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Spain face Ukraine in Euro 2016 qualifiers
Spain face Ukraine in Euro 2016 qualifiers
The holders face a tough pair of fixtures against the hosts of the last competition, while Italy come head-to-head with Croatia and Netherlands meet the Czech Republic more »
1 Aldo Junior Simoncini Goalkeeper - Federico Emmanuel Rinaldi Defender
- Michele Berardi Goalkeeper - Carlo Valentini Defender
- Fabio Macaluso Goalkeeper - Manuel Battistini Midfielder
- Mattia Manzaroli Goalkeeper - Fabio Bollini Midfielder
- Federico Valentini Goalkeeper - Lorenzo Buscarini Midfielder
2 Fabio Vitaioli Defender - Pietro Calzolari Midfielder
5 Davide Simoncini Defender - Michele Cervellini Midfielder
6 Alessandro Della Valle Defender - Enrico Cibelli Midfielder
8 Pier Mazza Defender - Matteo Coppini Midfielder
- Matteo Andreini Defender - Lorenzo Gasperoni Midfielder
- Giacomo Benedettini Defender - Alex Gasperoni Midfielder
- Maicol Beretti Defender 7 Matteo Vitaioli Striker
- Juri Biordi Defender 10 Andy Selva Striker
- Gianluca Bollini Defender - Alessandro Bianchi Striker
- Cristian Brolli Defender - Danilo Ezequiel Rinaldi Striker
- Gabriele Genghini Defender - Giampaolo Mazza Manager/Coach
- Mirko Palazzi Defender      
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