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90' + 3'
C. Vargas
Yellow Card
D. Sánchez
Yellow Card
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
G. Montiel
Yellow Card
Lautaro Martínez
M. Acuña
1 - 0

Match Stats

56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 495 386
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Brazil BRA Brazil 17 14 3 0 40 5 +35 45 W W W D D
2 Argentina ARG Argentina 17 11 6 0 27 8 +19 39 D W W W D
3 Uruguay URU Uruguay 18 8 4 6 22 22 0 28 W W W W L
4 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 18 7 5 6 27 19 +8 26 D L D D W
5 Peru PER Peru 18 7 3 8 19 22 -3 24 W L D W W
6 Colombia COL Colombia 18 5 8 5 20 19 +1 23 W W L L D
7 Chile CHI Chile 18 5 4 9 19 26 -7 19 L L W L L
8 Paraguay PAR Paraguay 18 3 7 8 12 26 -14 16 L W L L D
9 Bolivia BOL Bolivia 18 4 3 11 23 42 -19 15 L L L L W
10 Venezuela VEN Venezuela 18 3 1 14 14 34 -20 10 L L L W L


Final Tournament
Intercontinental Play-off


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Argentina stay second in the table, extending their unbeaten run in all competitions to 29 games. Their next qualifier is against Venezuela in March. Colombia's run without a goal and a win stretches to seven games. They've slipped to seventh, now three points off the play-off place with Peru still to play. It's a big game for them against Bolivia next time out.
Argentina's unbeaten run continues with a 1-0 win over Colombia. Lautaro Martinez's first-half strike into the bottom corner was enough for the hosts, who dominated for most of the game. Di Maria forced two great saves out of Vargas, while Lo Celso and Dybala also came close. Colombia almost scored in stoppage-time at the end of both halves - Emiliano Martinez denied Borja in the first before Lisandro Martinez's own goal was denied by an offside in the build-up.
90' + 4' CLOSE! Dybala takes the free-kick, lifting a great effort over the wall and towards the near top corner. Vargas is stretching, but he's beaten and the shot lands on the roof of the net.
C. Vargas
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Yellow Card Camilo Andrés Vargas Gil
90' + 3' It's another poorly-timed challenge from Sanchez and Argentina have a free-kick in a dangerous position. Colombia aren't happy with the awarding of the foul though, and it's taking a while for the referee to get them into the wall.
90' + 1' SO CLOSE! Suarez lifts the ball over the top to Mojica, who is all alone on the left of the box. He fizzes a dangerous cross into the middle and Lisandro Martinez slices at the clearance. Emiliano Martinez gets a hand to it, but it crosses the line just after a belated offside flag goes up against Mojica, much to Argentina's relief.
D. Sánchez
Yellow Card
90' It's a clumsy challenge from Sanchez as he runs into the back of Buendia, and he's shown a yellow card.
88' Dybala curls a free-kick in from the right and Lucas Martinez rises highest in the crowd. His header loops up and over the crossbar without testing Vargas.
86' It's a risky one from Cantillo as he squares the ball along the edge of his own penalty area and Meza latches onto it. He's forced wide before winning a throw-in, but it's pressure Colombia could've avoided.
84' Cuadrado lifts a hopeful pass over the top towards Diaz, but it's too high for him. Montiel is caught before he can make a clearance though and Mojica lashes a cross into the box, but it's blocked by Pezzella.
82' The hosts win a free-kick on the edge of the box down the left and Meza steps up to take it. He curls his shot straight against the wall though and earns a corner, which comes to nothing.
E. Buendía
G. Lo Celso
80' And Buendia comes on to make his first appearance for the hosts in place of Lo Celso.
L. Martínez
A. Gómez
79' Final changes for Argentina now, with Lucas Martinez coming on to replace Gomez.
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
77' Suarez catches Gonzalez in the side of the head with his elbow and is shown a yellow card.
R. Falcao
M. Borja
75' And Borja is also making way, with Falcao on to replace him.
