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90' + 8'
C. Adams
M. Obafemi
0 - 2
90' + 3'
J. Ward-Prowse
Yellow Card
D. Ings
Penalty Miss
A. Ramsdale
Penalty Save
D. Ings
N. Redmond
0 - 1

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43% 57%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 8
Total Passes 288 407
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With that however, it's time to bid farewell. The Toffees await Bournemouth - and Southampton, back to winning ways, host Sheffield United. Until then, thank you for joining us - and have a good week!
Football. It's a cruel game sometimes, isn't it? Eddie Howe's side still have a chance, according to the maths - namely that they beat Everton in their final game of the season and Watford fall to both Manchester City and Arsenal. But even then, both sides would be level on points, meaning that the Cherries would need a superior goal difference - and that second strike today from Adams could prove to be the costliest of the lot.
Goals from Danny Ings and Che Adams give Southampton a lively win as they head into their final game of the Premier League season - and what would have been a maiden effort for Sam Surridge, chalked off by VAR, means that Bournemouth are looking down the barrel of relegation more than ever. The Cherries' hopes rest firmly out of their hands for now - they will need their luck to ride elsewhere if they hope to avoid the drop. Full-time at the Vitality Stadium, it finishes Bournemouth 0-2 Southampton.
M. Obafemi
90' + 8' It's a lovely setup from Obafemi, who cuts around the right-back and plays a pass back into the box for Adams. The striker juggles it between his feet, takes two steps around to the right and buries it past Ramsdale. Game over.
C. Adams
90' + 8' GOAL! SOUTHAMPTON! Che Adams puts this game to bed for good! Only seconds after Bournemouth thought they'd snatched something at the other end, it is Saints who double their lead and increase that negative goal difference for their hosts. They lead 2-0.
90' + 6' GOAL - BUT NO! OFFSIDE! Bournemouth thought they had it there, the point they craved! It's Surridge, poking in at the left post, in the middle of a congested box, for what would be his first Premier League goal. But the referee heads to the VAR - and there's a marginal offside in the build-up! It's the cruelest of margins and Southampton stay ahead.
M. Obafemi
D. Ings
90' + 4' Southampton eat up the clock with a late change, bringing on Michael Obafemi for Ings.
J. Ward-Prowse
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Ward-Prowse is slapped with a booking for a foul on Surridge and Bournemouth quickly whip the free-kick downfield, looking to push for a desperate equaliser.
90' + 2' It's a messy box, and Bournemouth try to shuffle it around, looking for an opening - but in the end, Saints blast it downfield and the visitors race back to halfway en masse, as they look to find a second and put this game to bed.
90' Harry Wilson again! The man turns on a dime in a cluttered box and it takes the fingertips of McCarthy to tip it around the post. There will be a corner and five added minutes at the Vitality Stadium.
89' Harry Wilson lets loose with a speculative effort off the right foot from the edge of the box and whistles it over the near-top corner of the goal. The number of added minutes here could be crucial for the Cherries.
D. Gosling
P. Billing
87' Dan Gosling is the latest fresh face for the hosts, replacing Billing in these dying minutes.
86' Down the other end, Vestergaard comes in with a last-gasp slide to stop a shot from Solanke after the substitute found himself threaded through, and then McCarthy deals with the corner that winds its way in a moment later. What do Bournemouth have left in the tank?
85' Now it is the turn of Adams to chance his arm and Ramsdale again makes a clean stop. Every time Southampton get down the Bournemouth end - and given how wide the game has become now, that's happening a lot - they're having a shot.
83' What a chance for Saints! A breakdown in communication by the hosts allows Redmond through solo on goal and Ramsdale does enough to parry his shot back out into the fray.
S. Surridge
J. Lerma
82' Bournemouth hit the side netting! It's Solanke with the finish, and it's perhaps as close as they've come all game, with a header smashed the wrong side of the left post. Sam Surridge replaces Lerma for the hosts.
