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D. Welbeck
I. Sarr
3 - 2
T. Deeney
Penalty Goal
3 - 1
P. Aubameyang
K. Tierney
3 - 0
K. Tierney
P. Aubameyang
2 - 0
P. Aubameyang
Penalty Goal
1 - 0

Match Stats

51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 6
Total Passes 442 398
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So, Watford will be playing in the Championship next season after finishing the season with three defeats. Arsenal finish in eighth place, but their season isn't over yet as they turn their attention to the FA Cup final next weekend when they face Chelsea.
Watford are relegated after a 3-2 defeat to Arsenal. Aubameyang put the home side ahead from the spot after VAR awarded the penalty. Tierney added a second before Aubameyang scored an overhead kick from close range. Deeney pulled one back from the spot and Welbeck added a second for Watford in the second half with a tap-in. Watford had some good chances to equalise, but couldn't beat Martinez.
90' + 5' GREAT CHANCE! Pedro swings a good cross into the box from the left and Welbeck and Deeney get their head to it, but can't send it towards goal. It comes out to Sarr who picks out Welbeck with his cross, but he sends it wide of the far post.
90' + 3' CLOSE! Watford have a free-kick just outside the box and Masina floats a cross into the middle. He picks out Deeney and he heads his effort down the middle. Martinez is beaten, but it flies over the crossbar.
90' + 1' Watford are still keeping hold of the ball as we head into six minutes of stoppage time but at the moment, they're struggling to get into the final third and threaten the home side's defence.
89' It's a great run down the left from Pedro and he stops with the ball when Holding commits himself to the tackle. He swings a cross into the far post, but it's over Welbeck's head and Arsenal see it out of play.
João Pedro
R. Pereyra
88' Final change for Watford now and it's Pereyra coming off for Pedro.
85' Watford are seeing more of the ball at the moment, but they're struggling to find a way through Arsenal's defence as they chase an equaliser.
83' Arsenal are trying to play out from the back but Watford are pressing high up the field and causing them some real problems. This time it's Torreira that gives it away, but Sarr can't do anything with it.
N. Chalobah
W. Hughes
81' Hughes is also coming off, with Chalobah replacing him.
T. Cleverley
A. Doucouré
81' Double change for Watford now and it's Doucoure making way first for Cleverley.
79' Nelson chips his cross into the far post from the right of the box when he spots Tierney's run. He takes it first time, but it's a wild effort that he slides wide of the target.
77' Foster has sat down in his box and it looks like he's got a muscle problem. The medical team are on the field giving him treatment for it now. Gomes has been warming up but it looks like Foster is able to carry on.
75' FOSTER SAVES! Dawson is caught on the ball by Nelson and he has Aubameyang up with him in support. He squares it to the striker in the box but his shot is smothered by the goalkeeper.
74' GREAT SAVE! It's a great run from Sarr as he drifts into the box from the right before he squares the ball to Welbeck in the middle. He tries to turn it into the far corner, but Martinez gets down quickly to push it away.
R. Holding
Yellow Card
72' Holding is booked after stepping across Hughes and cutting off his run.
L. Torreira
Dani Ceballos
72' Ceballos is also making way for Torreira.
R. Nelson
N. Pépé
72' There's another double change for Arsenal now and Nelson is coming on for Pepe.
70' The players go to the side of the pitch for their second cooling break of the game.
68' Watford are keeping the pressure on Arsenal after that goal and are keeping the home side penned back in the final third. It's another long throw-in that goes into the box, but Deeney can't reach it ahead of Holding.
D. Welbeck
66' WELBECK SCORES! Sarr's cross from the right is missed by Martinez who tried to push it away and Welbeck was goalside of Luiz in the middle. He does get the ball and taps it into the net. 3-2! 
I. Sarr
66' Sarr pulled away from Tierney on the right and drilled his cross low into a dangerous area of the six-yard box for Welbeck to run onto.
64' GREAT CHANCE! It's great play by Welbeck who plays a one-two with Deeney to open up some space on the left of the box. Welbeck is one-on-one with Martinez but the goalkeeper smothers the shot from close range.
62' GOOD SAVE! Pepe cuts inside from the right before dummying a shot to catch out Dawson. That opens up some space for him and he curls a shot into the near post, but Foster gets a strong hand to it.
61' Nketiah does well to hold up the ball under pressure from Doucoure which allows support to get up with him. He has Pepe to his right, but a heavy first touch from him sends it out of play.
59' Arsenal have all of their players back in their own half at the moment and they're making it difficult for Watford to try and find a way through. 
S. Kolašinac
J. Willock
57' Willock is also coming off with Kolasinac replacing him.
E. Nketiah
A. Lacazette
57' There's a double change for Arsenal now and Lacazette is the first to make way for Nketiah.
56' Only Thierry Henry (seven) has scored more goals in the closing day of the Premier League season for Arsenal than Aubameyang (five).
54' The corner for Watford misses everyone in the six-yard box and Aubameyang hooks it clear. It goes as far as Doucoure and he drills the ball back into the middle. It hits Welbeck and the flag goes up as he was offside.
52' Arsenal have a free-kick on the left wing and Ceballos floats his cross towards the far post. Luiz is running onto it but Deeney gets there just ahead of him to put it out for a corner.
C. Dawson
Yellow Card
51' Yellow Card Craig Dawson
50' GOOD CHANCE! It's a long throw-in for Watford that causes problems this time as Arsenal don't clear their lines. Masina's first attempt bounces off Welbeck's back but it falls for the substitute again and this time he fires it just over the bar.
48' Deeney and Welbeck get into each others' way on the edge of the box when the captain tries to get into some space to have a shot. It doesn't bounce for Welbeck and Holding comes away with it.
46' Arsenal get us back underway for the second half! 
Watford have given themselves a slim chance with their goal, but there'll need to be a big improvement in the second half. Villa are currently drawing with West Ham, so Watford need to win if they want to stay up. Arteta will be pleased with his side's performance so far and will expect more of the same after the break.
Arsenal lead Watford 3-1 at the break. After a lengthy VAR check, Arsenal were awarded a penalty in the fifth minute for Dawson's foul on Lacazette which Aubameyang converted. Tierney then added a second before Aubameyang scored an overhead kick to put them 3-0 up. Watford have pulled one back though after Luiz gave away a penalty which Deeney scored.
W. Hughes
Yellow Card
45' + 5' Hughes is booked after cutting off Pepe's run when Arsenal set off on the counter-attack.
45' + 4' CLOSE! Pereyra swings a cross in from the corner and Welbeck gets ahead of Holding to meet it at the near post. He flicks his header on, but can't keep it down and it bounces onto the roof of the net.
A. Mariappa
Kiko Femenía
45' + 2' Femenia goes straight down the tunnel and Mariappa replaces him.
45' + 1' Femenia has now gone down off the ball and he's receiving treatment after Aubameyang caught him on the side of his leg with his studs. He's limping off the pitch and he's not going to be able to carry on.
G. Xhaka
Yellow Card
45' Xhaka misses the ball and catches Sarr with a late challenge and Watford have a free-kick on the right wing. 
T. Deeney
Penalty Goal
43' DEENEY SCORES! The captain steps up to the spot and fires his shot into the bottom-right corner of the net. Martinez went the right way, but couldn't get a hand to the ball to stop it. 3-1!
42' PENALTY TO WATFORD! Luiz caught Welbeck with a late challenge when the forward went to get on the end of Doucoure's cross and the referee has pointed to the spot and Watford have a chance to get back into this game.
41' Luiz and Martinez are both down for Arsenal in the box at the moment after the goalkeeper caught him when he came off his line to catch the ball. They slowly get back to their feet but won't need any treatment.
39' Sarr swings a deep cross into the box from the right and manages to pick out Welbeck at the far post. He nods it back into the middle but doesn't have any support with him and Luiz clears for Arsenal.
37' It's a good throughball from Willock to pick out Lacazette's run through the middle. He's one-on-one with Foster who comes rushing out of his box to sweep the ball away but the flag has gone up for offside anyway.
R. Pereyra
Yellow Card
35' Pereyra picks up the first yellow card of the game for a late challenge on Tierney.
P. Aubameyang
33' AUBAMEYANG SCORES! Dawson drifts away from Aubameyang when the long throw-in comes into the box and his first touch takes it looping into the air. He goes for the overhead kick and beats Foster at his near post. 3-0 Arsenal! 
K. Tierney
33' Tierney puts his long throw-in into the six-yard box where he spotted Aubameyang in a little pocket of space.
32' Pereyra does really well to keep hold of the ball to get away from Xhaka in his own half before making a driving run through midfield. He has Deeney and Welbeck ahead of him but overruns it in the end and Luiz nicks it off him.
30' Lacazette brings down Ceballos' looping pass with a brilliant first touch but then gets it caught under his feet when he tries to play in Pepe. The whistle has gone against him anyway though for a high boot.
28' Pereyra is down receiving treatment after being brought down by Holding, but he's quickly back to his feet. Maitland-Niles is also down for Arsenal after Deeney caught him in the head. Both of them will be able to carry on.
26' The players went off for their drinks break following the second goal and Watford get the game restarted from the centre circle.
K. Tierney
24' ARSENAL HAVE A SECOND! It's against the run of play, but Tierney has found the net. He's in a lot of space on the edge of the box when he curls the shot towards goal and a deflection off Doucoure takes it past Foster. 2-0 Arsenal!
P. Aubameyang
24' It was originally a heavy touch by Aubameyang when he tried to bring down Pepe's cross, but he managed to touch the ball into Tierney's path.
22' Arsenal are patiently playing out from the back as Watford have all of their players sitting deep to close down the space. Pepe makes a good run down the right but it's eventually cut out by Masina.
20' Watford are just starting to put the Arsenal defenders under more pressure now as Femenia gets away from Tierney on the right again. He puts his cross into the box from the byline, but Luiz heads it clear.
18' GREAT CHANCE! It's a brilliant cross into the box from Femenia on the right and Deeney runs onto it to head it towards goal. Holding doesn't know much about it as he makes the block as it hits him in the face from close range.
17' That was Arsenal's earliest penalty goal in the Premier League since April 1999 (Marc Overmars v Middlesbrough, 4 minutes). Arsenal went on to win that game 6-1.
15' Hughes slices at his clearance and it ends up falling for Lacazette on the right of the box. He drills his cross back into the middle and there are shouts from the Arsenal staff asking for another penalty for handball against Masina, but there was nothing in it.
13' GOOD SAVE! It's a good counter-attack by Watford but it looks like the chance is gone when Sarr dawdles on the ball. He cuts it back to Doucoure and a heavy touch takes it to Pereyra and his shot is stopped by Martinez at the near post.
11' Pepe gets into a lot of space on the right and squares the ball into the box from the byline. It's behind Lacazette but Aubameyang swerves his run to reach it. He keeps his shot low but it's blocked by Dawson.
9' Watford are on the attack again after Deeney wins a free-kick in the centre circle and they're going down the right again. This time, Sarr gets the ball caught under his feet though and Tierney clears the danger for Arsenal.
7' Watford are pushing forward quickly now when they get the ball. Doucoure gets into a good position on the right and swings a cross into the middle for Sarr. He hits the shot in the middle of the box, but it's saved by Martinez.
P. Aubameyang
Penalty Goal
5' AUBAMEYANG SCORES! It's a confident strike from the spot from Aubameyang and he sends Foster the wrong way and nestles his shot into the bottom-left corner. 1-0 Arsenal!
4' PENALTY TO ARSENAL! Aubameyang timed his run perfectly before putting his cross into the box and Dawson is penalised for crashing into Lacazette. 
3' VAR is having a long look at that challenge on Lacazette by Dawson to see if Arsenal should be awarded a penalty and it was clumsy by the defender. They're also checking to see if Aubameyang was offside in the build-up to it. 
1' CLOSE! Lacazette went down under a challenge from Dawson, but the chance wasn't gone for Arsenal as it came out to Ceballos. He hits the shot first time and he's beaten Foster but it's just over the bar.
1' Sarr gets the game underway for Watford! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Arsenal are unbeaten in their last 14 final day Premier League games (W12 D2), winning the last eight in a row. Meanwhile, Watford haven't won their final league match of a season since 2011-12 against Middlesbrough (D2 L5 since).
Hayden Mullins makes just two changes to the team that started against Manchester City on Tuesday. Masina and Welbeck both come in to replace Mariappa and Cleverley, who start on the bench.
Arteta makes five changes to the side that lost to Villa last time out as he brings in Tierney, Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Pepe and Willock. Kolasinac, Saka, Torreira, Soares and Nketiah drop to the bench.
WATFORD SUBS: Andre Gray, Ignacio Pussetto, Craig Cathcart, Heurelho Gomes, Tom Cleverley, Domingos Quina, Joao Pedro, Nathaniel Chalboah, Adrian Mariappa.
WATFORD STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Ben Foster; Kiko Femenia, Christian Kabasele, Craig Dawson, Adam Masina; Abdoulaye Doucoure, Will Hughes; Ismaila Sarr, Ricardo Pereyra, Danny Welbeck; Troy Deeney.
ARSENAL SUBS: Matt Macey, Cedric Soares, Bukayo Saka, Reiss Nelson, Matthew Smith, Sead Kolasinac, Lucas Torreira, Eddie Nketiah, Sokratis. 
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Emiliano Martinez; Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Rob Holding, David Luiz, Kieran Tierney; Dani Ceballos, Granit Xhaka; Nicolas Pepe, Joe Willock, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; Alexandre Lacazette.
Watford start the day in the relegation zone, with only goal difference separating them and Aston Villa. That means they need to better Villa's result if they want to stay up or hope that Villa lose by a margin of two goals more than them after Watford suffered defeats to West Ham and Manchester City in their last two games. Arsenal can't qualify for Europe through the league, but Mikel Arteta will be hoping his side can bounce back after their loss to Villa on Tuesday.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Arsenal and Watford at the Emirates!