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Fabio Cannavaro Player Profile

Fabio Cannavaro Player Profile
Fabio Cannavaro
Date of Birth:Sep 13, 1973 (Age 43)
Place of Birth:Napoli
Nationality: Italy
Height:176 cm.
Weight:75 Kg.
Squad Number:5
Fabio Cannavaro - Italy (Getty Images)
Since that day, 9 July 2006, when he raised to the sky the World Cup in Berlin, Fabio Cannavaro is not just a defender, but the defender.

The caps leader with Italian national team (131), the player, has been for 10 years one of the most respected defenders in the worldand wo the 2006 Golden Ball. A strong [ositional sense, a great physical stature despite his size (176cm to 75 kg), capacity to anticipate, Cannavaro has rarely disappointed his supporters.

However, during the past year (after the experience in Spain with the jersey of Real Madrid), age appears to be catching up with him. Luckily for Marcello Lippi, however, the captain's performances tend to be given a boost when he wars the Azzurri kit. He  is recognized as one of the best defenders, arealy featuring in the World Cup in 1998 and 2002, in which he formed, together with Alessandro Nesta, one of the strongest central defensive pairs in the team's history.

Did you know?

After the victory of the 2006 World Cup, Italian fans called him 'The New Berlin Wall.'