80' Lerma! The Bournemouth man rises in the box for his side's latest corner and can't direct his clean header, sending it tumbling away. Southampton's counter is swift, with Adams coming close to doubling the lead before the Cherries manage to squeeze him out for what is a harmless corner in the end.
L. Cook
Yellow Card
78' Lewis Cook launches a rash challenge to cut off the latest Southampton move and gets booked for his troubles. We're fast approaching the final 10 minutes of regulation time in Bournemouth.
P. Højbjerg
Oriol Romeu
77' Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is the latest new face to the fray, replacing Romeu for Southampton.
76' Has Alex McCarthy been the best player on this pitch today? The Southampton keeper punches away a corner and then gets down low to deny Solanke at close-range. He's looked untouchable between those posts.
74' Southampton ramp up the pressure on the Bournemouth box following a swift break down the left flank, but they can't quite make it stick and allow the Cherries to get out of jail without launching a shot of their own.
72' The Cherries have seen even less of the ball this half than they did before the break, with just 38 per cent of possession. It's going to take something special, one would think, to get a result in these closing stages.
D. Solanke
J. Stanislas
70' Bournemouth also bring on Dominic Solanke for Stanislas.
L. Cook
J. King
69' The Cherries make a fresh swap, with Lewis Cook on for King.
68' Play comes to a halt for a drinks break after what was likely the best chance Bournemouth have had yet. Eddie Howe is animated on the touchline. He still thinks his side can get something from this.
66' Harry Wilson! That should have been the equaliser as a lovely pass, cut from left to right, finds the Bournemouth man unmarked on the edge of the box. He attempts to curl it into the far corner and McCarthy just gets a grip on it.
C. Adams
S. Long
66' Southampton bring Long off and add Adams up front in his place.
65' Saints are caught in the offside trap going forward and that looks like the proverbial signal for a spate of changes.
63' King tries to outstrip the Southampton defence going down the left wing but finds himself squeezed out. Play is back at its lively peak once more as the Cherries continue to fight for a goal to square things up.
61' That stop looks to have put the wind back in the Cherries' sails and Wilson earns them a corner down the other end. The set-piece delivery leaves much to be desired but the hosts aren't out of this battle yet.
Penalty Save
59' RAMSDALE SAVES! Bournemouth may feel that justice has been done there as Ings stutters in his run-up and plants a rather tame effort low to the right. The keeper reads it correctly and makes the stop. The Cherries are still in this one!
A. Ramsdale
Penalty Save
59' Penalty Save Aaron Ramsdale
D. Ings
Penalty Miss
59' Penalty Miss Daniel William John Ings
57' Do Southampton have a penalty here? The visitors believe that Harry Wilson got an arm to a potential header in the box and though play is waved on, the officials come back a minute later. A look from the referee - and the spot-kick is awarded! Disaster for Bournemouth! It'll be Danny Ings to take...
55' Shot from Ward-Prowse! The England man clips a low effort in that looks to have got the best of everybody, with Ramsdale just doing enough to divert it around the right post. Corner to Southampton.
53' Stanislas draws the foul from Long just to the left of the Saints penalty area and Bournemouth pump the free-kick in. They're going for the right post, but McCarthy reads it perfectly and picks it out of the air mid-flight.
51' Vestergaard gets his head to the delivery but puts it over the crossbar by some margin. Down the other end, McCarthy leaves it late to take Wilson on and comes up trumps inside his box.
49' The pressure is all on the hosts again as Ward-Prowse wins Southampton a corner. Would a second goal kill off the Cherries for good? That may be the case.
P. Billing
Yellow Card
47' It's nearly 2-0 to the visitors as Long curls an effort just around the right post. Seconds later, Billing nearly takes off his leg with a belated tackle and the Bournemouth man is flashed a yellow card for his efforts.
H. Wilson
D. Brooks
46' Bournemouth have made a change at the break too, with Harry Wilson coming on for Brooks.
46' We're back underway at the Vitality Stadium - do Bournemouth have the means to turn around their season here?
