Benfica forced to explain Roberto sale to Zaragoza

Benfica were obligated to present additional information to the Portuguese stock market (CMVM) on Wednesday morning regarding the sale of goalkeeper Roberto to Zaragoza

Benfica announced on Monday evening they had sold Roberto to Zaragoza for €8.6 million, which sparked controversy in both countries, as the Spanish club have debts which amount to €110m and have asked for legal protection to be able to continue their operations.

After Benfica issued a first statement earlier on Wednesday which did not add much to the case, the Portuguese stock market (CMVM) decided to freeze the club’s shares until a detailed explanation was provided.

In a new statement, Benfica have revealed that Zaragoza paid just €86,000 for the keeper, while the remaining €8,514,000 was purchased by an investment fund.

Upon receiving this statement, CMVM lifted the suspension, and trading in Benfica shares is now allowed again.

A report in El Pais on Wednesday claimed Fifa agent Jorge Mendes was involved in the investment fund, but the attorney of Gestifute, the agency company which the Portuguese owns, issued a statement to clarify that Mendes "did not acquire any share of Roberto’s economic rights, nor did he intervene in any way in the transfer."