Adebayor threatens to quit Togo over pay dispute

The Tottenham forward has warned the national FA that him and his international team-mates will refuse to play for the country unless they receive their owed salary

Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor has threatened to quit playing for Togo unless an ongoing pay dispute can be resolved.

The 28-year-old forward claims that he and his team-mates have not been paid for playing against Morocco earlier this month.

And Adebayor expects many players will turn their back on the national team if the Togo football association continue to refuse to pay the players the money they are owed.

"If this does not change, then I will retire from international football and many will stop playing for our country," Adebayor told Togo's Radio Frequence1.

"In our FA everyone thinks about their own pockets. Some players have not received their money, some have received half of it.

"Players come to me to ask about their money. It is a shame. I asked the Moroccan Federation how much they paid our Togolese FA. They told me that they paid €35,000 to President Ameyi.

"The president has the money because the Moroccan FA will not lie to me. If this continues, then no one will play for others to fill their pockets."