G. Cuéllar
W. Barrios
75' Another double change for Colombia as they try to get that all-important goal that's been evading them. Barrios is first to go off, with Cuellar on for him.
75' CLOSE! Dybala's corner hits Acuna on the back and falls kindly to Lo Celso, who is hovering on the edge of the D. He brings it down on his chest before volleying a brilliant effort on goal. It doesn't dip in time though and lands on the roof of the net.
73' Dybala plays a lovely one-two with Lo Celso before lifting it over the top to Montiel down the right. He volleys a cross back into the middle, but it's cleared by Sanchez ahead of Gonzalez.
71' Colombia have a rare chance to break forward, and Cantillo has space to run into down the left. He has no one up with him in support though, and eventually loses out to Montiel while he tries to hold it up.
N. González
Á. Di María
69' And Di Maria is also taken off, with Gonzalez on in his place.
P. Dybala
Lautaro Martínez
69' Double change for Argentina now and it's the goal scorer, Lautaro Martinez, that's first to go off, with Dybala replacing him.
D. Valoyes
S. Medina
67' Third change for Colombia now and it's an attacking one. Medina goes off, with Valoyes on in his place.
66' The momentum has shifted back in Argentina's favour and Acuna slides it down the left for Gomez. He just manages to keep it in, but can only win a throw-in as his cross is blocked.
64' GOOD SAVE! Lo Celso is dispossessed, but Lautaro Martinez wins it back just as quickly. He squares it to Di Maria, who has a go from the edge of the D. He whips it towards the far post and Vargas stretches to push it away.
62' It's better from Colombia now as they work it down their left, but Diaz and Suarez are struggling to find a way past Montiel. They're knocking it around nicely without getting anywhere near the box.
60' SAVE! Di Maria wins another free-kick and he tests Vargas by having another go from distance. He keeps his shot low, drilling it past the inside of the wall towards the near post. The keeper scrambles across to it and spills it out for a corner.
59' DI MARIA! Colombia's short free-kick in their own half is intercepted by Di Maria, and he turns before having an audacious attempt at goal. He's a long way out when he spots the goalkeeper off his line, but his clipped shot isn't too far wide of the near post.
G. Montiel
Yellow Card
58' It's a clumsy one from Montiel on the back of Mojica and his name goes into the book.
M. Meza
L. Ocampos
58' There's a change for Argentina as well, with Ocampos making way for Meza.
V. Cantillo
M. Uribe
57' And Uribe is also taken off, with Cantillo replacing him.
L. Suárez
J. Rodríguez
57' Colombia are making a double change as they try to get themselves back into this game. James is the first to go off, with Suarez on for him.
56' Colombia are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment and Sanchez sets James off through the middle. He runs straight into Rodriguez though, and it's another wasted chance for the visitors.
54' Cuadrado's free-kick is headed away by the hosts, but Tesillo keeps it in play on the left. He spins away from Montiel to clip a cross into the box, but it's cleared away by Lisandro Martinez.
52' Colombia's corner is cleared away at the near post, but it comes back out to James on the right and he curls another cross in. Emiliano Martinez comes out for it and initially fumbles it, but manages to hold on with his second attempt.
50' Di Maria is still causing Colombia all sorts of problems as he weaves his way through midfield. He tries to switch it out to Lo Celso on the right, but the referee gets in his way this time.
48' SAVE! Di Maria curls in a low free-kick from the left and it pinballs away from the goal with deflections off players from both sides. It falls for Acuna on the edge of the D, but his bouncing half-volley shot is straight at Vargas.
47' Sanchez loses the ball twice on the edge of his own box, and Ocampos almost makes him pay for the second attempt. He curls a dangerous low cross into the middle towards Lautaro Martinez, but Tesillo cuts it out.
46' Colombia get us back underway for the second half!
Argentina were comfortable in the first half, bar the last few seconds before the break. They dominated from the first whistle and Scaloni will be hoping for more of the same after the break. It's a familiar story for Colombia though as they failed to find the back of the net again. They barely got out of their own half and they'll need to take more risks if they want to keep their qualifying hopes alive.
