Only I can stop Bale, says Tottenham team-mate Walker

The Spurs right-back says he has found the way to prevent the Wales winger from getting past, but will not reveal his secrets
Tottenham right-back Kyle Walker believes he has found out how to stop high-flying team-mate Gareth Bale - but he will not reveal his secrets so the Wales international can carry on terrorising defences in the Premier League.

The 23-year-old winger has been in scintillating form for Spurs this season, scoring 21 goals to lead Andre Villas-Boas' side to third in the league and into the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

And while Walker thinks he has worked out how to prevent the fleet-footed forward from scoring after countless training sessions opposite him, the 22-year-old full-back feels Bale is a natural choice to be crowned Player of the Year.

"So what's the secret of stopping Gareth Bale? I think I've discovered it, but I'm not telling anybody because I want him to keep doing well for Tottenham!", Walker told The Sun.

"With me being a right-back and him being on the left, I often end up marking him in training. I don't mind a bit. It's not as one-sided as people might think. I've probably played against him the most - more than any other player in the world.

"Sometimes he wins the battle and sometimes I do. I would say it's 50-50. When you've faced someone a couple of hundred times you end up finding the ways to beat him. And I'm sure he now knows the best way to beat me."

Bale is a hot favourite to sweep up individual awards after a great run of form this season - and Walker believes the winger deserves trophies for his temperament as much as his talent.

"It's got to be Bale, hasn't it [for Player of the Year]? Not only is he a great guy off the pitch but he's a superb all-round player on it. When you see him day-in, day-out and how he conducts himself, you realise he is a true professional.

"And what people don't realise now is that Gaz this season has become more of a leader on the pitch. We are looking to him to give us encouragement and spur us on."