Does Eddie Howe stay here, at the club he helped guide to the heady lights, if they go down? He's spent most of his career here at the Vitality Stadium - but the matter of his future is surely a talking point behind closed doors. A two-goal swing in his favour here could change those conversations drastically.
There's a huge 45 minutes on the horizon for Bournemouth now, as they look to save their Premier League career following a first-half strike from Danny Ings - a former Cherries man himself no less - put them on the back foot. The England striker curled a lovely effort around Aaron Ramsdale with only a few minutes of the opening half to go - and now the hosts face a mountain to climb. At the break, it's Bournemouth 0-1 Southampton.
45' There's going to be two minutes of added time at the Vitality Stadium in this first half.
43' Eddie Howe doesn't give much away but that could be the goal that sees his side sent to the Championship. They've not managed a single shot on target yet - indeed, they're still on three efforts total - and they now face a huge task to find two goals and spin this one around. A draw could yet still cut it - but that's leaving a lot out of their hands, more so than it already is.
N. Redmond
41' Nathan Redmond laid up that ball on the back of a fast press by the visitors and cut around to potentially play a one-two with Ings. The forward didn't need him though and that is an assured finish.
D. Ings
41' GOAL! SOUTHAMPTON! Danny Ings has just handed an absolute hammer-blow to Bournemouth's hopes of survival! It's a short pass to the striker on the left of the box, and he cuts back inside himself before leathering a low shot into the bottom-right corner. 1-0 to the visitors.
40' Ramsdale has an easy save as Redmond volleys an effort in from outside the box. It's quite a nice strike from the Saints man but he just happens to plant it straight at the keeper, who could catch those with one hand tied behind his back.
38' Bournemouth have actually had less of the ball than Southampton so far - just 45 per cent of it - but you'd be hard-pressed to assume as much. It's been a lively game, this one, even if the score remains at zero on both fronts.
36' Billing puts a long throw into the Saints box for Cook to attempt to nudge into the box, but the Bournemouth man can only send it sailing over the lip of the goal on a looping trajectory.
J. Vestergaard
Yellow Card
34' Vestergaard returns the favour to Wilson from earlier and sends the striker sprawling in the centre circle as he looks to break. The referee is less than impressed and flashes him with a yellow card for his effort.
33' Back-to-back Bournemouth corners result in nothing for the hosts, sparking a little bit of off-the-ball chat between Wilson and McCarthy. The two look like they may have more to say to each other as this game goes on.
31' A knock to Vestergaard - from Wilson, though the striker looks less than impressed - defuses any threat in the Saints box now and gives the visitors a little bit of space.
29' Super work from Walker-Peters sees the defender just tip a dangerous ball into his own box over the crossbar, though the right-back perhaps rode his luck a little there. Bournemouth have responded to Saints' firmer shape with a stronger press down the wings.
27' Better from Southampton now, who string together a lovely passage of play in midfield, cutting around the Bournemouth players with a slick ease. It ends with a Ward-Prowse header straight into the arms of Ramsdale.
25' A sliding tackle by Rico looks to have left Redmond in some discomfort but the Saints man looks good to continue without the need for any major medical help.
23' Both sides pause to take on water now and it's likely Southampton who will need the sterner words. Much of Bournemouth's opportunity has come from them hunting the ball every time it falls to a Saints man without much in the way of mercy - and the visitors need to stamp that out if they don't want to be chasing their tails.
21' Remarkably, there's only been four shots in this game so far, with the hosts supplying three. With how choppy it's been around the middle of the park - neither side seems content to let the other play it around - it's given the impression that it has yielded more chances than it actually has.
19' Wilson and King try to hassle McCarthy into a mistake as Saints push the ball back towards their own goalkeeper but he is unfazed by their attempts. The same could also be said for Ramsdale at the opposite end but the Cherries man is cutting a few passes quite close between his own sticks.
17' What will Eddie Howe have up his sleeve for this match? The Bournemouth boss has forged a fine reputation in taking this club from the lower end of the Football League to its high table, but his side may need to work out just how they can thread the needle here rather than creating half-chances from loose possession.
