrated figure on the touchline when the half-time whistle went and he won't be too pleased with what he's seen. Chelsea struggled to break down Zenit, and he might be thinking about making a change soon. Zenit have looked bright on the counter, without creating too much, but Semak will be pleased so far. 
It's goalless at the break between Chelsea and Zenit. Nothing much happened in the first half, with only one shot on target between the side, which was a curling effort from Rakitskiy that was straight at Mendy. At the other end, Lukaku sent a header looping up over the bar, but that was the best chance Chelsea managed to carve out in the first 45 minutes.
Yellow Card
45' Azpilicueta gets caught wrong side of Azmoun and throws out an arm to try and shield him from the ball. He catches him in the face and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
44' James is starting to get a bit more joy down the right side as he gets in between two Zenit players and curls a cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Lukaku gets caught under it though and his header loops high over the bar.
42' Chelsea are trying to intricately pass it in behind Zenit, who are crowding players back into their box. It earns them a corner which James whips in and Kristyuk misses this one. Azpilicueta is rushing into the far post, but he can't make contact with it.
40' James swings a dangerous cross into the six-yard box where Lukaku and Christensen are waiting. Kritsyuk comes for it and flaps at the ball, half-clearing it and Barrios finishes the job by hooking it away.
38' CHANCE! Claudinho plays the corner short to Santos, and his deep cross is brought down by Rakitskiy on the right of the box. He cuts inside before curling a shot on goal, but it's straight at Mendy. That's the first shot on target of the game so far.
36' The Chelsea fans are making their frustration clear here after another loose pass is intercepted, this time from James to Mount. Zenit come away with it again, but they can't get out of their own half at the moment.
34' It's a clever turn from Alonso to win possession back and Mount holds off Kuzyeav to keep the attack alive. Chelsea switch it out to the right, but once again, Zenit get quickly back into their shape and stop Chelsea from getting into the final third.
32' James gets away from Santos down the right and he fizzes a low cross into the six-yard box. Lukaku is caught on his heels though and Rakitskiy slides in to intercept it for Zenit.
30' It's patient play by Chelsea as they try to open up a compact Zenit team. The visitors almost end up playing themselves into trouble with a loose backpass from Chistyakov to Kritsyuk, but the keeper clears his lines before Lukaku closes him down.
28' Sutormin almost plays himself into trouble as he tracks back towards his own box with the ball and both Alonso and Kovacic are chasing him down. He just manages to clear his lines before he can be caught on the ball though.
26' Kovacic skips away from Wendel's challenge through the middle before picking out Ziyech's run on the left. He cuts inside before Barrios slides in to nick it off him and the free-kick he's looking for isn't given.
24' Chelsea are just starting to up the pressure now, but their balls into the box in the last few minutes have been letting them down. Lukaku brings down James' cross down and square it to Ziyech, but his shot is blocked by Barrios.
22' Jorginho is off-balance when he gets the ball, but he manages to slip it through to Mount. His first touch threads it through to Lukaku, but he can't get it out of his feet and the pressure from Rakitskiy is enough to put him off and stop the shot.
20' Zenit have a free-kick through the middle and Rakitskiy hooks it out to Claudinho on the left. He tees up Kuzyaev, who decides to have a go from range, but it's a wild effort that sails high over the crossbar.
18' Mount does well to keep hold of the ball under pressure from Barrios before playing a one-two with Ziyech to open up a pocket of space. His cross is too high for Lukaku though and James can't keep it from going out at the far post.
16' Another interception at the back for Zenit allows them to counter, with Kuzyaev driving forward down the right. He carries it a long way, but three Chelsea players close him down and Kovacic ends up winning it off him.
14' James and Mount are linking up well with the right-back picking him out again. Mount has acres of space and tries to clip the ball over the top for Lukaku. He's well onside, but it's too high for him and it bounces harmlessly out of play.
12' Sutormin cuts inside and he curls a brilliant cross into Azmoun on the edge of the box. He gets the flick-on as he picks out Claudinho, but James gets back just in time to block his shot and send it out for a corner.
10' Rakitskiy does well to win the ball off Lukaku and he sets Zenit on a counter-attack down the left. Claudinho makes a great run down the left before swinging in a good cross to Azmoun. He can't control it though and gifts it straight to Kovacic.
8' Zenit are trying to find a way out of their own half after being penned back by Chelsea and Kritsyuk hooks it upfield towards Azmoun. He flicks a header on, but there's no one ahead of him and the hosts have it back.
6' It's a clever flick-on from Mount to pick out Lukaku, but he doesn't have space for a shot. He tries to slide in Ziyech to his right, but it's blocked by Chistyakov. There are shouts for a handball against him, but nothing is given.
4' Chelsea are knocking it around comfortably on the halfway line before Azpilicueta slides it through to James ahead of him on the right. He does well to hold off Santos, but then can't pick out Ziyech on the edge of the area.
2' It's a shaky start by Chelsea with Zenit forcing them into a couple of sloppy passes on the edge of their own box. Jorginho takes a heavy touch which almost lets in Azmoun, but the midfielder just does enough to get back and poke it away from him.
1' Mount gets the game under way for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Chelsea are unbeaten in their last 11 group stages games in the Champions League (W7 D4), with their last such defeat coming against Valencia in September 2019.
Sergei Semak makes just three changes from the win over Akhmat Grozny last time out. Barrios, Malcom and Claudinho all come into the starting line-up, with Erokhim, Mostovoy and Dzyuba named on the bench.
Thomas Tuchel makes five changes to the side that beat Aston Villa on Saturday as he brings Azpilicueta, Christensen, James, Jorginho and Mount into the team. Chalobah, Silva, Hudson-Odoi, Saul and Havertz all drop to the bench.
ZENIT SUBS: Artem Dzyuba, Mikhail Kerzhakov, Daniil Odoevskiy, Danila Khoutulev, Daniil Krugovoy, Aleksandr Erokhin, Andrey Mostovoy, Kirill Kravtsov. 
ZENIT STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Stanislav Kritsyuk; Aleksey Sutormin, Dmitriy Chistyakov, Yaroslav Rakitskiy, Douglas Santos; Wilmar Barrios; Malcom, Wendel, Daler Kuzyaev, Claudinho; Sardar Azmoun.
CHELSEA SUBS: Callum Hudson-Odoi, Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, Saul Niguez, Ben Chilwell, Lucas Bergstrom, Trevoh Chalobah, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Ross Barkley, Thiago Silva, Malang Sarr, Kepa Arrizabalaga.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Edouard Mendy; Cesar Azpilicueta, Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rudiger; Reece James, Mateo Kovacic, Jorginho, Marcos Alonso; Mason Mount, Hakim Ziyech; Romelu Lukaku.
Three months on from Chelsea lifting the Champions League trophy in Porto, their title defence campaign is under way. They've made an unbeaten start to their season, following up their UEFA Super Cup win with three wins and a draw in the Premier League and three clean sheets in that run. Zenit are also unbeaten so far, going eight games without a loss in all competitions (W6 D2). They currently sit top of the Russian Premier League but will be hoping that form can translate into this tournament after failing to win a game in the Champions League last year.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group H meeting between Chelsea and Zenit at Stamford Bridge!