Arsenal 'deeply affected by negativity', admits Wenger

The Gunners' boss admits his players face a psychological problem which has resulted in them making a series of very slow starts to matches in the Premier League this season
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits his side's performances have been affected by the negative mood surrounding the club.

The Gunners have made lacklustre starts to a series of high profile league games, going two goals behind against Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool in recent weeks, before attempting a comeback.

The 63-year-old says he is working hard to try and solve the problem to get his side to perform for the entire 90 minutes.

"Somebody told me that we are second in the league on our second half of games, but 13th in the first half,” Wenger told the club's official website.

"That can only be psychological because you do not become a good football player in the second half and bad in the first half.

"The team has certainly been deeply affected by all the negativity and also by the fact they are highly focused to do well.

"They have fantastic focus and they want to do well, but sometimes that can be a bit inhibitive. I think it's mainly down to that.

"I believe it's important that you just purely focus on the technical side of your game and forget about who you play. Just enjoy playing."

Arsenal are at home to Stoke on Saturday but go into the match with only one win in their last five league games.