David Beckham Reaffirms Loyalty To LA Galaxy After Milan Loan Spell Ends

The iconic England star has insisted that he is loyal to the Galaxy, but needed to move for the sake of his international career...
David Beckham, whose successful loan spell at AC Milan has now ended, has asserted that he is fully committed to the MLS outfit LA Galaxy, and the league itself, and hopes that supporters of the American club can empathise with his reasoning for temporarily moving to Italy.

"I’ve always said – people have questioned me and my commitment to the MLS and the Galaxy – and to soccer in America, and I’ve always said I’m committed to being an ambassador for the MLS and soccer in America, because I still believe that in ten, fifteen years that this game will lift to the level where it can compete with some of the big teams in Europe and some of the big leagues in Europe," he told Major League Soccer's official website.

"This [was] not me running away from soccer in America. This was me doing something that I need to do to achieve certain goals with my country. Everyone knows how passionate I am, playing for my country. Everyone knows how much I will do to stay involved in playing for England and being involved in a World Cup. Of course I’m committed to that.

"But like I said, I’m fully committed in going back to the MLS, to putting in performances like I know I can, being fully fit, and working hard for the team. Because I still believe we’ve got good players on the team and that we should be reaching the play-offs. Hopefully, that will happen this year, because it needs to. We haven’t been there for a while."

The England midfielder went on to highlight the loyalty of the LA Galaxy fans, who have supported both him and the team, even when success has been hard to come by.

I’ve said it a few times since I moved to Milan, because I know that there was a little bit of an upset with the fans – the loyal fans that the Galaxy have got. They’ve always been great with me.

"They’ve always supported the team, even though we haven’t made the playoffs in the last couple of years. They’ve still supported me as a player and supported the team as a team. I’m sure they realize by now the reasons why I had to go on this loan spell.

"You know, everybody else in football realizes that and I’m sure they do, because they’re football fans and they watch games week in and day out. I’m sure they’ll be supporting me and the team when I go back. That’s not something that worries me at all. There’s also sacrifices that I’ve made to be with Milan. I haven’t seen my children in six or seven weeks.

"That’s the biggest sacrifice that I’ve had to make, not seeing my family, not seeing my wife. I know there’s many people with many jobs who have to do that, but that doesn’t make it any easier. It doesn’t matter who you are. That doesn’t stop you from missing them. So, there are sacrifices that I’ve had to make. "

And Beckham concluded by asserting that he had continued to follow the MLS, even during the busiest times of his spell with the Rossoneri.

"I’ve followed every game, even when I’ve been sleeping or playing, I’ve made sure that someone sent me a text with the score and I’ve been texting the manager, just saying good luck, get a good result and just keep the guys lifted," he said.

"We’ve been on a run of draws, but last year, maybe they would have been losses."

Zack Wilson, Goal.com