Iconic Ferguson and Wenger can't be separated, says Van Persie

The Manchester United striker has hailed his former coach by suggesting it is impossible to separate the achievements of the Gunners' boss from those of the Old Trafford manager
Manchester United forward Robin van Persie has praised his former coach Arsene Wenger by insisting the Arsenal boss is a "world class" coach whose ability is on a par with Sir Alex Ferguson's managerial skills.

The former Arsenal striker made a €30 million move to Old Trafford in the summer, but despite seeking silverware elsewhere, the Dutchman had a "fantastic" time in London.

And Van Persie believes he is priveliged to have played for the two Premier League "icons", suggesting he has enjoyed his time around the managers both on and off the pitch.

"I am the only player who can judge what it's like working with Arsene [Wenger] and Sir Alex [Ferguson]," he told Mirror Sport.

"It is an absolute privilege to say that in my career I have had both these managers at the clubs I have played for. They are both icons as managers in football.

"They are both world class, one not more nor less than the other. I purely look at this comparison as a footballer. I look at the way they both work on the pitch, in training, at the club and off the field."

Van Persie will face his former side when Arsenal visit Old Trafford on November 3, and the striker revealed his admiration for both managers' desire to build long-term success at their respective sides.

"I had a fantastic time with Arsene. I enjoyed training, playing, talking and all the other times I spent with him. I love it that I now experience the same with Sir Alex.

"But what I love about both managers is that they came to their clubs for a good cause.

"They both wanted to be at the club for a really long time."