15' Vestergaard concedes a free-kick in line with the Southampton goal now to give Bournemouth a set-piece chance - but the Cherries slam it into the first defender and the visitors are left untroubled.
13' King thinks he has a shout for a penalty, felled in the box as he broke around the left edge, but the officials are having none of it. The Cherries are playing with the slightly manic air of desperate and determined men already and we've not even reached the quarter-hour mark.
11' From a subsequent corner, Kelly tries to clip an effort through a crowded box but finds no success. Down the other end, Southampton break with purposeful intent and a gorgeous delivery into the box is skipped over by Long who oversteps his mark.
9' A golden chance for Wilson! The ball is whipped in ahead of the striker, sandwiched as he is between two defenders on the edge of the six-yard box. He can't break free to stretch out a leg and the opportunity goes missing.
7' Rico unleashes a speculative effort from some distance outside the box and sees it fly well wide of the mark. Bournemouth are starting to find some forward footing here.
6' A half-chance for Bournemouth as a long ball and a nudged header puts Wilson into space in the Saints box. The defence muscle possession away for a corner and Vestergaard subsequently clears the inswinging effort.
4' Long draws the foul on halfway to bring a rather scrappy exchange of play between both sides to a close and Southampton try to work it downfield. They only find Rico out wide, who sweeps up possession with a calm poise.
2' It's one-way traffic from Saints as Ings forces an early corner and the visitors pepper the Cherries box. There's an appeal for handball from a defender but it goes unrewarded and Bournemouth mostly weather the storm.
1' Following the now-familiar sight of both sides taking a knee for the Black Lives Matter movement, we are underway in this Premier League clash between Bournemouth and Southampton!
The teams have emerged at the Vitality Stadium and we're just moments away from kick-off.
Southampton will want to finish with a flourish though and, despite those wholesale changes, they've not named a side that could be considered a pushover. This one could be a finely balanced encounter today.
Bournemouth's ultimate fate is very much still out of their own hands, of course - they trail Watford by three points, with both sides only set to play twice this campaign again. But the Cherries have the easier run-in on paper, with Saints and Everton, while the Hornets face Manchester City and Arsenal. They still have a chance.
Subs: Angus Gunn, Kevin Danso, Yan Valery, Jake Vokins, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Will Smallbone, Will Ferry, Che Adams, Michael Obafemi.
SOUTHAMPTON (4-4-2): Alex McCarthy; Kyle Walker-Peters, Jack Stephens, Jannik Vestergaard, Ryan Bertrand; Stuart Armstrong, James Ward-Prowse, Oriol Romeu, Nathan Redmond; Shane Long, Danny Ings.
Subs: Artur Boruc, Jack Simpson, Dan Gosling, Andrew Surman, Lewis Cook, Arnaut Danjuma, Harry Wilson, Dominic Solanke, Sam Surridge.
BOURNEMOUTH (4-4-2): Aaron Ramsdale; Jack Stacey, Steve Cook, Lloyd Kelly, Diego Rico; David Brooks, Philip Billing, Jefferson Lerma, Junior Stanislas; Joshua King, Callum Wilson.
There's a whopping five changes for the visitors today from the side who tied with Brighton on Thursday, with Shane Long, Stuart Armstrong, Jack Stephens Ryan Bertrand and Kyle Walker-Peters all coming into the starting XI. Bournemouth make just two swaps, with Callum Wilson and David Brooks replacing Dan Gosling and Dominic Solanke.
Ralph Hasenhuttl's team theoretically have nothing to play for but pride now, with a top-half finish in the Premier League now beyond their reach - but it can be assured that they won't be rolling over to let their English channel neighbours take the result they need too.
The Cherries left it too late in midweek to snatch a result against Manchester City and head into today's fixture against the Saints knowing that three points - and a loss for Watford against the Blues on Tuesday - is their best chance of avoiding the drop back to the Championship.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2019-20 Premier League as Eddie Howe's beleaguered Bournemouth - looking to save their top-flight status - host their fellow south coast club Southampton in a do-or-die clash at the Vitality Stadium.