Pochettino: Fans must focus on Southampton, not Redknapp

The Argentine coach says that he wants fans to concentrate on the team rather than the former Saints boss on Saturday as they bid to avoid relegation from the Premier League
Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino wants his team's fans to support the club rather than harass former boss Harry Redknapp at the weekend.

The Saints host QPR on Saturday with the supporters still bitter over their relegation to the Championship and his history with South Coast rivals Portsmouth. But Pochettino - whose birthday, like Redknapp, is on Saturday - wants a positive atmosphere at St Mary's.

He told reporters: "I do know the past of Southampton, but I do not know every single detail of what happened.

"I am always interested in football matters so I have become interested in this matter as well.

"But I think my main goal is always to generate a positive atmosphere for my team and always respect what the people say.

"I will thoroughly respect whatever they want to say on Saturday, but I think what is truly important is that they get behind the team and push us to try and get the three points as best as we can."

Redknapp says his QPR side need 37 points by the end of the campaign, a number he feels will be enough to keep them in the Premier League, but Pochettino has set his side a simpler task, saying that he is taking each game as it comes.

He continued: "We haven't set ourselves a certain amount of points.

"We have just set out to win every single match and then at the end of the season we will look at how far close we came to achieving the ambitions we have.

"It is very different to being in Barcelona. Joking aside, we (the coaching staff) are very happy to be here.

"We have found ourselves in a very tranquil city, a very calm place during the week.

"We spend from 7am to 8pm at the training ground so we don't get to see much of the city, but it is true that we experience football in a much more intense way here.

"We are very aware of the passion of the English fans and of those in the Premier League."

Pochettino has yet to reveal who may miss the game as he prefers his players to find out from himself rather than media.

He added: "I have not given the list yet. Tomorrow I will give the list.

"I will provide the list to the people that really matter to me before any other third party so the players will know beforehand if they are in the squad or not."