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The Lisbon outfit were not impressed after their full-back; Leandro Grimi, was detained by police for the second time in a matter of weeks.

Leandro Grimi is close to crossing the line with Sporting Lisbon after he was detained by police for the second time in a month after being caught drink driving in February.

The 24-year-old Argentinian was held over night by authorities in Lisbon after a young girl complained that he had not fulfilled his promise to drop her off at her home, according to AS.

After leaving a beach with friends, Grimi is reported to have said he would drive the 20-year-old to her house, but twice failed to do so and instead stopped elsewhere.

The girl began shouting from the car which alerted police and it was then that the player was held and taken in for questioning regarding is reasons for not dropping her off.

Her complaints have not been disclosed, but the Sporting full-back was held over night and had to explain to club officials what had happened the following day.

Grimi was stopped by police and found to be over the alcohol limit while driving last month, but whils that did not make many headlines, this incident has put the magnifying glass back on him.

Sporting are not happy with the player's behaviour and could issue him with a warning about his conduct.

Lucas Brown,