Ancelotti’s Stance Over Milan Owned Gourcuff Pleases Blanc

While Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti continues to deride the French international in the press, Girondins de Bordeaux’s head coach is lapping up the criticism.
It may not have been inspirational for young French midfielder Yoann Gourcuff to hear more negative comments directed at him from Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti earlier this week, however, his current boss, Laurent Blanc, is delighted that the Italian has chosen to take such a stance on the youngster.

“I don't know whether he's going to come back to Milan. It's going to be difficult, but not impossible,” said Ancelotti of the promising 22-year-old earlier this week, according to Ligue 1’s official website.

“You have to prove your worth at Milan very quickly. We can't afford to give young players several chances to let them grow. It's perhaps a shame, but it's like that.

"I understand his disappointment – it's not easy to play just the end of games – I'm well aware of that – but when I gave him the chance to play, he had a tendency to want to prove himself too much, so his performance was solely individual.

"He wasn't able to play for the team. He still has to work on his mental strength, because he crumbled a bit too quickly here. He's a very good player – there's no doubt – but his mental strength was his main problem."

But Blanc revealed that he relishes such comments as they simply play into les Girondins’ hands. Indeed, the player has a clause in his loan deal that means he can stay in the Aquitaine region of France on a permanent basis should the he agree and should the French outfit pay Milan €15 million.

“I'm glad that Carlo Ancelotti thinks like that because it allowed us to bring Gourcuff to Bordeaux,” explained Blanc. “It's good to have an opinion, but it can't be definitive on a young player who is still developing. If we had to give him a report on Yoann's season, it would be very positive, and that could make him change his mind.”

Gourcuff’s future, therefore, remains far from uncertain. Milan hardly possess boundless enthusiasm for him to return but Bordeaux will have to find a significant amount of money just to keep him.

Robin Bairner,