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90' + 6'
C. Wood
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
R. Brady
J. Brownhill
L. Dendoncker
R. Jiménez
Jonny Castro
Rúben Vinagre
R. Jiménez
0 - 1

Match Stats

46% 53%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 5
Total Passes 359 413
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Burnley travel to Norwich this weekend while Wolves host Crystal Palace. Wolves have a fight on their hands in their last two games of the season to hold onto their Europa League place. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Burnley's equaliser doesn't mean much for them but Wolves will feel it more keenly. Burnley rise to ninth, four points behind Tottenham who won 3-1 away at Newcastle. Wolves stay sixth but miss the chance to go within a point of Manchester United. It pretty much puts paid to Wolves' Champions League chances.
Burnley and Wolves play out a 1-1 draw in an intriguing reverse of the return fixture 11 months ago. Jimenez gave Wolves a late lead in a tight affair thanks to a fantastic volley. The Mexican's strike looked to have sealed the points for the visitors until Wood levelled up from the spot in injury time.
C. Wood
Penalty Goal
90' + 6' GOAL! 1-1 BURNLEY! Burnley level the game at the death. Wood steps up and smashes the penalty into the top right corner. Patricio had no chance.
90' + 4' PENALTY FOR BURNLEY! Doherty is judged to have handled the ball in making that clearance. He did have his elbow raised high and Wood now has the chance to make amends from the spot...
90' + 3' Is this a penalty for Burnley?! Wood goes for an overhead kick and Doherty looks to head it clear. The referee points to the spot though! VAR is taking a look...
90' + 2' Wood misses an absolute sitter from three yards out! Burnley float the ball in and Patricio is nowhere near it. It's nodded down for Wood who only has to hit the target but somehow nods it wide! He'll be having nightmares about that.
90' Coady clambers over the back of Wood and gives Burnley an ill-advised late free-kick. Wolves deal with Westwood's effort. There'll be five added minutes here!
89' Neto forces another save from Pope! Traore sends his strike partner through on goal down the right channel. Neto aims low for the far post and Pope blocks it with his feet. Burnley are just about still in this.
88' Wolves look to have enough grip on the game to grind this win out. Neto drifts down the right and looks to find a teammate with his cutback but there's no one in old gold there. Burnley clear it.
87' Wolves win a free-kick as Pieters blocks Traore. Moutinho sends the free-kick in and Boly's header from the centre of the box is straight at Pope.
86' Pope races out to stop Wolves from sealing the game! Wolves take a throw-in quickly and Traore bursts onto it with his blistering pace, catching Burnley's defence off guard. Burnley's keeper comes out of his goal to put his foot through it.
R. Brady
J. Brownhill
85' Burnley make a change of their own. The Irish winger Brady comes on for Brownhill.
Jonny Castro
Rúben Vinagre
84' There's a like-for-like change too as Jonny replaces Vinagre at left wing-back.
L. Dendoncker
R. Jiménez
84' Jimenez's game is done. Dendoncker comes on to shore up Wolves' midfield.
82' Jimenez has become the first Wolves player to score 17 goals in a top-flight season since John Richards did it in 1975-76. Wolves are so lucky to have him.
80' Burnley now have to go in search of an equaliser. Vinagre fouls Gudmundsson high up in the pitch and the home side send men forward. Gudmundsson takes the free-kick but Tarkowski can't get his header on target.
Pedro Neto
Diogo Jota
78' Wolves make a substitution straight away. Jota goes off. Neto replaces him.
R. Jiménez
77' GOAL! 1-0 WOLVES! And what a goal it is! Doherty's shot deflects into the path of Jimenez who volleys it spectacularly into the back of the net. It's a stunning strike worthy of winning any Premier League match. But will it?
76' Traore skips over two Burnley challenges in the centre of the pitch and finds Doherty. Doherty's opportunistic shot is blocked and...
74' Pieters is left on the deck as he jumps for a header and Traore accidentally barges him over mid-air. The Dutchman is tough though and soon gets himself up.
73' Burnley only have one substitution window left available to them. It'll be interesting to see whether they chase the game or whether they're content with the draw.
71' Doherty makes himself a nuisance almost immediately. Neves is left of the box and beats Bardsley to float a cross in. Doherty gets up at the far post and Pieters does just enough to stop the Irish defender from winning the header. He'll provide an added threat down Wolves' right flank.
M. Doherty
Daniel Podence
70' Wolves substitution. Podence has blown hot and cold today. Doherty comes on for him, slotting in at right wing-back.
68' Traore is brought down by Long and gives Wolves a free-kick. Long lands awkwardly and requires a bit of treatment during the second drinks break. Wolves are preparing some changes.
66' Burnley venture forward for the first time in a while, earning a free-kick as Jota fouls McNeil. Westwood lofts it in and Long booms a header wide from the left of the box.
