FFF rejects Fifa ruling on headscarves

The organisation will not support a directive that paves the way for Muslim women to wear veils on the field of play, out of respect to the country's 'principles of secularism'
The French Football Federation (FFF) has revealed that it will not be enforcing Fifa's decision to allow players to wear headscarves during matches.

The game's governing body announced on Thursday that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) had agreed during a meeting in Zurich "to unanimously approve - temporarily during a trial period - the wearing of headscarves."

That decision paves the way for Muslim women to wear veils on the field of play but the FFF has declared that it will continue to prohibit the use of any clothing related to religious beliefs.

"In regards to the participation of French national teams in international competitions, and the organisation of national competitions, the FFF reiterates its desire to respect the constitutional and legislative principles of secularism prevailing in our country," a statement read. "Under these conditions, it does not allow players to wear the veil."

The IFAB also approved the use of goal-line technology during the meeting in Zurich and also backed the continued use of additional referees.