Chelsea have no spirit and Abramovich should take a slap or two - Becali

The outspoken Steaua Bucharest owner did not mince his words when describing the Blues' listless performance on Thursday, and insists his team will qualify at Stamford Bridge
Chelsea have no spirit and Roman Abramovich should "take a slap or two" to see how much of a billionaire he really is, according to Steaua Bucharest owner Gigi Becali.

The Blues delivered another listless performance as they slumped to a 1-0 first-leg defeat to the Romanian giants on Thursday, leaving their passage to the Europa League quarter-finals in serious doubt.

And Becali, renowned for his outspoken views and often bizarre outbursts, did not mince his words when asked for his opinion of the European champions.

“You can have all the billions in the world, it’s not important," he told Sport TV. "Spirit is all that matters.

“Did you see anything dangerous from Chelsea? I didn’t. Abramovich, take a slap or two to see how much of a billionaire you are!

“If we score in London, we are qualified. This isn’t a team that can score three goals against us. Never!

“I saw one of their games and told you this is a very slow team. Chelsea do not have any speed. And if they don’t have speed, then we will hit them badly.

“And that’s what we did. They didn’t even know where they were. Terry... he didn’t even know where his hat was! Terry was destroyed, he was like in the movies, in a children’s play!

“Lampard? I didn’t even see Lampard. He didn’t even touch the ball! Mata Pata [Pata means stain in Romanian].

“Hazard couldn’t even move. He hazardized! No one in the Europa League can beat us.

“Only if we go into the Champions League there might be some problems with Real and Barca. The rest... we’re destroying them.”