64' Wolves follow up on that last chance quickly. This time Podence drags a shot wide of the upright after receiving a pass from Jota. He perhaps had more time than he thought he did.
62' Traore twists this way and that to beat McNeil and Pieters. He succeeds and Vinagre picks up his pass on the opposite side. Moutinho floats a cross in and it's headed out to Neves. Neves goes for the spectacular and Pope catches it comfortably.
60' Burnley have had 58% possession so far in this second half. It feels as though the home side are starting to tip the game in their favour.
58' Burnley's corner comes to nothing. Wolves end up getting a free-kick via Boly. Wolves have looked a little rusty since the restart.
57' Saiss is holding his collarbone but looks to be OK. Meanwhile, it's a chance for Burnley! The ball bounces awkwardly over Coady in the box and Brownhill steals in to try to shoot from a tight angle. Neves steals in at the last to make a vital block.
55' Saiss is down injured after challenging for a header with Wood. Wood gave Saiss a cheeky nudge in the back while the pair went up in the air but it was nothing too untoward. Saiss winces as the physios give him some treatment.
53' Wolves go hunting on the counter straight away. Jimenez sends Pieters the wrong way to the right of the box and fires across goal. There's too much power on the shot though and it sails over the crossbar.
52' Burnley look more lively since the start of this half. Gudmundsson dances past two Wolves players before McNeil's shot is blocked. Bardsley sends the ball in and Boly holds off Wood well enough to win a vital header.
M. Vydra
J. Rodriguez
51' Rodriguez is replaced up front by the Czech international Vydra. It looks like Rodriguez is nursing a niggling injury.
50' Burnley try another bit of aerial bombardment. This time Bardsley's cross is headed away well by Traore. The home side get a throw but there'll be another Burnley substitution first.
48' Burnley enjoy a spot of time in possession. Bardsley fires forward vaguely in the direction of his strikers but Patricio is out to clutch onto the ball. Subtlety has never been Burnley's strong point.
46' Wolves start the half well. Moutinho pops a fantastic first-time pass out right to Traore whose venomous cross fizzes past the face of Burnley's goal. If there is a goal in this game it'll likely have something to do with him.
45' Burnley get the second half going after a false start. No changes at half-time.
This is the 26th time this season that both Burnley and Wolves have failed to score in the first half of a Premier League game - no other teams have failed to do so as often. Will this game liven up in the second half? Let's hope so.
It's all even at half-time then. Wolves have been the more proactive of the two sides but Burnley are well-drilled as ever and haven't given away chances easily. Jota's scuffed shot was probably the best chance of the half. 
45' + 1' There'll be two added minutes in this first half. Wolves have their eighth corner of the half but Moutinho's effort is poor.
45' Burnley deal with the corner well and get their best chance of the half. Gudmundsson bombs down the left and spots Rodriguez making a run through the centre. The Icelander finds Rodriguez but Wolves' captain Coady is there to intercept. It's a Burnley corner that Wolves clear. 
43' Coady wins a free-kick in his own half as he's fouled by Wood. Vinagre finds Traore with a wonderful switch of play and Traore knocks it off Pieters for a corner.
41' Both of these sides are well-organised and it's leading to a bit of a stalemate. Wolves are labouring to break Burnley down.
39' Wolves are raising their game as half-time approaches. Jota chests down Podence's dink forward and skids a shot into the side netting of the goal. The visitors haven't been hugely impressive but look fairly comfortable.
37' Burnley get a half-chance. Rodriguez takes down a direct pass in Wolves' box and swings at it on the volley, sending the shot off-target. Wood's unhappy as he thought he was in a better position to shoot.
35' Podence dallies on the edge of Burnley's box as Jimenez and Jota present him with options. He can't decide which to choose and in the end Burnley make the decision for him by clearing the ball away.
34' The offside flag goes up against Jimenez as Jota bursts into the box and the striker looks to latch onto Jota's bobbled pass.
33' Wolves are putting the pressure on Burnley at the moment. Podence's lofted ball in is blocked by Brownhill. Neves punts an effort into the stands.
31' Burnley undergo a bit of restructuring. Pieters will slot in at left-back while Gudmundsson will take his place on the right of midfield.
J. Guðmunds­son
C. Taylor
30' Here's that forced Burnley change. Taylor's at least capable of walking off the pitch unaided. Gudmundsson comes on to replace him.
29' Taylor goes down off the ball. The left-back looks to be in some sort of difficulty. He'll have to be substituted.
27' Wolves accelerate forward only for Jota's touch to let him down. Pope gets the ball upfield quickly but Rodriguez lets Wolves off as he fouls Saiss under little pressure.
26' That Wood shot was Burnley's first of the game. Wolves have played better but Burnley are always capable on the counter-attack.
24' Burnley go up the other end and get a corner of their own as Wood's shot takes a deflection and Saiss blocks McNeil's follow-up cross. Wolves deal with the corner and Burnley get a throw-in. There'll be a drinks break first.