Lautaro Martinez's goal gives Argentina a 1-0 lead over Colombia at half-time. The hosts dominated the first half, keeping the pressure on Colombia and Lautaro Martinez gave them the advantage with a low finish into the bottom corner. Di Maria also forced Vargas into a good stop from a free-kick. Right on the stroke of half-time, Colombia almost equalised but Emiliano Martinez smothered Borja's shot before Diaz's follow-up was cleared off the line.
45' + 1' GREAT SAVE AND OFF THE LINE! Out of nowhere, Diaz pokes it through to Borja and he's through on goal. He hits his shot straight at Emiliano Martinez, who smothers it, but Diaz latches onto the rebound. He scuffs a shot on goal, which Pezzella hooks away off the line.
M. Acuña
Yellow Card
44' Cuadrado has a chance to break, and it looked like the ball got away from him just as Acuna clipped him from behind. The referee judged it to be a foul, and the left-back is shown the first yellow card of the game.
42' Ocampos' free-kick is a poor one, but the clearance falls for Acuna in the middle. He drags it back out to the left, but Medina does enough to stop him from swinging a cross into the box.
40' Diaz links up well with Mojica down the left before winning a free-kick when Montiel bundles him over. James swings a good cross into the box, but it's cleared away by Pezzella.
38' Argentina are getting a lot of joy down their right side as Montiel gets away again. He pulls it back to Lo Celso this time, who threads it through to Lautaro Martinez. He goes down claiming a foul, but nothing is given as Colombia clear their lines.
36' Lautaro Martinez is making another good run down the left and Colombia are scrambling back to try and stop him. Sanchez nicks it off him before winning a free-kick after the forward handballs it.
34' GREAT SAVE! Di Maria steps up and gets a lot of power behind the free-kick. It takes a nick off someone as it goes through the gap in the wall and Vargas does well to get a strong hand behind it.
33' The ball is given away straight to Lo Celso this time and he skips past Cuadrado as he tries to get into the box. Sanchez steps across to stop him, giving away a free-kick on the edge of the D.
31' That goal seems to have brought Colombia to life and they're closing Argentina down much higher up the pitch. They're still struggling to get on the ball, but at least they're keeping the hosts pegged back for now.
M. Acuña
29' Nobody is closing Acuna down on the left and after a quick glance up, he lifts a great cross into the middle of the box.
Lautaro Martínez
29' LAUTARO MARTINEZ SCORES! Acuna floats a lovely cross into the box and Tesillo completely misjudges it in the middle. It flies over his head and falls to Lautaro Martinez, who is unmarked. He gets it out from under his feet before drilling a low shot past Vargas and into the near bottom corner. 1-0 Argentina!
27' There's a clash of heads between Borja and Rodriguez during an aerial challenge and the Colombia forward has stayed down. He's quickly back to his feet after treatment though and will be able to carry on.
26' Montiel drives down the right, picking out Di Maria, who lays it off to Rodrigez before the right-back gets it back. A loose touch on the edge of the box lets him down though and allows Colombia to get back into their shape.
24' Again, the hosts look to Di Maria down the right and he tries to curl a cross into Lo Celso in the middle. Sanchez makes a good interception ahead of him and Medina just manages to clear the danger before Gomez can latch onto the loose ball.
22' Colombia try to catch Argentina out on the break, with Diaz finding a lot of space down the right. He floats it to Cuadrado on the edge of the box, who brings it down for James, but he can't pick out Borja through the middle.
20' Argentina's press is starting to cause the visitors some problems now as Barrios is closed down on the edge of his own box by Lautaro Martinez. The midfielder manages to bundle it away, but the pressure isn't off them yet.
18' Colombia are really struggling to get out of their own half at the moment. Sanchez tries to set Cuadrado off down the right, but he runs straight into Gomez and Argentina have the ball again.
16' DI MARIA! It's Mojica that's caught on the ball this time, and Montiel quickly lays it off to Di Maria. He spots Vargas off his line, so takes the shot early, trying to curl it in at the far post. The keeper is beaten, but it's just wide.
