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Antonio Di Natale Player Profile

Antonio Di Natale Player Profile
Antonio Di Natale
Date of Birth:Oct 13, 1977 (Age 39)
Place of Birth:Napoli
Nationality: Italy
Height:170 cm.
Weight:70 Kg.
Squad Number:10
Antonio Di Natale - Italy (Getty Images)
Antonio Di Natale comes into the World Cup having beaten Diego Milito to Serie A's Capocannoniere title [leading goalscorer]. Having scored 29 goals throughout the campaign, Toto managed to score more than half of the Bianconeri's goals this season, and the side struggled when the pocket-sized striker was not in the starting XI.

Despite constantly denying a move to a big Italian or European club, the striker is proud to have made the Azzurri squad playing for a medium-sized club, who had a rather disappointing season.

His eye for goal, combined with his ability to constantly find the back of the net make the 32-year-old one to watch - and carefully. Defenders may believe that they have done enough to defuse the situation, but it only takes half an opportunity to pounce for Di Natale, as his speed and quick reaction are seen as his strengths.

Did You Know?

Di Natale has a tattoo of his two children's names on his arms: Filippo on his right and Delitta on his left.