22' Moutinho's deliveries are causing Burnley problems. Taylor is forced to head his ball in out for another Wolves corner. This time it doesn't beat the first man Pieters. Oh.
21' Podence drifts inside and clatters a shot against Long. Neves picks up the pieces and feeds Traore out wide. Traore's cross worries Pope who tips it over for a corner. Traore looks like he'll be influential again in this game.
20' Moutinho looks for Vinagre bombing on down the left. There's too much on the midfielder's pass though and it bobbles out of play for a goal-kick. Wolves are on top but haven't quite found their rhythm yet.
18' Another Coady crossfield pass goes awry and Pieters nips in on Saiss to force an error. Burnley end up getting a throw in Wolves' half. A decent little spell of pressure for Burnley, who've been muted.
16' Burnley win a free-kick near the halfway line. McNeil lofts it forward into Wolves' box as Tarkowski and Long make their presence felt and Patricio rises high to claim it.
14' Coady fires a crossfield pass in the direction of Podence. Wolves' captain usually gets that type of pass right but it's all wrong in this instance as the diminutive Podence can't keep the ball in play.
12' Moutinho whips the corner in. It's a great delivery that leaves Saiss with a free header from a few yards out. The Moroccan has Long on his back though and can't keep the header down.
11' Vinagre does brilliantly to get away from Pieters and Bardsley down the left. He plays the ball off the arriving Long for another Wolves corner. It's been a good start by Wolves so far.
9' Neves pops the ball into the box to Jota who swivels and shoots. It's blocked. Traore powers down the right and hangs a cross up for Jimenez at the far post. The Mexican's header is tame and straight at Pope.
8' Podence performs a sharp turn to the left of Burnley's box, sending Barnsley the wrong way before firing in a cross. Taylor isn't sure if Traore is behind him and plays it safe by heading it out for a corner.
7' Traore dribbles himself into trouble in midfield only for the referee Mike Dean to take sympathy on him as McNeil brings him down. Wolves free-kick.
6' Wolves cry for a free-kick as Pope comes to the edge of his box to collect a pass from a teammate. It's not happening.
5' Wolves are dictating the play so far with both of their wing-backs pinning Burnley's full-backs in their own half. Burnley are defending deep in typically blocky fashion.
3' Traore is playing at right wing-back early on here but he's likely to spend most of his time in Burnley's half. Traore's cross from the right results in a Burnley throw-in on the opposite side.
2' Burnley clear Wolves' corner without too much difficulty. The wind is really having an impact on the ball in the air.
1' Wolves get a feel for the ball early on. Podence slightly underplays a pass out wide to Traore but the Spaniard makes the most of it anyway, charging at Taylor and winning an early corner for the visitors.
1' Both teams take the knee and Wolves get this game underway!
The two sides are out on a blustery Turf Moor pitch. Burnley and Wolves will both play in their home kits - it's suitably traditional for two of the founding members of the Football League.
It'll be hard to separate these sides. Burnley are unbeaten in their last six league games at home, while Wolves have lost just four away Premier League games this season. In the return fixture 11 months ago Wolves scraped a 1-1 draw at Molineux with a late Jimenez penalty. Will there be a winner here?
Burnley name an unchanged team from their draw with Liverpool. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Wolves make four changes from their midweek outing against Everton. Jota starts after coming off the bench to score in that game, as do Traore, Moutinho, and Vinagre.
SUBS: Jonny Castro Otto, Maximilian Kilman, Leander Dendoncker, John Ruddy, Morgan Gibbs-White, Matt Doherty, Oskar Buur, Bruno Jordao, Pedro Neto.
WOLVES (3-4-3): Rui Patricio; Willy Boly, Conor Coady (c), Ruben Neves; Adama Traore, Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho, Ruben Vinagre; Daniel Podence, Raul Jimenez, Diogo Jota.
SUBS: Bailey Peacock-Farrell, Mace Goodridge, Jimmy Dunne, Robbie Brady, Max Thompson, Josh Benson, Johann Gudmundsson, Matej Vydra, Anthony Driscoll-Glennon.
BURNLEY (4-4-2): Nick Pope; Phil Bardsley, Kevin Long, James Tarkowski (c), Charlie Taylor; Erik Pieters, Ashley Westwood, Josh Brownhill, Dwight McNeil; Chris Wood, Jay Rodriguez.
Wolves, meanwhile, bounced back from disappointing consecutive defeats with a 3-0 victory over Everton. With several teams lurking just below them, Nuno Espirito Santo's team need a result here to cement their top-six position and keep their Champions League hopes alive.
Burnley may still have something to fight for this season. Sean Dyche's team have lost just one of their last 13 Premier League games, getting a creditable 1-1 draw against champions Liverpool last time out. Europe is a long shot now but stranger things have happened.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Burnley and Wolves at Turf Moor.