14' CHANCE! Borja has drifted out to the left to get on the ball and he draws the defenders out to him, leaving the space for Diaz. He picks out the forward, who lets it run across him before having a shot, but Lisandro Martinez slides in to block it.
13' It's given away cheaply by Cuadrado and Argentina are on the attack again. Lo Celso lifts a lovely pass over the defence to Gomez, who chests it down for Ocampos, but he can't get away from Sanchez to have a shot.
12' Again, Argentina push forward, and Ocampos lifts it over the top to pick out Montiel in space down the right. He volleys a cross towards the six-yard box, but it's over everyone in the middle and Colombia get it away.
10' Rodriguez is quickly in to nick the ball off Barrios and he picks out Acuna down the left. He knocks it onto Gomez before sprinting for the return pass. That's overhit though and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
8' Colombia just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment as Gomez switches it out to Di Maria with another brilliant long ball. He jinks away from Mojica before hitting his cross against Uribe.
6' Diaz is tripped to stop his driving run down the left, but Colombia don't use the opportunity to put it in the box. Instead, they work it out to Cuadrado on the right instead, but his first touch gets away from him and Emiliano Martinez collects it.
4' Pezzella goes long, looking for Di Maria, who is in acres of space down the right. He brings it down with a wonderful first touch before trying to slide it through for Lautaro Martinez, but Tesillo slides in to cut it out.
2' Argentina have made a bright start to the game and are moving the ball around quickly. Di Maria knocks it through Uribe's legs and spins away from Barrios before sweeping it out to Ocampos. He cuts inside and has a wild shot on goal that flies high into the stands.
1' Lautaro Martinez gets the game underway for Argentina!
The teams are out on the pitch now, the national anthems have been sung and kick-off is just moments away!
These sides met twice last year, drawing 2-2 in a World Cup qualifier in June before Argentina beat Colombia on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the Copa America semi-final.
Reinaldo Rueda makes four changes from the defeat to Peru in their last outing. Vargas starts in goal, with Medina, Tesillo and Borja also coming into the starting line-up. David Ospina misses out through illness, while Yerry Mina is suspended. Borre and Falcao both start on the bench.
Lionel Scaloni makes six changes to the side that beat Chile last time out, with four of those enforced as Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico, Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes are all suspended. Pezzella, Acuna, Rodriguez and Lo Celso come in for them, with Montiel and Ocampos also brought in. Gonzalez and Molina drop to the bench.
COLOMBIA SUBS: Rafael Santos Borre, Victor Cantillo, Yimmi Chara, Gustavo Cuellar, Radamel Falcao, Fredy Hinestroza, Andres Mosquera, Oscar Murillo, Daniel Munoz, Harold Preciado, Luis Suarez, Diego Valoyes.
COLOMBIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Camilo Vargas; Stefan Medina, Davinson Sanchez, William Tesillo, Johan Mojica; Wilmar Barrios, Mateus Uribe; Juan Cuadrado, James Rodriguez, Luis Diaz; Miguel Borja.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Esteban Andrada, Franco Armani, Emiliano Buendia, Angel Correa, Paulo Dybala, Nicolas Gonzalez, Lucas Martinez, Maxi Meza, Nahuel Molina, Nehuen Perez, Julian Alvarez.
ARGENTINA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Emiliano Martinez; Gonzalo Montiel, German Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez, Marcos Acuna; Giovani Lo Celso, Guido Rodriguez, Papu Gomez; Angel Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez, Lucas Ocampos.
Argentina have already secured their place at this year's World Cup, and are still unbeaten in their qualifying campaign, winning nine and drawing five of their games so far. They haven't lost any of their last 28 games in all competitions, a run that goes all the way back to the 2019 Copa America when they lost to Brazil in the semi-final. Colombia currently sit in sixth place in the table but have struggled for form as of late. They're winless in their last six qualifiers (D4 L2), failing to score in all of those games, which will need to change if they want to play in Qatar later this year.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Colombia at the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes!